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The most important thing you can do, it also being your duty, is to make sure that both you and your Sheriff are educated in our Founding Documents in order to have "Government by Consent" and secure our "Natural Rights" by partisapating in our "Campaign for Constitutional Sheriffs".

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I see that the comments are being trolled by pharmaceutical sales ads. If there is a more important topic than this just scroll on down past this comment to lower ones. 21-03-08 Monday Night Week Call was a real 'whistelblower' for those who have the ears to hear and eyes to read

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What did those type of ppl really think this is?! Those People (just like those drug ads) are either ignorant to the NLA cause and/or they are the very ppl that are apart of the corruption. I'd advise ppl to just stay away from ads like that which have no merit to the real cause.

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Dear J,
You are warmly invited and strongly encouraged to join us TOMORROW, 30 March for a presentation on: 
The Missing American Juryfeaturing Professor Suja A. Thomas
Tuesday, 30 March 2021noon Eastern/11 am Central/10 am Mountain/9 am PacificRegister for the Zoom WebinarorWatch live on FIJA's Facebook Page at the appointed time

Professor Suja A.Thomas joins us for a conversation about her research into jury-related issues. So many aspects of the jury system as it exists and operates in the United States today seem counterintuitive given how adamantly it was insisted upon early on in the history of the United States. We'll discuss what the jury system was like when it was initially codified in the Constitution, how we got here from there, and where the jury system is headed (or could be!) from here.
This webinar will be an in-depth discussion with Professor Thomas leading up to our April/May virtual reading group covering this book in 4 weekly sessions. Please join us for an even more in-depth education about the American jury system and how to restore it with your fellow friends of jury rights!
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While we're at it, I also want to invite you to join us for our April through May sessions of 15 Minutes with FIJA. These short sessions feature a quick 15-minute presentation from FIJA:• to update you on recent jury-related news such as the status of trial by jury during the pandemic, court cases related to jury rights, legislation regarding trial by jury, etc., and• highlight one FIJA project, resource, activity, etc. each week.We start on time, pack that 15 minutes with information, and then you can be on your way. Optionally, you can stick around for another 15 minutes for a quick Q&A session afterward.
One registration gets you access to all sessions from April through June. (If you've been joining us for the first quarter 2021 sessions, you'll need to register again for the second quarter sessions.) We hope to see you there!
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