State Plan

Using New York as an example, keep in mind that there is only One Grand Jury in each state with sixty-two locations and 248 Administrators (4 for each county) we can sit on each other's county juries when it is strategic or needed to do so. And the  more knowledgeable people can lead the group.

It is extremely important that everyone understand we are not electing jurors, jurist both grand and trial, are chosen randomly from a pool. At National Liberty Alliance we are building a pool of people who would like to participate and when the list is exhausted we will draw the people that are active from the voters registration, without the consideration of party affiliation. 

WE MUST BE IN HONOR - We must be on the lookout for tyrants among us, those who are on a ego trip and want to indict everyone. We need humble people at the helm and not someone on a witch hunt. If we are uncomfortable about what road we are on, then we are no doubt in dishonor. We are not about indictments we are about solving problems and making peace. Eschew all that do not conform to our Jury Constitution and Jurist Oath.

For we the People to be successful in our endeavor to save the Republic, six things are necessary, and make no mistakes about it, you cannot do it with only five. You must have all six!

        • Organization
        • Communications
        • Consistency
        • Discernment
        • Knowledge
        • Virtue

You must be well organized and that requires communications. The right hand must know what the left is doing and with that comes consistency. We must achieve the knowledge as to how the judicial processes and the principles of liberty work, and that requires studying this website. And then in order to be able to exercise these things we must have discernment and virtue, and these my friend are the gifts of God and therefore we need his blessings, and that can only be achieved if we have a Father son relationship with him.


We must first form a Statewide Alliance - All counties that have one county organizer or more should constitute a Grand Jury immediately (within the next two weeks or so). Once constituted it is not necessary to file with the county and the court yet if you do not feel ready and you want to wait for more people to join and support your endeavor in the county. But the fact that your county has constituted will empower those who have already filed, and you can be working with others in other counties trying to get access to the jury room.

It only takes one person in a county to form and execute the constitution of a Common Law Grand Jury. As soon as a county has one organizer there is no need to wait for more members to move forward. You should first make contact with your state coordinator and other county organizers. It is extremely important that you form a state wide alliance without which we cannot be successful. You only need two other people to commit to coming to the election. [for more detailed information read How to Form a Grand Jury]


There are powers in numbers and all the constituted counties should unify across the state and work together in one county to gain access into the court. Remember if one county gets in they all get in and the war is won, because you will be able to indict, with authority, anyone who resists the people in other counties from taking control of their inheritance.

Here in New York when about seventeen constituted Grand Juries met for the first time we agreed that when the constituted grand juries act as one we would call ourselves the “Unified Common Law Grand Jury”. We chose this title because the New York Supreme Court had 62 courthouses in 62 counties, but they were one New York Supreme Court system with 62 locations. They had a central location in New York City that they called the “Unified New York Supreme Court”, which unified the judges, being able now to move judges around the state if needed. We too, as constituted juries in many counties are one People and can be impaneled on each other’s juries, if needed, anywhere within the state. We therefore thought it appropriate to call ourselves “Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury” when We the People of the constituted grand juries acted as one. We strongly suggest that every state do the same.

Until you have organized your state and have taken control of the Justice System within your county you should not even think of taking on any cases. Our first order of business is to save the Republic and stabilize your county.


O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in. And thy servant is in the midst of thy people which thou hast chosen, a great people, that cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude. Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people? And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. 1 Ki 3:7-12


We have been robbed of an education, we have not had a classical education which is “REQUIRED” in order to have self rule. We have not studied real American History, Civics, Ethics, Natural Law, Bible, Political Sience, Court Procedure and Access. As Jefferson said: “If a people expect to be ignorant and free they expect what never was and never will be”, therefore if we are going to save America we better bone up on these things. NLA was created to teach these things. So it is up to you to spend at least an hour a day learning the aforesaid subjects. Time is short so commit now, and do it.


Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. 2 Pet 1:2-9

But only after we have a seat in the court house we must have authority and the appeearance of authority


After the state is organized all administrators of each county need to have a statewide meeting using the web for convenience, to discuss state issues that need to be addressed with your state and federal legislators.

  1. Notice and Demand to our Legislators [Issues to be settled - Agenda 21, GMO’s, other food poisons, chemtrails, and more.
  2. Governor –by correction of our legislators and justices it puts the Governor into subjection
  3. Appellate Courts, we will meet with them and require obedience to the law of the land.

