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Published on Jan 27, 2016

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Published on Jan 5, 2016

Published on Dec 17, 2015

Published on Dec 5, 2015

It is “TIME” to hold all judges accountable we are “NOW” venturing into a massive campaign to expose the out of control judicial corruption (RICO) across America. We will be serving “every” federal judge and filing in all 94 Federal District Courts across America simultaneously. NOW IS THE TIME to pay attention and become active. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED, it’s your duty!

..."The words 'district court of the United States' commonly describe constitutional courts created under Article III of the Constitution, not the legislative courts which have long been the courts of the Territories." [Mookini v. U.S., 303 U.S. 201, 205, 58 S.Ct. 543, 545, 82 L.Ed. 748. (See also Longshoremen v. Juneau Spruce Corp., 324 U.S. 237; Reynolds v. U.S., 98 U.S. 145, 154; McAlister v. U.S., 141 U.S. 174; U.S. v. Burroughs, 289 U.S. 159, 163]

28 U.S. Code § 132 - Creation and composition of district courts (a) There shall be in each judicial district a district court which shall be a court of record known as the United States District Court for the district.

A COURT OF RECORD. "A judicial tribunal  having attributes and exercising functions independently of the person of the magistrate designated generally to hold it ... proceeding according to the course of common law". [Jones v. Jones, 188 Mo.App. 220, 175 S.W. 227, 229; Ex parte Gladhill, 8 Metc. Mass., 171, per Shaw, C.J. See, also, Ledwith v. Rosalsky, 244 N.Y. 406, 155 N.E. 688, 689][Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed., 425, 426]

The decisions of a superior court may only be challenged in a court of appeal. The decisions of an inferior court are subject to collateral attack. In other words, in a superior court one may sue an inferior court directly, rather than resort to appeal to an appellate court. Decision of a court of record may not be appealed. It is binding on ALL other courts. However, no statutory or constitutional court (whether it be an appellate or supreme court) can second guess the judgment of a court of record. “The judgment of a court of record whose jurisdiction is final, is as conclusive on all the world as the judgment of this court would be. It is as conclusive on this court as it is on other courts. It puts an end to inquiry concerning the fact, by deciding it." [Ex parte Watkins, 3 Pet., at 202-203. [cited by SCHNECKLOTH v. BUSTAMONTE, 412 U.S. 218, 255 (1973)].

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The following papers define important legal terms and positions that We the People should have knowledge of and can assist you in court. If you are going to file a case you should take our free civics course above.



I would like to suggest seven books that have greatly helped me in my understanding of the law and its history and who our founding fathers really were. Ultimately the war of darkness against light as Benjamin Franklyn said "We the People will be ruled by God or Tyrants," there are no other choices.   

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That speech is ridiculous, Trump is a Zionist puppet trying to go to war with Iran to put in a Kosher central bank. Why in the world is his speech concerned more about Israel than anything else. Israel and Jewry is the enemy of the world not Iran. Israel is a rogue terrorist state and it is world jewry behind the NWO.
This is Zionism

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We were in court today and the judge was pretty much smug to everyone and esp to my husband , see he had a wreck in june of 2015 on his way to a job interview, his tie rod end snapped and sent him into the ditch rolling his truck , he got out and the ambulance took him in for eval. now heres where everything went crazy, the emt took his blood for "medical reasons", and he walked out of the ambulance, where i was waiting for him , i was stopped by tx dps kevin arnold and was held there while they calmed me down. ok he was talking to me and was 'witnessing" this blood draw at the same time outside 40 ft from the ambulance, now heres where i have the issue , the emt said that dps requested the blood draw and supplied the kit, now how can you request a blood draw witness it and read someone the rights if you never step foot in the ambulance. now he was told he wopuld recieve a citation for unsafe speed in a week or so, well we got the ticket paid it and went on with our lives . fast forward to jan 2017 i was checking out his tickets to see if they had been paid what not and i see on his county record there is a dwi charge, i asked him when he recieved this charge and he said they got the wrong guy, nope they charged him 18 months after the fact which we are still fighting to this day, from jan 25 they set the case and 5 days later issued a warrant . so he turns himself in to void the warrant and hired an attorney, well this attorney was a joke and we soon came to realize just how far the rbbit hole goes, on july 6 he went in for a motion to dismiss counsel and the judge went off record and forced him to take the pretrial diversion program with theattorney there , now participation in plea barganing is apparently a nono and i turned him in for this, now he wanted it to go to trial and the attorney refused and the judge bullied him into this probation while forcing him to wave his rigth to a jury trial. this is when i went into overdrive with the research and looking at case laws and all that, well when we went in today i asked the most well respected attorney in town who happens to be the DA's father what juridiction thqt this court fell under common or a/m tribunal, well i got neither and was told that it operates under the spanish common law ....????????? so now im even more perplexed as to how this judge still sits on the bench

