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"America is a Common Law Republic our Heritage is in the Law and our Inheritance is Liberty.
If we do not know the Law you cannot know Liberty


Start Date – Saturday 2-25-23 (All clases are video recorded for access anytime.)

Live Course Time – Every Saturday from Noon to 1:30 PM EDT

Course Duration – About 18 weeks

Cost of Course – $125.00

Watch the first class recorded 2-25-23 below

See Table of Contents below

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This is a Video Course, therefore you should attend by an app or browser (browser preferred). Audio will also be available and will still give you a valuable education but video will be far superior. Each part of this Course will be posted on a private page so you will always have unlimited access to review it indefinitely.

This course will teach court procedure and all the Essentials along with a proper state of mind in order to control the court and an interfering judge. You will learn all the necessary basics to write an Action and all the necessary motions. We will cover both criminal and civil proceedures. You will learn the best strategies and forms to defend yourself and win in Traffic Court, Non-Judicial Foreclosure cases, IRS cases, Habeas Corpus, criminal cases, and civil law cases, and filing the court papers, writing an Action at Law, defenses, affidavits, file on demand, affidavit of service by mail, summons, pleadings, memorandums, exhibits evidence, motions, amending the pleadings, discovery, request for admissions, etc., etc., and so much more.

You will learn all about Jurisdiction and how to keep it, the Author of Law, ten foundational self-evident truths, the republic, next friend/assistant counsel, how to deal with/control a judge who refuses to be obedient to the law, the power of Writs, how to open a Court of Record, rudimentary precepts, foot notes, in pro per, license, next friend, two meanings, proper use of statutes, codes and regulations, rules of common law, court at law, the difference between law and equity, origins of natural law, at law, positive law, the general rule, sovereignty is not subject to law, the author and source of law, the two courts, courts of limited jurisdiction, courts of law, courts of equity, jurisdiction and sovereignty, causes of action, case examples strategies and mindset, affirmative defenses, punitive damages, case examples, ready for trial, extraordinary writs, and  enforcement.

TAKE NOTE - This course is a requirement for those who have attached their case to our case against the Federal Judiciary. It is also a requirement for those who want to become a "Jury Administrator."

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Democracy v Republic

Law and Equity

America a Natural Law Republic

Ten Foundational Self Governing Truths

America was founded upon Christianity

The Sovereign Citizen Movement

Right to Practice Law

8 Abrogation of the Law of the Land

List of Lawful Equity Courts

Controlling Supreme Court Cases


Grand Jury

MS Word Formatting

Law Dictionaries

Founding Documents

Founders Quotes

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

U.S. Codes

Acts of Congress

State Constitutions


Foot Notes

Legal Information Institute


Pleadings Opening a Court of Record

Index No Form and RJI


File on Demand

Federal Cover Sheet


Action at Law

Federal Cover Sheet


Law of the Case 1

Law of the Case 2

Affidavit of Service

Defendants Answer

Affirmative Defense

Plaintiffs Answer



Judgment On The Pleadings

Moving the Court for Cause

Federal Jurisdiction Challenge

Punitive Damages

Damages for Breaches of Privacy

NRS Chapter 42 damages


Causes of Action





Affirmative Defenses


Motion Examples

Notice of Motion

Motion Continuance

Motion Default Judgment

Motion Extension of Time

Motion Judicial Notice

Motion Protective Order

Motion Reconsideration

Motion Summary Judgment

Motion in Limine

Motion to Amend

Motion to Compel Discovery

Motion to Determine Sufficiency

Motion to Dismiss Failed to Prove Jurisdiction

Motion to Dismiss Failed to State Cause of Action

Motion to Dismiss Improper Venue

Motion to Dismiss Scandalous and Impertinent

Motion to Dismiss Subject Matter

Motion to Dismiss for a More Definite Statement

Motion to Exceed Page Limit

Motion to Release

Motion to Return to Originating Court

Motion to Seal

Motion to Show Cause Contempt of Court

Motion to Strike

Motion to dismiss Lack of personal jurisdiction

Notice of Deposition

Notice of Hearing

Petition Injunction

Request for Admissions

Request for Interrogatories

Request for Production




Memorandums of Law Format

Oath and Bond


Acts of Treason by Judiciary

Amendment II

Amendment X

Amendment XIII

America was founded upon Christianity

Article III Courts

Balance of Power

Common Law

Court of Record

Democracy v Republic

Founding Fathers concerns about judiciary

Government by Consent

Grand Jury Authority

Habeas Corpus

High Treason

Jurisdiction Natural Law

Jury Nullification

Jury Tampering

Jury Tampering & Stacking

Law and Equity

Law and Jurisdiction

Non Judicial Foreclosure

Seditious Conspiracy

Solution Gov by Consent


Statutes Codes Regulations

The IRS Fraud

USC Title 18

USC Title 26



Federal Rules of Civl Procedure


Rules of the Court

Rule 12(b)(6)(1)