Each county will have four, full time, paid, Administrators, and one secretary. These are positions of integrity and are responsible for the day to day administrative work and investigations. When a trial jury is called it is their responsibility to make sure that the trial jurist understands and obey their oaths and should direct any questions for council to the administrators (people) not judges and lawyers.

Once your county has been stabilized under Common Law the four Administrators should not necessarily, nor will they have the time too, take a seat on the “Grand Jury”, at least one of the four will need to expound to the Grand Jury the findings of their investigation and be present if the prosecutor is addressing the Jury [to prevent a hi-jacking], and may take a seat on said jury. The other three Administrators will be busy attending to the many other duties concerning the administrations. Administrators should “rarely” act as foreman.

Federal Courts – every state is divided into federal districts, for example New York is divided into four federal districts. All the County Common Law Grand Juries within each federal district will need to unite to provide grand and trial juries for the federal courts. Federal courts are on your state soil and they will be trying people within your “state” federal district and therefore they will be looking for jurist from the same district. These courts from our perspective are no different than any other court, they too are “courts of record” and under the control of the people. They need to come to us to provide jurist and we will orientate them, no different than the state courts. We need to meet with the federal judges, prosecutors, and Marshals and discuss the common law requirements of the People protected under the US Constitution. U.S. Marshals Service offices are based on the organizational structure of the Federal District Court system.



GRAND JURY ROOM: If the court has no Grand Jury room we will require them to construct one. The Grand Juries must operate in the courthouse and under judicial auspices. Most of the court houses were built years ago when they did have a grand jury room. They probably gave that room to the county prosecutor (hired help) they can evict them, they can find an office outside the court house. We will also need office space for the grand jury secretary and administrators. Since the court and the prosecutors will no longer handle the jury administration, an office should not be too hard to find.

EDUCATION: (Self) become familiar inside and out with all subject matters under the “JURIST” tab on NLA. We must meet on a state level to revamp education in our state and return it local.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: All four administrators - after constituting  and receiving access to the Grand Jury room, then enforce the following:
Meet w/Trial and County Court Judges, inform them we are a Republic under Common Law. Judges must resign from the BAR (US Constitution Article I. §9 and the 13th Amendment). Inform them when the court needs a trial jury, call us.

  1. Meet w/prosecutors, inform them we are Republic under Common Law, no more puppet grand juries. Inform them when the state needs a grand jury, call us.
  2. Meet w/Sheriff, inform them we are a Republic under Common Law, no more unconstitutional arrests.
  3. Meet w/Federal Court Judges, inform them we are a Republic under Common Law. Judges must resign from the BAR (US Constitution Article I. §9 and the 13th Amendment). Inform them when the court needs a trial jury, call us.
  4. Meet w/Municipal Court Judges, inform them we are a Republic under Common Law, they must inform all summonsed that they need their consent to hear their case.
  5. Hand out jurist pocket and constitution handbooks liberally

FAMILY & PROBATE COURT: No lawyers, they only divide and destroy families. Judges are to arbitrate the problems and then bring the findings with opinions before a four panel board of review (could be all, some, or none of the administrators) for decision, with the family present for final comments and corrections. If any of the parties object to the settlement the case is to be heard before a trial jury for final settlement.

WHEN CALLED one person per state is to meet and discuss national problems. The perceived most qualified knowledgeable person is to be chosen by the Unified State Grand Jury.

PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT & ILLICIT BEHAVIOR IN PUBLIC is a crime and restitution is to be made to the public, and any injured party if there is one, with some form and term of public service and professional help (no incarceration) house arrest if necessary. These case can be arbitrated in county court, if the defendant challenges jurisdiction they  shall be sent before the Grand Jury.

DAILY DUTIES: The four jurist are to share the phone (hot-line follow me service) can be forwarded to the secretary to take messages when on investigations. And to share in the following duties.