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On Brent Swallers, our brilliant NLA Indiana member, being held illegally, for fighting to protect his daughter. Brent has been in jail since August 2016. I just got these docs emailed to me...Brent’s Story (highlights)
Brent was approached by the Indiana Department of Children Services wanted him to sign away his “rights” to an “Abigail” of which he had no prior knowledge of. Brent was surprised to hear that he had a four-year-old little girl that he had never heard of.
Abigail had been taken into custody by DCS because of allegations of 14 incidents of sexual rape and sexual molestation. DCS wanted to adopt Abigail out. Brent refused to sign the required papers for DCS to do so. For no reason, DCS refused to give Abigail to Brent. In fact, DCS turned around, in revenge, and accused Brent of being the perpetrator. DCS did this knowing that Brent knew nothing of Abigail’s existence until DCS told him of Abigail’s existence.
Brent was forced to defend himself in court against these malicious prosecutions and “charges”. This was really all about draining Brent financially for what else was to come. Brent took his claim to Abigail to a District Court and won, forcing DCS to give Abigail to him. Brent was successful in beating them in court a second time. But DCS had much more in store and planned for Brent. DCS has terrorized and maliciously persecuted Brent continuously over a period of about five years. Brent has refused DCS involvement in Abigail’s pursuit of happiness. Abigail was thriving. Until everything changed…..
DCS finally came armed with a SWAT team but NO WARRANT. Conveniently for DCS, “Judge” Marilyn Moores, is married to a man on SWAT. As many of us have learned, these agencies are run by sovereign citizens who believe they are above the law. And in fact, they are right! It is very difficult to hold them accountable and they violate their own laws and their peers make sure they get away with it.
How does Marilyn Moores get away with stealing our darling little ones? She does so impersonating a judge. Marilyn Moores is not a judge, and is not listed on the payroll of the county or state. How is this? Marilyn uses the social security number of Ruth Garwood who died at the age of 87, on March 3, 1984. Marilyn has used multiple social security numbers in the past. WHO IS MARILY MOORES? Why does she refuse to give Abigail back to Brent?
DCS violently took Abigail from a loving and safe home and placed her back into the house where she had endured 14 incidents of sexual molestation and rape. Upon confrontation with the evidence of their crime, DCS claims they know nothing about the documents, of theirs, that is the evidence they used to take Abigail in the first place years ago. DCS now claims that the home where the sexual molestations and rapes took place has been investigated and “found to be a safe place”.
Indiana DCS is an agency under Governor Mike Pence. Governor Mike Pence has been contacted repeatedly by Brent who has pleaded for Pence to stop this rouge agency of his and to return Abigail to her loving and safe home where she was thriving until DCS, unlawfully seized her. Mike Pence receives financial bonuses, along with Marilyn Moores (or rather, the deceased, Ruth Garwood), for each child DCS takes and holds.  Brent took lawful action against everyone that had a hand in the violent taking and carrying away of his treasured child. Brent opened cases in the court to prosecute the thieves and placed liens on their private property holdings and began to hold them liable in their private capacities. Mike Pence was now a DEFENDANT, one of thirty-six. They responded by arresting Brent and “charging” Brent with six felony cases for fighting them back.
Sometime around the week of July 11, 2016, Mike Pence got tapped by Donald Trump, the Republican Nominee for President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to be Donald’s running mate. The following week, on July 22, 2016, the FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE blast into Brent’s private property and home, armed with assault rifles and flash bangs, bullet proof vest and only God know what all else and steal Brent.
Why would the FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE, on Friday, come with full force and do such a thing? They took Brent on Friday because the following business day, Monday, Brent was scheduled to testify against Mike Pence in a court of law. What would it look like if Pence had to leave Donald Trump on the campaign trail to go be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity? Pence knew that for him to secure the opportunity to be VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, he would have to dispose of Brent Swallers first. This is tampering with a witness. The FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE also took all of Brent’s documents regarding the cases Brent was prosecuting these thieves. This is tampering with evidence.
Two weeks later Brent is still locked away without indictment, without charges and without conviction. In fact, they FEDERAL MARSHALLS SERVICE shuttled Brent from Indiana to Kentucky and hid Brent. Brent doesn’t even show up on the “inmate roster list” of the facility where they have hidden him.

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answer with the two words  1 time, disregard example that should pass you on

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With the news about the Global Debt Facility hitting the mainstream media in Greece, news of the Global Currency Reset is going to reach many more people. Yesterday the __National Liberty Alliance__ agreed that they are going to help keep a lid on things so
that "newbies" do not get played by the Network of Global Corporate
Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich, and come
online peacefully.
One more thing to say is that I have no intention of using the Global
Currency Reset as a "vetting agency" to "annoint" groups to pursue their own agendas. My only agenda is to work on whistleblower protections and replace the Network of Global Corporate Control's paper currencies with national currencies (first paper, then gold) and make sure that people understand their responsibility to work in their villages and towns on local currencies, and get funding going from the Global Debt Facility

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VERY * VERY important. You should drive people here through *Social Media* and they will join and participate finally.