Ready For Trial

Certificate of Readiness

Note of Issue

Standard Civil Voir Dire Questions

Trial Notebook

Bill of Particulars

Petit Jury Handbook

Standard Civil Voir Dire Questions



Declaration of inmate filing


Writ of Seizure and Sale

Writ to Cease and Desist

Extraordinary Writs

Writ Habeas Corpus

Writ Quo Warranto

Writ of Seizure and Sale

Writ to Cease and Desist

Notice and Demand

Instructions Surety Bonds

Oath and Bond Enforcement


Traffic/Code Violation

Traffic Court Argument

File on Demand

Traffic Ticket Show Cause

Affidavit of default

Instructions for Removal for cause

Instructions for Challenging Jurisdiction

Habeas Corpus

IRS Action Case example

4490-Proof of claim

56-Fiduciary Relationship

Congressman McFadden And the Federal Reserve Bank

Cooper IRS File

Federal Mafia

Judicial Notice


National Liberty Alliance

Committee of Safety

On-line Resources

To Sign up and pay by Credit Card (check your e-mail for access information)

  To Sign up and pay by Check or Money Order (once we process your application, we will email access information)


Marca's picture

Hi - I do not see where it is that I can access this course. Please advise. Yes, I have already paid for course and missed last Saturday as well.
Thank you!

John Darash's picture

Contact > give him your name, phone number. and describe your problem.

Marca's picture

Disregard - I just found it!

Mousekateer1's picture

Unfortunately I can not attend on saturdays due to work requirements. I was under the impression that I would have access to videos after each class, but can't seem to find anywhere to access the two classes I appear to have already missed (I have registered & paid in full). Can someone help me with this issue please?

John Darash's picture

Its a recorded course you can access the classes anytime. You will receive the course instructions and contact information after you sign up.

miranda's picture

signed up $5 month  tried to listen to 2nd class because i could not get on live and denied.
I took day off work , to attend whats' up ?

Lee J Draper's picture

Mr. Darish,
This course must embrace the use of the Trial Notebook.
This compilation begins with the 1st element; the ‘demand’, and contains every document filed up to the day of trial; Motions, Requests, Summons, Compaint, Answer, judicial notice items etc. And items not introduced before trial; Correspondences, Admissions, Costs and Billings Timetables, etc. It is indexed and duplicated verbatim. Distinguishable only by the color of its cover; distributed to the adversary and to the trial judge.
The index page is the path your case follows, for others to follow along as you calmly and confidently tell the story of its content. Nothing gets left out or forgotten in the heat of the moment.
Paralegals know the TN is the heart of any litigation, by either party. The map, the irrefutable unabridged, source of the matter at issue. The self represented will not prevail against a represented adversary, without it.
Besides, when you bring it, and counsel for your adversary neglected to do the same? You will amplify that attorney’s lack of professional foresight, before his peers, and forever cause the attorney to 2nd guess his ability to prevail against a layman. Scar.
Let me know if I can assist in sharing my knowledge of this element with the course participants. See you in class.
Lee J

docpreston's picture

John , 
   tonite you said that you made the choice to have the class on saturdays for several reasons & it is one of those reasons I ponder  and send you this . I have learned in the last year that as many other things in our lives & beliefs , laws etc  we have been lied to and misled . Saturday is in fact The Sabbath " The Lords Day "  or so my investigation has led me to belive and I will gladly share any and all I have learned if so requested . I now make special effort to rest as well as worship ( which I do everyday ,  reading The Bible  and prayer ) . Wouldn`t it make sense to have been misled about this as well as to make us complicit in breaking one of the Ten  Commandments and be oblivious to it just as we are (were) to so many things perverted & corrupted by the evil ones ? just sharing what I have learned as so ordered by our creator . have a great day .   Doc 

LivingWoman2023's picture

Dear John,
    I have been studying Roman Civil Law, Common Law on and off via YT, readings..and very interested in your course.  I have not taught for 3 years as I refuse to smother children or vax.  Do you have a scholarship program?  I was thinking of studying with Dr. Graves, to learn how to
manipulate the court as needed... However, we MUST return to Common Law and rid our courts of these scumbag magistrates...poorly run, poorly trained police, who work ONLY for the U.S. Corporation.  I already know how to flip the court to Common Law, but lack the right words
to execute a TORT, etc.   I was falsley arrested, jailed for nothing..and my family would not help.  I need to sue two ex family members for that action.  I also want to help others by reprsenting them in these kangaroo courts..
I am an American National, a Secured Party Creditor and a Free Traveler...
Please tell me if there is a scholarship possibility...
Kindly yours, Connie Sponheim  

C L Vachon's picture

I am filling out the form and I have a question.I am currently in TN, but my hope and goal is to be back in Rhode Island (which is my home state) and serve in washington county (my home county), so which should I fill in on my form?
Eager to send in payment and form properly filled in.
Highest Regards, C L Vachon

docpreston's picture

You sent me am email telling me how to make payments . I cannot afford this I am borderline poor and have no room for additional expense ! PERIOD! 

docpreston's picture

This is something that is out of my reach . I am a disabled vet and on set & meeger income . I already have completed all the courses and paper work all accept there is no COS in my county & purchased the book . this additional monies is simply more than I can afford to pay , the 5.00 a month already does a number on me but I do not stop it because I believe in the N L A .