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I called to complain about deprivation of rights under color of law by the Magistrate and ADA. The sheriff's office said they do not take criminal complaints.
Technically, there is no sheriff in Westchester County. He was not elected. He was appointed. He has two officees: Sheriff and Commissioner of Public Safely. According to NYS Constitution, a sheriff must be elected and he can only hold one office. 
What should we do? 

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Stanley Sniff and /or his agents or Employees please be advised that the superior Court case number referenced in your Notice to Vacate as MVC1602914 and referenced as your file number 2016106760 has been Removed to Federal Court pursuant to the Notice of Removaldated August 17, 2016(see Atached) Federal Case number ED CV 16-1785 PA and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case Number 16-56273 and is in the process of litigation in Federal Court as a result the Superior Court of California and the riverside County Sheriff`s Department LOST JURISDICTION TO EXECUTE THE EVICTION, if YOU and/or anyone under your employ or Control interferes or involves him/herself with the Eviction of plaintif[Elliott Roman Rodriguez] from his property YOU and/or anyone under your employ or control will be joined to this clim personally and will be jointly and severally liable for all terms, provisions, conditions and Damages,this Notice was Hand delivered to Riverside County Sheriff Court Services West,I WAS EVICTED 0n 09/29/2016 in Violation of DUE PROCESS OF LAW, VIOLATION OF BANKRUPTCY COURT, VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS, this case is also pending Habeas Corpus here at NLA's picture

it would be nice to have them on our side, but if and when, such as now, we find ourselves alone, no thinking person would say "ok, now just walk to your slave station" cause the sheriff ain't here. NO, we would just have to fend for ourselves! If WE have to pay the ultimate price for letting tyranny take hold, then, we, ultimately have the authority to act in conscience as to a remedy. We have waited too long as it is, the standards for good behavior have gone so low, yet, we still look to a constitution for permission. That in and of itself shows we are an ethical body of people, we just did not think the level of evil that exists today ACTUALLY existed!

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Well, I will give my Balliffs a copy of these books. The ones that have betrayed me, my family and this State. As a US Army Reserve Officer, my constitutional Rights were ignored and over a million dallors lost and I am in poverty and homeless because of the Direct efforts of the Sheriffs Department in San Diego, CA.

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In his book Mack confuses democracy with a republic. He insists that he is directly accountable to the people, which is the definition of a democracy. But in a constitutional republic an officer is not directly accountable to the people, he is accountable to the law. The United States is a government of laws, not of men. This huge gap in Mack’s understanding has led Mack into the very trap that exalts our politicians in Washington. They think they have a mandate to do anything they want because they were elected by a majority. Sorry, Sheriff Mack — that is not how our country works. You are elected to protect and to serve within the statutes of your county — you do not have federal authority.

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What planet are you on. To get you on the same sheet of music you must first know that under the U.S. Constitution any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void at the time of its creation. The Sheriff is elected by the people to protect the people according to the directions of the Constitution for which he swore an oath to. This means that the Sheriff must determine which laws are within his authority to enforce. This is also why he can call a Grand Jury at any time to help with Constitutional laws, etc. Bob H

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Full Definition of artifice
1.  1 a :  clever or artful skill :  ingenuity <believing that characters had to be created from within rather than with artifice — Garson Kanin> b :  an ingenious device or expedient
2.  2 a :  an artful stratagem :  trick b :  false or insincere behavior <social artifice>
To put it as simply as possible, especially in the eyes of man’s so-called law, the more ambiguous a man is the more he is intrinsically and internally graced by God and protected by God’s Law of Nature. To the artificial law of man, ambiguity is the enemy. To Nature it is, well, the Origin of all things, as nothing of the Real (in Nature) is ever born (Created) with a name. Names are attached in the after-birth. Names cause things to be legalized. And what is legalized is that which is pretended to be property. To be in namelessness (without respect of any legally attached/admixed surname) in legal terms is to be part of the untainted Nature of God’s Creation. To be clear, the first name is property of God (of Nature/Reality) while the last name is property of the adversary, the legal artifice of government’s tax registers. There are millions of John Smiths standing as registered citizen-ships for example, but only one fictional, legally registered name (noun) that is “JOHN W. SMITH” is adjoined with the unique identification tag of Social Security #123-45-6789 at a specific federally registered municipal address that is pre-tended to exist in the legal fiction and jurisdiction of the fictional “United States.” And so MR. SMITH is quite the opposite to any man that stands in ambiguity, as that which is only an untainted “Creation” of God’s Nature. With every fictional, artificial name, title, number, and mark one may be legally permitted to have attached to this rented legal status of “personhood,” the more we cause our extrinsic and external identity (appearance) as a specifically distinguishable legal status to be known and recognizable to that legal realm and jurisdiction of the artificial state. This is to say that we step farther outside of God’s Realm of Nature, of Reality, and crossover more and more with each mark, token, and sign into the land of make-believe; the land of lost souls in the realm of the spiritually dead. In other words, we become unrecognizable as our True Self, that is, as Purely an Act of God. Our body, our temple, is corrupted by legal fiction, by artifice, which is merely another term for sin. The maxims of law are very clear on how ambiguity destroys legal certainty (lies accepted and confirmed as legal facts) in the fictional realm. But we also find that what is made sure by any name can only be the property of the government that registers and defines it.

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I am very confused with your post. You begin with: "What planet are you on", and then you follow with simple facts relating to the Sheriff and his job. If there is disagreement from you, which is all I can infer from your opening statement, you need to be more clear.

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Im from New Jersey, and our former sherriff will be doing prison time. Where do the people turn in the case of a corrupt sherriff?

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First thing you need to do is get involved by signing up as a jurist and an organizer. Then work to get your new grand jury into your courthouse. After the grand jury is recognized as an authority, with your help, the criminals will begin to fall.

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This is a GREAT idea ! We we utilize this method of visiting the Sheriff as well and prior to posting our public notices in the newspapers. Many of our Texas counties are in the process of ordering their seal for their county at this time. We are moving forward and this is a very good method of informing the Sheriffs of each county prior to release as it does show respect as well as prior knowledge. Thanks. :)
Jo Ann
Texas State Coordinator

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The problem is power. It corrupts every time. What difference does it make which organizations has it? No matter how good and honorable they are today they will eventually abuse their power. The only way to solve the problem is to give the power back to "we the people". Where every one is subject to the same standards and held accountable for their actions. A tyrant will never play by the same rules as every one else.

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For the last couple of years, all I have heard about are all these so called Constitutional sheriffs.
When just even one of these self claimed sheriffs can honestly say that they do not have anyone in their jail that has not involved a victim or injured party, then you will get my attention.