Published on Mar 27, 2016
3-26-2016 Portland Or, City Hall,supporters of LaVoy Finicim and the Bundys, Hammond family gather to show support for the suspects in jail, following the Pledge of Allegiance and the reading of the names of the jailed, the attendees proceeded to the steps of City Hall for informational speeches, this video outlines the corrupt hijacking of the judicial process by the Government, and the process needed to proceed.

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Read these documants here is part of it The People’s unjust injuries grew. The Attorney General’s defensive argument was, “The Constitution says the People have the Right to Petition for Redress, but the Constitution does not say the Government has to listen or respond.” NOTE: The twenty-sixth Amendment guarantees everyone over the age of 18 the right to vote, but it does not say the Government has to count the votes. As Chief Justice Marshall wrote in 1813, “there is no provision in the Constitution that was intended to be without effect. ”

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Every U.S. state except Oregon provides for the removal of executive and judicial officers by impeachment. Exact procedures vary somewhat from state to state, but they are all similar to federal impeachment.

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Yes, good find and worthy of recognition. Please send this to all on your face book, twitter and so forth list and do it now before this gets scrubbed. Include coming to the NLA site.
Very good find....

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Upcoming events with this organization:

March 25, 2016 – 6:00PM – Prineville, OR
Crook County High School

March 26, 2016 – 1:00pm – Burns, OR
Harney County Fairgrounds

Sorry for being so late with this posting, hard to keep up with it all..

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I offer two of the many independent news sources laboring to bring reality against lies in regular media news.
One is from Montana - with one Constitutional Sheriff defending a 'terrorists' ha, activists Jake Ryan against the feds.

The next is American Free Press - with Mrs. Finicum speaking out against federal agents and the murder of her husband.

If you aren't getting your news from independent sources, here's a list of them inside another site:

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All patriots need to listen to this Max Igan interview from February 6, 2016. At about 5 minutes into the interview they begin discussing what is occurring in Australia which historically is a precursor and testing ground for America. The level of absolute tyranny and HOW THEY IMPLEMENTED IT is a perfect way to prepare yourself to look for when they attempt to do it in your city. GET INVOLVED LOCALLY!!!! THAT'S where the front line for the Constitution is and that's where we will win! LOCAL!

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I wanted to know any tried and proven ways to gain awareness in one's area? I also wanted to mention there is a clip on info regarding gun-grabbing. It's dated 3-14.

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I got the newsletter about helping with CDs to be mailed to sheriffs and showed my son so he could help me but when he read it he told me thats a very expensive way to do things and most offices wont let anybody insert "media" they receive from outside sources into business computers because they don't know if their infected. He thinks they will probably all be thrown away. He said wouldnt it be better to put everything in a youtoob video and than email or snail mail a letter with the link? Then you wouldn't need to collect so much money.

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UK Column has a post on their site about the inside video that is now going viral.
However, it is originally from Veteran's Today's and the view is very distorted in the article.
People are being lead to believe that anything justifies murder.
Commentors however are seeing the truth that VT is not. This is a government controlled media source.

LeftCoastSailor's picture

I was a daily reader until their piece on the murder of LaVoy, trying to use a distorted blurry video and said it was proof LaVoy had a gun. I called them out for their treachery and immediately cancelled my subscription. I thought they were a friend to American patriots, but they are just another shill, media control source.

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Thank God for all independent news...
Good find

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A PRIME EXAMPLE of how a missouri inferior court executes a habeas corpus on another court to transfer the prisoner to another county for court.Here is proof that the Writ Of Habeas Corpus is 100% valid in any court>.so why did the same clerk accept and file a habeas corpus for another county but will not accept or file our Habeas Corpus for the UUSCLGJ IN THE SAME Missouri COUNTY > These are neighboring Missouri counties. I present exhibit 1 03/04/2016 Arraignment Scheduled
Scheduled For: 03/15/2016; 8:30 AM ; LORI JEANETTE BASKINS; Ray Circuit Division
Writ of Habeas Corpus Order

03/03/2016 Note to Clerk eFiling
Writ Requested
Motion for Habeas Corpus-PR

01/12/2016 Note to Clerk eFiling
Amended Complaint Filed
AMENDED AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLAINT. Amended complaint filed to correct numbering.

12/31/2015 Warrant Issued
Document ID: 15-RYWAC-269, for SANDERS, JANIE RICHELLE. , Bond Amount: 500,000.00, Bond Text: CASH ONLY
Probable Cause Statement Filed
Case Filed by Affidavit
Request Filed
Request for Special Bond Conditions or Higher Bond
Confid Filing Info Sheet Filed
Judge Assigned

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If anyone wants to check this out, it's titled, "Long Form Certificate Question-Who Are You?