  1. Interview complainants
  2. Meet with all county judicial & political officials, inform them that justice has returned, nothing less will be tolerated.
  3. Arbitration problems, create contract agreements
  4. Investigations government agency, all four administrators
  5. Arbitrate solutions
  6. Create contract agreement
  7. Engage special (forensic) investigators when necessary
  8. Bring cases before the Grand Jury
  9. One administrator is to be present at all times when a prosecutor is addressing the jury
  10. One administrator is to be available at all times to advise impaneled jurist if they call you
  11. When called, administrators are to sit on state impaneled grand jury to discuss and solve state issues, each county must send at least one.
  12. Run orientation for all jurists 4 hours of video and 2+ hours for instructions and Q&A stress nullification powers, discuss jury tampering by judge and prosecutors
  13. Acquire signed oaths from all jurist
  14. Be available to advise jurists
  15. Write “True Bill” for grand jury foreman’s autograph
  16. Engage special prosecutors - when the Grand Jury administrators believe it’s necessary.
  17. Impanel federal grand and trial juries, one administrator (a federal budget will need to be created to pay jurist)
  18. One administrator is to be the treasure (bank signature)

PHONE ROTATION – Each county needs a phone number so that the people can have direct access to the Administrators of the Grand Jury (no screener). On National Liberty Alliance (NLA) web site under “Jurist Services” NLA offers a flexible follow-me phone service at a very reasonable price. By using this service NLA receives a small percentage from your service each month to support NLA.

BUSINESS CARDS - On National Liberty Alliance web site under Jurist - services we offer two different business card designs at a very reasonable price, one for the Grand Jury, and one for NLA. By using this service NLA receives a percentage each month from your service to support NLA.

NEVER, EVER Identify yourself as a jurist, you are a Grand Jury Administrator investigating on behalf of the Grand Jury; NEVER, EVER threaten anyone with indictment, you can only say that you are going to report back to the Grand Jury for consideration of indictment.


Please support our endeavor, help keep NLA on the web,
Donate $5.00 or more a month, and become a Premier Member, Thank you.


@rutharcle's picture

Ron Branson around here still?

gringagirl's picture

Question One: In order to enforce whatever process We the People create, I for one want to find a Constitutional sheriff in Ohio. I don´t care if the sheriff is ALSO employed by a government corporation. The process we are creating would contain a clause holding him or her harmless from any liability others may seek to impose upon him within he fake corporate system.
Here´s what I know already: The Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association has already told one of my people that they don´t respond to inquiries from the public. There is no question from my research that these stand-up guys are being systematically terrorized. There are supposed to be some 500 members but I can´t even find information about who is a member in Ohio.
Question Two (related to Question One): In order to optimally enforce our common law process, hopefully with a Constitutional sheriff (corporate or one of ours), it seems best to try to do so in an unincorporated county in the State. Although I have found many, many unincorporated towns in my own county in Ohio, I can find nothing about an unincorporated county. Any way to find this out systematically?
Question Three: There is a Unified Common Law Court listed somewhere or other on the website for my State - Ohio - but the only info is a P.O. Box in Jackson, Ohio. No associated name, email, or phone number. How can we do ANYthing with this little information? I asked NLA´s Gary and he didn´t know either.


Katherine Hine

Redhawk77734's picture

I just got my Common Law Handbook and Training manual and am reading them. I want to make a difference in this country. What suggestions does everyone have? I am in a rural area and my county sheriff has just joined Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Sheriff's Association. Suggestions?

TheCountess's picture

Very envious.
Go to the Committees tab, then to Sheriffs Committee.
Contact Robert who heads that committee and tell him your very good news. All of his info is there under that committee.
You will be a welcomed person on the night that the Sheriff's Committee meets with any valued information you might have.
You want to go talk with this Sheriff, give him NLA information on his 'purpose of duties' in that Sheriff's elected office. We have lots of info to give to Sheriffs educating them on their Constitutional positions. Chances are very high that you won't have any difficulties in speaking with and educating him. And he could already know them.
You are very fortunate to have such a person working for you and your county.

Welcoming Committee Chair person - Wa State.

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In case you have not seen this yet, this is mind blowing for those who are not familiar with the Strawman account. Put your SSN with dashes in at this site and see what happens. How many investments are under your SSN? There are hundreds under mine... all accessing MY TRUST without my knowledge or agreement, but of course I CANNOT DO SO! Very likely White Spiritual Boy accounts in dummy corporations to funnel through SEC.
Search GMEI Portal

Patrick Rohrbach's picture

I Thank You for this link kind of a mind blower. That they like to be open in their crimes most never look for the out in the open truths, one but need to search and the answer has many choices to choose from. Knowing the truth is key whether you like the found is on you. Again Thank You. Very interesting and scary, that's the corporate world we face.

we-can-do's picture

Open up a site and just throw your SSN out there for the world to see and then wonder why your life takes a turn for the worst. Jeese people.

