State Coordinator

STATE ORGANIZERS - The following is a list of State Organizers each state, responsible for finding and assisting a County Organizer in every County within their State.

As soon as ONE County Organizer is established in a county the State Organizer is to assist them to run the election. If there is no county organizer contact liberty groups to find one. If there is no State organizer for your state below, please consider becoming one, call John at (845) 233-6560.

State Organizers need to be self motivating people who will work relentlessly to develop every county in their state, understanding that we are in a race against time. It will also be the responsibility of these organizers to bring all county organizers together so that they act together as "One Common Law State Grand Jury".

State organizers must lead honorably and by example, teaching others to do the same. They need to encourage all county organizers to become educated in common law and the process. They must attend our national meetings and endeavor to encourage others to do the same. We must practice humility, patience, honor, and mercy in pursuit of the delicate balance of justice.

United we stand divided we fall.

"Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne:
mercy and truth shall go before thy face". Psa 89:14

This page is to list all State Coordinators by state with the following information, appointed by Admin Each State Coordinator can select 2 Assistant Coordinator per state and change when necessary.

State Name Phone
Alabama Donald 256-812-9075
Arizona Charles 602-312-0903
Arizona Terry 602-304-1619
California david 510-584-1724
California Joseph 760-447-7139
Colorado Stephen 720.362.1213
Colorado Danyelle 405-230-6711
Colorado Charlie 303-717-9365
Connecticut Patricia 646-425-9259
Florida Hagan 352-502-2060
Florida Rodger 941-526-6680
Georgia James 404-849-4804
Hawaii Kenneth 808-982-8392
Hawaii Reid 808-382-8919
Illinois Robert-Dale: 847-428-7930
Indiana Donald 317-571-8554
Iowa Keith 870-354-2463
Kansas Johnny B 620-870-0485
Kentucky Richard 606-798-1218
Louisiana Scott 225-284-7148
Maine David 207-798-4695
Maine Sheila (207) 542-5012
Maryland Richard 410-921-9097
Maryland Stuart 410-921-9097
Massachusetts Sheila (508) 901-9551
Massachusetts Joshua 413-551-9123
Michigan Gary 248-980-6786
Michigan Paul 734 922 3355
Michigan J. Lewis 313-355-2112
Minnesota Corrine 620-804-2419
Missouri Darrell 573-556-8890
Montana Averil 406-220-3148
Montana Julie 406-224-7109
Nebraska Thomas 402 403 1788
New Hampshire david 603-686-7526 text only
New Jersey Jayson 201-240-5351
New Mexico Raymond 505-328-1184
New York Kevin 716-225-2500
New York Oliver 845-204-8158
New York Lil 518-398-9271
North Carolina Carrie 336-643-5892
North Carolina Ronald 336-634-3040
North Carolina Stephen 336-573-9060
Ohio Mike 740-286-2907
Ohio Rosanna 740-969-2468
Oregon Laura 541-336-5853
Oregon Troy 503.649.6492
Pennsylvania Jesse 717-475-2536
Rhode Island Stephen 401-788-0902
South Carolina James 864-905-0533
South Carolina Pauline 843 489-2270
South Dakota Stephanie 605-484-2424
Tennessee David 423-384-1948
Tennessee Andrew 865-292-8206
Tennessee JW 423-312-1853
Texas Jeani 9033039191
Texas Mark 979-345-2582
Texas JoAnn 281-693-1784
Utah Daniel 801-369-0059
Utah Eugene 425 590-9218
Virginia Anna 540-845-1592
Washington Ernie 509-991-5959
Washington Veronica 206-497-8796
Washington Kraig 360 775 9213
West Virginia Anthony (304) 716-6393
Wisconsin Michelle 8045510408
Wyoming Stephen 307-883-2082

The term county equivalents includes three additional types of administrative divisions whose organization differs from that of most counties:

Alaska areas: Most of the land area of Alaska is not contained within any of Alaska's 19 organized boroughs and one unorganized borough. This vast area, larger than France and Germany combined, is officially referred to by the Alaska state government as the Unorganized Borough, and, outside of other incorporated borough limits, has no independent "county" government, although several incorporated city governments exist within its boundaries; the majority of it is governed and run by the State of Alaska as an extension of state government.

Independent cities: These are cities that legally belong to no county. They differ from consolidated city-counties—where a city and county have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. As of 2004, there are 42 such cities in the United States, including Baltimore, Maryland; Carson City, Nevada; St. Louis, Missouri; and all 39 cities in Virginia, where any municipality incorporated as a city (in contrast to town) is by law severed from any county that might otherwise have contained it.