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Our Natural Healing Calls have been discontinued. You can still Learn about non traditional methods of healing with plants etc as we are still posting current information for your  viewing pleasure in the recorded audio and video files below.


The intention and efforts into the creation of the Natural Healing Committee is to bring forth to the masses of people who are seeking alternative methods in combating the radical dis-eases that are rampant within societies around the world. Amongst the countless holistic therapies and healing alternatives, there are many paths one can take and or a combination of paths one can take ie; Healing with Hands, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Plants, Herbs, Meditation, Breathing, Yoga, Food/Diet, Cleansing, Fasting, Exercise and so much more.

There must be a new way in thinking in the individual minds of the people, in order to create a new paradigm in self-sustaining longevity. We must look inwardly and listen to what our bodies are telling us, this is accomplished through some silence and paying attention to the self. We must regain wholeness and Balance throughout all the systems of the body.

Let us seek out knowledge and wisdom not to be greater than another, but to combat our greatest enemy, ourselves.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”

The father of medicine


Unraveling the Forces Behind the Plandemic

Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence.

Chlorine Dioxide, the Universal Remedy that Drug Companies Hate

The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm You via Dr. Joseph Mercola

Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate & Neutralize Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide (Part 1)

Graphene Oxide 5G Connection (Part 2)

Flu Season Info

Lomatium Dissectum

" title="Graphene Oxide (Part 1) ">files/NaturalHealing/Graphene Oxide (Part 1)

files/NaturalHealing/Graphene Oxide 5G Connection (Part 2)

The Helena Csorba Story


The Helena Csorba Story
What We Know About the Coronavirus

Ozone Uses for Health



Removal of Metals by Marla Zahn

Rife Information

History of Dr. Rife 

Rife Machine Under $99

FREx-PFA-2 (DIY Project)

Function Generator

Power Supply Modified

Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits - 11 Minutes That BLEW ME AWAY

Earth Glows

MP-5000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

Autonomic Response Testing

Cannabis Kicks Lyme Disease to the Curb 

  FDA now wants to eliminate side effect warnings from drug ads in latest collusion with Big Pharma

We’re Eating Fukushima Radiation; Bloody Cancerous Tumors in Fish & Seafood 

Brain cancer strongly linked to cell phone radiation in brand-new, large-scale study

How Rockefeller Founded Big Pharma and Destroyed Natural Cures

FDA Announced That Vaccines Are Causing Autism

Your cell phone’s radiation is causing mercury from your dental fillings to be released into your body’s vital organs!  

Are You Ready for the New Wave of Genetically Engineered Foods?

Rockefeller, the Chemical Industry and the FDA

Scentists link Fluoridated Water with ADHD, Obesity and Depression

The Shocking Reason Why Countries Are Now Banning the Use of Microwave Ovens

ancer Cure - O.V. Vitamin C (Curing Cancer & Infections)

Drugs and Medications are in your Drinking Water

Integrity - The Path

 Is Cancer Weaponized? If so, WHY? Depopulation?   


Russian Device Cures Diseases Using Royal Rife Technology!

We Are Eating POISON! Here’s How To Identify GMO Tomatoes!

Do Vacines cause SIDS?

The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU

SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program

Dr John R. Christopher, Herbalist Seminar Video 1

Dr. Christopher's New Herb Lectures 7: Allergies; Mucusless Diet; Obesity; Reproductive Organs

Herbal Legacy

Monsanto Wants You Dead


Dr John R Christopher


Patent Reveals Plan To Hide Vaccines In Food Particles


Biodynamic Farming and the Legacy of Rudolf Steiner

Episode 1: The History of Modern Medicine & Cancer

Episode 2: Your First Line of Defense...

NATURAL HEALING CALL SCHEDULE                                

Date             Name                  Topic                                     

4/12/2018   Sharon Hansen   My Healing Journey             

4/19/2018   John Mathieu      Learn Self-responsibility for Your Own Healing

4/26/2018   Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally                

5/3/2018     Marla Zahn         Vibrational Healing                                          

5/10/2018   Patrick Pepper  Electrical Injury/                  

5/17/2018   Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally                

5/24/2018   Marla Zahn         Alzheimers and Lead Poising        

5/31/2018   George McClelland      Borax                   

6/7/2018     Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally                

6/14/2018   Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally  

6/21/2018   Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally

6/28/2018   Cheryl Kirby       Reverse Aging Naturally

7/05/2018    George McClelland    MMS

7/12/2018    Jacquie Figg       aily frequencies       

7/19/2018    Steve Smith       Halleluiah Diet   

7/26/2018    Carl H                  Natural Cancer Therapys  
8/2/2018      Paula                  Lyme Disease   

8/9/2018      Dave Johnson     Energy Healing 

8/16/2018    Cheryl Kirby        Reverse Aging Naturally

8/23/2018    Dave Johnson      Energy Healing

8/30/2018    Dave Johnson      Energy Healing

9/6/18          Dave Johnson      Salt

9/13/18        George McClelland   Borax

9/20/18        George McClelland MMS

9/27/18        Laura Legere       Essential Oils

10/18/18       Cheryl Kirby

10/25/18       Harold Cohen       Rife Technology

11/01/18       Harold Cohen        Nutrition Response Testing

11/15/18       Harold Cohen        Ozone Healing Treatmemts

11/22/18       Thanksgiving

11/29/18        Connie Environmental Detox 11-29-18

12/06/18        Ben Miller Environmental Illness – Chronic Nonlethal Illness

12/13/18        Jan My Journey to Healing

01/10/19        Jan My Journey to Healing

01/17/19        Jan Healing Modalities

01/24/19        Jan Healing Modalities


Natural Healing Committee

Thursday Night Recordings

The following are recordings of our weekly Natural Healing Committee calls held on Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time. Click on for details to join us.

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A new medical medical field has been gaining notoriety in the past few Years. Nutrigenomics uses Foods and Plants to change the expression of Genes. It flips switches on DNA through Proteins Nrf2 and Nrf1.
Changing the Gene expression to optimize Human potential and performance is known as biohacking.

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Hello NLA folks
Great to see the NLA growing, I have been out of "action" for awhile but have been reading, studying and talking (almost daily) with some great, wonderful friends that I met in here. The site looks great ! I was informed that our names (my wife's actually) is in the recent documentation and we wanted to get up to date on everything.
Glad to be back.