Patrick Rohrbach's picture

It's not "my" SSN anyhow but the State that created that "corporation" and I have 485 various corps. stealing money from that account according to GMEI and since I'm Not a corporation I violated their rules for accessing this info. says so in their Terms and Conditions. Which is always a must to read. But again It's Not "Mine" to use for personal ID the card from SS says so and to NOT even carry it with me. Besides the "cops" have NO problem broadcasting all your stealable info including your SSN when they run you at traffic stops. I know because I have a scanner and listen to them do it day in day out. Name, date of birth, state licensed in and SSN cause most folks still use that "Secret" Number on D/Ls and IDs and those that have neither in their possession readily give up the "SECRET" (not to be used for your identification) SSN to the policy enforcer. Who then broadcast it over the air. What should be more worrisome is that their is a place GMEI that also have all these private numbers on file with all the criminals listed who willfully steal money from an account that sure as hell ain't theirs. But crime seems to be ok as long as long as the victims are ignorant. Or maybe all those things attached to that number are putting digits into that account I can't tell I can't decipher their gobbledeeguk and don't care to. Oh interestingly my dead wife of 3 years now still has 48 trusts and funds attached to her SSN. So even in death the vampires don't stop bleeding the ignorant.

Ruble's picture

I may be out of line; but could you limit people coming on the call and talking non-stop. The Lady (Katherine Lester) keeps coming on every week and says the same damn thing. She won't shut up. Please have more respect for those of us who are wanting to learn something more. Give them a time limit and mute them, then answer them & move on. If I'm the only one who feels this way, then just disregard my comments and forgive me; I'm getting a little older.

PatAZMaricopa's picture

I think it's very rude to other people who want to speak. She did the same thing on Sunday call, John please limit calls to 4 or 5 minutes.

mkphillips's picture

You are ABSOLUTELY not the only one getting frustrated with the format of the call Ruble. I am a very busy person and I am trying to map out time for all of this but I get more than a little agitated when the same people keep coming on with their personal goings on! We most likely all have our sad stories to tell but the call is not the place for it. I am also tired of Jayson calling in every week and basically saying nothing of value. Then there was the lady (don't remember her name), with a foreign accent, that called in every week with her foreclosure debacle that rambled on and on with her and John talking over each other, very hard to listen to + I DON'T HAVE TIME for it.

I wish they would reformat the show and ONLY Committee Directors and NATIONAL and REGIONAL DIRECTORS were allowed to call in, anyone that has a question about certain committees can email the director of the committee and they present the questions to John and Gerard, same on the National/Regional Level.

PatAZMaricopa's picture

Indeed it would be more professional.

Donttreadonme's picture

You followed through !!! RETALIATION, EXPOSED, OTHER, the tyrants, and I would have never been able to get anyone to listen to me, I have the facts, that can prove the corruption.

Thanks for getting the Case of False Arrest DISMISSED today, May 19, 2015. After the False Trooper Report Covered up How I was targeted as "F***** Soverenty". Then Assault and Battery with Threat of "were going to get you medicated"!

Thank you Eric, and all those whom helped me!!!!

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Will you please email me at ? I have been under going some problem with courts . I filed Notice and Demand on jursdiction on a case they were trying to serve and charge me . The courts have issued a warrant though since "they lack jursdiction on me" they have sent Department of Corrections to try and arrest me for the same charge . I am not even on D.O.C. supervision ! I need to get this warrant resolved . This is necessary in order to be successful in our mission and I may be able to move forward in begining the processes too . Thank you for your time and help in this matter .

ashley0885's picture

Will you please email me at ? I have been under going some problem with courts . I filed Notice and Demand on jursdiction on a case they were trying to serve and charge me . The courts have issued a warrant though since "they lack jursdiction on me" they have sent Department of Corrections to try and arrest me for the same charge . I am not even on D.O.C. supervision ! I need to get this warrant resolved . This is necessary in order to be successful in our mission and I may be able to move forward in begining the processes too . Thank you for your time and help in this matter .