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Meanwhile O'er the Pond - they have a real head of steam both fighting the fraud of the banks, and using common law to start arresting Judges!!! As well as taxation w/o representation ( via gov't MIS-representation )
Wish we could get this kind of "Legal Aid". Vermont actually completely cut the assistance within Legal Aid SPECIFICALLY DEALING WITH ANY MORTGAGE ISSUES!!!

Published on Feb 23, 2016
UK Column: More on local councils "hidden" money and Section 151 Officers on todays @ukcolumn News

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I am having a problem with the British dialect in the presentation on this video. I would like to see this type of a broadcast backed up with a printing of the content. It took me years to understand all that Benny Hill put into his show and as a consequence I missed a great deal of his wit. If you had ever watched his comedy show you probably know what I am saying. Sorry about the last part of this post, but most of the British dialect is simply difficult to follow. Except for the newscast that reported the collapse aired before the trade center Building 7 actually fell. That report had a more western dialect. Just a little premature for what happened though. Humm? The British crystal ball perhaps! Perhaps that segment was not aired from a British studio at all. Off subject rant. Sorry>

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Did you watch Mon Feb 22 newscast?
Lots of info from Mike Mulhandison? last name isn't clearly spoken by anchorman, who is in Dallas, Tx. from American Free Press.
Importance: Why was Scalia killed? Why all the media hype concerning election, including independent media, and not this item of 'tolling' for interstate purposes within the 'tri-lateral' Union?
Scalia was killed for a reason.
Was Justice Roberts targeted as well, and there is nothing in main stream media saying a word on the subject?
This news media outlet coming from the UK needs to be viewed by us all, as they are getting info we aren't.

NYcharles's picture

Piute County Sheriff threatens arrest of Forest Service
Rancher: Stanton Gleave - "we`re like a herd of sheep ...surviving BLM & Forest Service"

Sheriff: Marty Gleave (also a rancher) - "I will deputize every man, woman & child in the county to stop whats going on"

County Clerk: Callie Gleave

Thanks to PatAZMaricopa for initially posting the article/link/video

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The action from the high ground acquired by this tyrannical government in the past offered no recourse to it's victims at Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas. We can probably research hundreds of other cases where the government agencies held the high ground with a much different outcome then what we have seen at the Bundy ranch. Every person walked away with his or her life. The people caused these, thieves and now murderers, (LaVoy) to cease and desist this illegal assault on the Bundy family. Unlike the aforementioned incidents, this time the "People" of "We the People" came in the defense of the Bundy family and quite possibly saved the lives of many because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. In this case the majority wins. The patriots that showed up are now considered co-conspirators to the charges leveled against the patriots named in this indictment. Good men did not stand idle while tyranny is upon us. May God bless each and every person that has taken the action needed up and to this point. Many more will need to be in this court and must see that this stops NOW.

PatAZMaricopa's picture

Oregon standoff: Ammon Bundy, others plead not guilty; judge aims to avoid trial delay.
Kenneth Medenbach said he wished to represent himself and was not ready to issue a plea yet, but the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.
After the judge explained their rights to a trial and their presumption of innocence, several of the defendants directly challenged her assertions.

"It's difficult to understand the presumption of innocence when I've spent the last month in a jail cell and led around in chains wherever I go,'' Payne said.

we-can-do's picture

In my humble opinion we are witness to a continued assault upon the people of this nation. We are seeing a legal system, once again, following through with an agenda that begins with a government created situation that taunts any that feel as if a violation of God given right has been violated. MSNews will then paint a picture of a radical group or family in defiance of a government action as militant instead of patriotic defense to all God given rights. If the outcome of the situation suits the government, as in the death of those against the tyranny, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, Waco Texas, to name just a few, now we have the murder of LaVoy to add to that list. The (in)justice system will stall any legal recourse with a clear vision to deny justice to all but government agencies. With the more recent events at the Bundy ranch and with the killing of LaVoy Finicum we can see a swift action against the patriot movement by the government influenced justice system. What is the big picture here? What should be done about this? How soon should something be done to put a stop to such a program? Can "We the People" file a charge or indictment leveled at the court system as it appears that a conspiracy against the people between alphabet agencies (BLM, FBI, FEMA, etc.) and the judicial system does exist? The people being charged in Oregon must be rescued, this, I know, can not be denied. Is there anything that we can do or that we haven't tried that might make difference for a positive outcome in justice to these people? These bully courts need to be set back on there heels, soon. I know that packing that court with observers will be a big step and we must make our presents known, we must leave no doubt about why we are there. May God save us after Bible prophecies are fulfilled.