The following chart was established from our research here in New York, but we are convinced that all committeemen throughout the united States are simply a fasade controled from the top down. If the committee men are not elected by ballot at the primary election and take an oath every even year then they are not elected and are controled by the party bosses.

THE PROCESS: State legislature wrote election law as guidelines for the election process.

  1. Candidate circulates a designating petition. People in their party in an election district vote at the Primary Election.
  2. Committeemen are elected by the people, represent the interests of the people, and answer to the people.
  3. The designated title is “Committeeman”.
  4. Voted into office by the people at a Primary Election and is governed by law.
  5. Take an oath of office
  6. Can be removed from office only by the people for not doing the will of the people.

The above process was expunged decades ago, but we can resurrect the true elected committeeman and save the Republic by peaceful means.

In 1911 here in New York Election Law §21 covertly removed and Article 2 was added to election law thereby empowering the creation of the "town committeemen"; with the designated title “Member of the County Committee” who holds a position [chair] in an election district from a town/city; masked as a county committeeman but is, in fact, a private party membership. They are appointed by party bosses, voted into membership at a party meeting; are governed by the party rules, and can be removed by the party bosses for not doing the will of the party bosses. This great facade and conduit of evil train's the party candidates to be corrupt from the start; if they are not corruptible they rarely get the party nod!



IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND the difference between what should be the true elected committeemen that should arise in our Republic within the political parties, and what we now have from the private political associations known as Democrats and Republicans, which have covertly overtaken control of the committeemen process, it is extremely important to review the history and purpose of the committeemen.

EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT OUR PARTY SYSTEM IS DYSFUNCTIONAL, clearly proven by the deceitful candidates we are left with to choose from as our representatives. Some people think we don’t have a choice and we must live with the system as it is, but that simply is not true. The underlying problem is a certain, systematic, identifiable corruption, which our founders addressed by replacing all committeeman every two years throughout the state, thereby flushing out political corruption.

EXACTLY AS PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON WARNED “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” (party bosses) enabled by the perversion of election law, subverted the power of the people and “usurped to themselves the reins of government’ and ‘destroyed the very engines which have lifted them [the usurpers] to unjust dominion”.

OUR RESEARCH HAS REVEALED THAT LEGISLATIVE REMOVAL of the George Washington clause, namely Section 21 of the 1909 New York election law, followed by non-constitutional insertions written into 1911 election law, namely Article 2, provided certain foundational language necessary to create the strong impression of a "town" committeeman that is in place today.

IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT the "town" committeeman legislators would have needed to work behind the scenes, in silent collusion with the various New York boards of election and operatives in both political parties. Only a few individuals were actually necessary to plan and orchestrate the plot to subvert the voters’ constitutional right to choose their governing body. In the process was created the private political associations that today we call the Republican and Democrat parties.

WHAT WAS INSERTED IN 1911 WITH THE ADDITION OF ARTICLE 2 was clearly in contrast to 1909 election law Section 21, which was conveniently struck; and the result was the "town" committeeman.  This was, no doubt, a direct assault upon our Republic and those actions set the stage for the perversion of the office designed to be closest to the will of the people, the “committeeman”. These actions that were under the control of a few people maneuver the direction of our country and, thereby subverted our Constitution.

BECAUSE LANGUAGE FOR THE ELECTION OF THE LONG FORGOTTEN true committeemen fortunately continues in the present NY election law at Section 6-118, and the rights of the people are secured by nature’s God reflected in common law, a resurrection of the true committeeman, fully cognizant of his powers and his immunity from the control of party bosses, is possible and most desirable for the preservation of our Republic.

THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CLAUSE, §21 OF THE 1909 ELECTION LAW, was “the gate keeper” that protected the committeeman process. §21 served a free people by making conscious in their minds the warning of the first President, a great American hero. It’s principle is self evident and it’s absence does not alter the right of the people to govern themselves through the choosing of their representatives. Clearly the self-anointed, private political associations filling vacancies today with corrupt candidates, does not represent the will of the people, but merely the will of corrupt party bosses who do not have the people’s best interests in mind, and the end result is the heading toward total annihilation of our Republic. §21 of the 1909 election law, removed for the designing ends of political party convenience, echoed the concerns of the founders and were emphasized by President Washington in his Farewell Address in which he said:

§21. "No organization or association of citizens for the election of city [town
or village] officers [town committeemen] shall be deemed a political party

TO PREVENT THE PRIVATE ASSOCIATIONS FROM RULING THE PARTIES and subverting, through top-down dictator-like organization, the process by which a free people choose their candidates, our early legislators heeded President Washington’s warning by crafting Section 21, a corner stone of election law for a bottom-up organization, which firmly secured the elected committeemen as the face of the parties. Every two years at the presidential and mid-term elections, just like the Congress and our state Assembly, the General Committee of committeemen was completely purged in order to reset the power, change the face of the parties, and bring in new people.  A similar purging was accomplished to a smaller degree in the 2010 mid-term congressional election. Without this ingenious purging method in place, a party dictatorship, becomes the status quo.

THROUGH THE INTENDED, CONSTITUTIONAL, BOTTOM UP CONTROL, the leadership of the parties would be reconstituted every two years through the votes of all 16,300 New York committeemen. In each county, each member would cast their free will vote, restricted only by the will of their constituents, for a county chairman. Then, the sixty-two (62) newly elected county chairmen would cast their free will vote, restricted only by the will of their county committeemen, to elect a state chairman, who would be the head of that lawful or de jure political party in New York. When any chairman strayed from the will of those who voted him into power, he could rightfully be replaced, just as any committeeman may be replaced by the will of their constituents. A return to this intended process would indeed change the face of the parties from what now functions like a dictatorship to the true expression of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

TODAY’S EXPLOITATION BY THE COUNTY AND STATE BOARDS OF ELECTION, and those on the inside of both parties, in the way they proceed unchallenged, interpreting and implementing election law Article 2, for political expedience, brings us to the status quo, party control that we have today - iron fists gripping upon “the engine of freedom” - the committeemen - as the people fall into a deeper and deeper apathy through frustration.

HERE IN NY SOMETIME BETWEEN 1911 AND THE PRESENT the plan was slowly executed that phased in the town committeemen and phased out nearly all traces of the elected committeemen. While the people were distracted by two world wars, two depressions, scores of conflicts and economic distress, the sleight- of- hand overhaul of statutory wording took place. By our experience we know that the town committeeman has been firmly put in place, while the elected committeeman has been pushed out of sight for at least a few decades.  There appears little memory remaining of the true committeeman, and people spellbound by illusions and party favors, do not see how they contribute to a party form that is ultimately communistic, and that sets the stage the for disastrous things to come for America.

THE PRESENT FUNDAMENTAL REPRESENTATIVE SYSTEM IS ON AUTO PILOT:the lights are on, but nobody’s home.  The deceptive legislation, namely election law Article 2, included provision for the oscillation of party dictatorship power by moving the selection of some positions from even to odd years in some counties, which provided for a constant control of the power structure by the party bosses at the state level and also provided for filtering in bosses from the national scene.

THE PROCESS WAS SET IN MOTION some time ago, the guilty people are long since gone, and the record of who is responsible is likely untraceable. Although there is plenty of blame to go around to all the corrupt players of the system, most are probably untouchable because for past activities they can refer to election law Article 2. Notwithstanding, our purpose is not to seek indictments, but rather to see a return to real voter  solvency and its’ natural result - freedom and liberty!

BOTH THE NEW YORK AND THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which are clearly being violated, state that the voting rights of the people  shall not be abridged, nor disenfranchised or deprived of the right to elect representatives in the party of their choice, that is, in the primary elections, where each political party selects its face-off candidates for the general election.