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I have just now come online as an organizer for Buchanan County in Missouri. I am definitely interested in Constituting Buchanan County. What I am wondering is, what definitions are being used in the written Constitutions of each of these counties? I, myself, have a "recognized" Treaty, and every term that can be defined in such a way, that an assumed definition is different from what I author in that document, I have placed a definition in the document, so there is NO misunderstanding of what is meant by the use of those terms. If I draw up a Buchanan County Constitution or use a template, I intend on adding direct definitions to that document, so there is no reason for ANYONE to not understand what is being meant and authorized. I hope this will not interfere the constituting of the County at the National level, but I do believe all jurisdiction must originate at the local level and the county is one start of that.

I also noticed that some form of "Round Table" discussion is used in the National call-in and intend on having a fully implemented "Round Table" meeting getting started in Missouri and would invite anyone wishing to learn to come on the call and become a participant in it. I am trying to establish communication with the Missouri State Coordinator to get this type of system set up in Missouri and get it totally active and possibly leading the way for all others. I gave an introduction to myself in the Missouri Forum, but I am NOT a lawyer, but I do educate all in reading Law as it is written, not as it is interpreted, and would love to have a National seminar going to train people in exactly how to deal with contracts/Trusts in the courts and to deal successfully, as I have done in the recent past.

I have also been a moderator, along with two others, in a nationwide call-in of a private organization and established that call-in, in such a way, as it continues to this day, although I am no longer a participant in it. If I can coordinate the Missouri call-in in much the same way, then I could be instrumental in making it just as successful.

One other suggestion I would like to make is to drop out of the FIAT money system and create a Private banking system that would be recognized internationally and not deal in the FIAT system from ANY angle, and that could include the Gold and Silver Standard, as the FIAT money creators have that system already under their belts and control. This new type of banking system must be totally independent from the FIAT money system and be recognized worldwide, for it to be useful, and thus create a new economy status, where it becomes viable for all communities.

I have put out some ideas and a question or two and welcome any feedback so we, here in Missouri can get started and get things where they should be or should have been in the very beginning. Thank You!

rickash's picture

Whomever authored this did an outstanding job but I suggest a change, only one word. Under the "Federal Courts" section the word "orientate" is used as a verb and should not be. SEE: I apologize, it is the only pet peeve that I have, but it's a biggie. If this could be corrected the document would be that much closer to perfect! What a wealth of info. As it is unsigned it is either part of the website now or John/Gerard wrote it. It is EXCELLENT. But if we could change that one verb to "orient"....
Thank You,

Patriot58's picture

I agree, knowing which counties are constituted, and which ones are not would help a lot to know where to direct our efforts. If counties are being constituted and are not being reported that is a huge problem that must be addressed ASAP. We all ready have our work cut out for us with out having to worry about that problem. Rick, (Patriot58) Spokane, Wa. Spokane Co Org.

JAZ's picture

You can go to Contacts - State - and pull up each state to see how many counties are constituted within that particular state. From the ones that are fully constituted (a total of 163), there are a total 103 counties that have been constituted in all the other states. AL-4, AZ-8, CA-11, CO-8, IN-1, KS-1, MD-11, MI-5, MT-2, NC-3, OH-3, PA-25, SC-2, SD-1, TN-7, WA-10 and WY-1 = 103.

State Coordinators would know which counties are constituted in their states.

Jo Ann
Texas State Coordinator

sofasurferlinux's picture

Who has a list if constituted counties?
We have the ability to see how many counties are constituted (except for the ones that have not reported) but we do not know which counties, by name, they are. It would be very helpful to the cause if we knew which counties are constituted and which ones are not. This would give us the ability to direct our recruiting and informing toward the appropriate locations. So, anyone besides me asking for a list of constituted counties?

sofasurferlinux's picture

Tonight I listened to the Alex Jones show for Feb. 16th, hour 2 and heard a caller named Jay from N, Carolina talk about common law grand jury. I was very disappointed that Alex Jones cut in and gave his unfavorable opinion of the common law grand jury based on past groups who have tried to get it going and failed. He also stated that CLGJ is not a tool of the new world order and would therefore not likely get very far. He did, however, after cutting the guy off, state that people need to be made aware and need to guard their liberties. He also told the caller to send him more info about CLGJ.