THE 1909 ELECTION LAW HAD CLEARLY DEFINED THE DUTIES OF THE COMMITTEEMEN as these: (1) to fill vacancies for the primary election ; and, (2) to organize, conduct and preside over the primary election and party convention.  But in 1911 the election law was completely restructured and Section 4, Section 45 and Section 21 were removed and Article 2 was added, which provided for rules leading to the creation of sub-committees and the town committeeman.  Nevertheless, the removal of those sections of the statute has only served to hide the process from a free people, but was unable to tear down the natural rights of the people in the election process.

THE PRETENTIOUS TRANSFER OF COMMITTEEMEN AUTHORITY ON A DARK NIGHT LONG AGO, away from the elected committeeman to the "town" committeeman took place after a committee membership quorum was met. The initiation of the sub-committees and their related rules, was accomplished using the true elected committeemen, without whose presence the new subversive creation would have been impossible to pass through the popular mind.  These sub-committees not being elected by the people can only hold their positions and serve at the pleasure of the true elected committeeman.

THE TRANSFER OF COMMITTEEMAN AUTHORITY from the elected committeeman to the town committeeman took place after a committee quorum in membership was met. The initiation of the sub-committees and their rules were by the elected committeeman without which their creation would be impossible, therefore the sub-committees not being elected by the people serve at the pleasure of the elected committeeman.

EXACTLY WHAT WAS ON THE MINDS OF THE LEGISLATORS THAT AUTHORED certain parts of Article 2 is unclear, but anything beyond menial assistance to the true elected committeemen would be beyond the authority of any statute or code, since we are a free people under common law authored by Nature’s God.  What is clear though, is that Article 2 has been expanded far beyond what is constitutionally possible. Without question, unelected persons who do not answer to the people, simply do not have private authority to choose candidates to fill vacancies in public office.  Nor did the true committeemen of the past have the authority to pass to private associations, the duties of committeemen today, unless we allow it to continue.

A COMMITTEE IS COMPOSED OF ALL COMMITTEEMEN REPRESENTING THEIR ELECTION district within a political subdivision or “units of representation”, such as (1) town (2) county (3) assembly (4) congressional (5) senatorial, and (6) state.  Altogether the chairmen of the sixty-two (62) general or county committees comprise the state committee, and the state committee chairman is the elected head of their party in New York.

THE COMMITTEEMAN WAS ELECTED TO REPRESENT the people in all of the aforementioned political subdivisions and was entrusted with duties which cannot be just arbitrarily passed to unelected individuals that are members of a private association and controlled by party bosses and not the people, for this would be unconstitutional and a gross disenfranchisement to every citizen of New York State, unfortunately this unconstitutional condition is the reality in the State of New York.

COMMITTEEMEN ARE ELECTED TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE IN ALL of the aforementioned political subdivisions and are entrusted with duties that cannot be just arbitrarily passed to unelected individuals who are members of a private association, controlled by party bosses and not of the people.  That would be non-constitutional and a gross dis-enfranchisement of every New York voter. But unfortunately, this non-constitutional situation is the reality of New York at the present time.

By deceitful design, these organizations Republican and Democrat appear as the face of the party. Their members appear to be elected committeemen by “designating petition”, when in fact their members are nominated at the primary election, later voted into the association at a private meeting; and, then deemed the face of a political party at NEW YORK STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS (NYSBOE). Using two viable and successful tools (1) social democracy and (2) neo-conservatism,  first exposed by the Reese Committee on “un-American activities” in 1953, these forces in driving the two parties to work together collectively, have now managed to disenfranchise the true committeemen and, thereby, the good People of New York by seizing control of the committeemen, depriving the people of their right to elect their freely chosen representatives.

THE SOLUTION: We need to take back the courts, through the Grand Jury, and then force the BOE to obey the law, thereby bring back the elected committeeman.

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