Hear the call at the 10:04 mark at on the Feb 16th show, hour 2

I think everyone should now contact Alex Jones and press him to give out more info. Alex Jones get MILLIONS and MILLIONS of hits on his youtube videos of past radio shows.

JAZ's picture

Can anyone tell me how to add State Co-Coordinators to the NLA website? I had added one, Catherine, however, that was via sending John an email at email address several months ago. That worked fine.
However, since that time, we have been instructed to go through tech support. I see no where that a State Coordinator can add its own State Co-Coordinators. Adding two more Co-Coordinators would bring Texas up to four State Coordinators (since they are not designated as Co-Coordinators on the website). I have tried to do this myself, believe me. This is going on four days now in trying. Getting frustrated. I also want to add two people to the County Organizer page. These individuals have already signed up as Jurist positions, but wish to change or add to their responsibilities. Jurist positions will only take hold once we have a CLGJ in place. One a CLGJ is in place, we all become Jurists with the exception of the Administrators and CLGJ staff.

Jo Ann
Texas State Coordinator

JAZ's picture

I know you Tech guys are very busy and THANK YOU for your hard work and technical support !! However, I sent in two requests to add a State Co-Coordinator. Last response I received said it was 'done'. However, the individual's name is still not listed on the State Coordinator's page. It is important because the people here in Texas need to know how to contact him.
Thank you.

Jo Ann
Texas State Coordinator

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Saturday was my first attendance at local meeting for common law grand jury. Carla had an affidavit form for constituting our county which lacked any lines for 'witnesses', only showing the notary information.

We created three lines on each affidavit and witnessed each others signatures to expedite the formation of our local grand jury. She has the affidavits. I agreed to take up her responsibilities in this county so she could move up to handling things on a statewide level.

The main question is, how do we show that Los Angeles County Common Law Grand Jury is now constituted on this web site? I consider myself a free woman (on the land?) and have demurred from any offers by the statutory system over the past twenty years, not giving the system my consent, as you say. I would like for all to be aware of their rights and one by one if necessary take back our cities and counties as others work to take back our Republics and make the existing corporate structures of pseudo-government under color of law collapse of their own dead weight.

I am thrilled to be a part of this 'great awakening' as though it may seem to be small to you, it is limitless to me. Thanks to the internet and tireless researchers like John Darash, Anthony Hargis, Richard McDonald, Ron Branson, Randy Lee and many others before now we have access to basic knowledge that is empowering at our very fingertips. I love the simple phrases that have distilled truth so that all may use it, such as 'i am one of the people, a plaintiff; is this a statutory court, a court of record or (even better)... you are recording these proceedings, aren't you?...'

I will continue to live my life outside of their fraudulent, extortionist, kidnapping/raping so-called 'justice system', and I will do my best to pass this information on to as many that are ready to listen. What happened in the past is that there were many who liked to pontificate on the complexities of the law who left me in the dust and there were sometimes endless disagreements on these things which left room for much uncertainty related to the experiences.

Though I slept through the first half of the call, what I did hear was more positive than some of the combative callers heard in snatching bits of past calls.

Thank you John for your amazing work and everyone for having the heart, the courage to become involved!

gringagirl's picture

Anyone with any information about an already constituted county common law court in Ohio,California,or Florida please contact me at

AGPowerSystems7's picture

Thank you for getting the county organizers contact info up on line . I have also noticed that the State Coordinator for Florida is missing and you have 2 for NY and Ohio each . Also the counties for Florida that have passed their election hasn't been updated .
Thank You

AGPowerSystems7's picture

1. I see that the state contacts list doesn't seem to have the info it used to , is this going to change and if so is their a time estimate ?

2. How are County Admin.'s going to be determined ?

vhannevig's picture

To calculate your State Plan's "PROPOSED GRAND JURY BUDGET TO COMPTROLLER" as it pertains to; "SALARIES: These salaries will be adjusted according to local professional salaries, 40 hr work week", see the "Wages & Employment Trends" block near the bottom of the page on each of the following links. In the block will be a drop down for access to your State.

(Legal) Secretary:


Hope you find this helpful. :-)