Court Access Without a Lawyer Course


Because you are on this web site chances are that you already know that the courts are corrupt and BAR lawyers cannot help you. So, the only solution is to go to court and fight them yourself.

If you are like most people this seems like an overwhelming task considering that you did not go to law school and the courts do not provide a guide to assist you with the forms for filing an action.

Therefore, I will cut to the chase and give you all the necessary tools and information necessary to be able to defend yourself. If you really buckle down you can be filing your own papers in 30 days and have a good understanding of how things work and how to beat them at their own game in about 3 months.

There are 4 courses that you will need to take and a few basic mind sets. All but one of the courses is free, but you need to take them all to get a good rounded appreciation on writing, fighting and winning.

It is my strong suggestion that you take these course in the order I am suggesting for pre-prerequisite reasons.

  • COURSE #1 Jurisdictionary - Shows you step-by-step with forms and examples how to file papers and how to respond to the opposing parties papers. This course cost $249 and claims that you can achieve the knowledge within 24 hours. I took this course and was able to understand the paperwork process and filings over a week end (24 hours). To this day I reference back to Jurisdictionary forms from time to time. [some of the strategies and procedures in this course do not take the Common Law into account and will be corrected in proceeding courses] CLICK HERE to take this course. NLA earns $50 - $125 for each referral which helps to keep NLA going.

  • COURSE # 2 Constitutional Course CLICK HERE to take this FREE course. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of the Constitution necessary to fight any court case. This course can be completed in less than 8 hours.

  • COURSE # 3 Civics CourseCLICK HERE to take this FREE course. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of Common Law and American History necessary to fight any court case. This course can be done in 120 hours. You can find videos and mp3 copies for download on our site. [Major correction: Bill Thorton teaches that you are the king of the court, the fact is: “God is the King of the court”; His will is to be done by the tribunal, a/k/a Kings Bench that we call the untainted petit or trial jury]

  • COURSE # 4 Writing Powerful PapersCLICK HERE. Read all these papers and cut and paste anything useful for your case. This will also give you an understanding of NLA's work in the court. Also CLICK HERE to read “Landmark Supreme Court Cases”.

MIND SET ask yourself the following questions as you proceed, [without taking the courses above you may not be able to answer or understand the following points].

  1. Am I getting due process?
  2. Am I in a court of record?
  3. Is the court acting under the color of law?
  4. Are all my unalienable rights protected under the Bill of Rights being acknowledged by the court.

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Ninigx7's picture

i am attempting to file a habeas corpus for my children.  This kangaroo court system is beyond mindblowing.  I was denied due process and to obtain my children cps recorded fraud in the courts to obtain a warrant.  When I confronted the matter is was dismissed and an extension to the jurisdiction hearing held.  They were taken 8/28 and one hour late I was arrested for felony gun charges.  in jail and missed court for the kids and even asked for marand.  Dismissed of the charges at pretrial and still no car gun property and children gone.  Please help

PBAnoneNCorp's picture

I'm just a father who's ex wife had cps take my daughters .cps contacts me I show up to court I explained to them that I would be leaving my daughters with my mother and step father for a couple weeks if not longer .until I got a place because I was or am still renting a room just needed some time .my parents complained to cps that they didn't want them any longer and they came with Warren to only give them back but to my parents and talked my parents into getting a restraining order on me because of how I acted angry in court because of the fact they took my custody away and now I can't see my kids for 6 months and I never did any thing wrong and it feels like my own family is plotting against me this whole time to get my parental rights taken away help what do I do please this whole thing has got me torn and hurting with not a clue as to what to do please any one if you have a heart help me

Imapeople's picture

I was very active with the bla a year ago but the courts got should of my daughter in which I tried to help her and the courts denied me the right of counsel for her and tossed her in jail and told her she would not be let out unless she took a public defender to assist her in court. She did as they demanded and they put her through the ringer and is now on probation. Well I've got in a fender bender and tried using the constitution and all the jurisdiction tacti s and was flat out denied every immunity that I set into motion. Telling the court that the ticket was a bill of attained and post exactly law which they used against me and now I'm back in court for a speeding ticket in which I was test driving a car to fix its performance issues. I slowed the car and then accelerated and with my luck a cop came around the corner and radiated me 16 miles over the speed limit and there was no telling him why so I tried the courts and have been stuffed ridiculed and forced to sign a contract to enter into a trial with these crooks. I'm afraid they are going to hit me with everything imaginable and this 200 dollar ticket will cost me a grand or better. I need some guidance because I wasn't being malicious and there is no injured party and no damages to anything but this judge threatened me with contempt if I spoke out in court and told me that all my paper work would have to be entered into the court per statutory rules and procedures or it would not be excepted. Learning what I have about common law is great but these people will not have none of this and I'm kinda screwed. Please help.

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Lostsoul67's picture

thanks to you I have been reading as much as I can ! I have 2 cases in pa (legal aid asses) that want me to ple !! I refuse to . I have tried to get / put in paper work on my own in the courts but well they look at me like I'm nuts . I don't even get phone calls back from these lawers (2 counties) I am on the boarder . The one thing I know is right from wrong and I am being wronged. I watched a state trooper lie under oath in my accident case ( my car was my home) I am so stressed offer the lack of justice , I will not plea I would rather die fighting in Pa

rosanbala's picture

Hope you are still kicking  just saw your message.... of the 15th august......  you sound one of us marked and whatever you do will be "nuts" or they pretend that anyway...  I know about law enforcement, too and the suuport they give to the overlords..  in dissembling etc...even the officers that are "good" ......  Proud of you for not taking the plea..  you sound brave and up against a unified establishment including lawyers and law enforcement....  god bless/  I hope you stil have your car and maybe a roof by some miracle??    rose ann

Lostsoul67's picture

its been hard because of my helth,and i found you all,and now about the gmo's wll lets say my heath is bleak. and of course i just got into another accedent with my moms car.3 kids ,2 took off (wonder why lol) but im sure i will bet blamed for this also .(same state police distruct) Ya know sometimes i just wish my body wood give out i barley have the strenght to right you. so i will do my best but i look like scke;eton of a lepord with lots of open sores :..(

Lowell Higlet's picture

The only time I have been in a court of Law was when I had the duty guarding a Prisoner.  I have become aware that the Courts no longer are Common Law Court.  Nor are the Admerality Courts.  They do not like to admit that they are under UCC.  I am frightened that when We The People are required to go before the court. we are not Innocent until proven Guilty.  
I have watched to U-Tube video on the NLA Writ of Mandamus and the Quo Warrento of 2014.  That is unheard of!
The only reason I think I would find myseld in front of a Judge is because of my right to travel.  I do not have a drivers license or plates on my Jeep.  It has been that way fo r nearly two years.
Aanother, worse reason, is my carrying a Firearm and I find that I had to defend myself or another person.  The way I am looking at it now is that I will not have to worry about the Courts.  There will be another War in this country.  I do hope that it does not happen in my life time.
Lowell Higley 

Lowell Higlet's picture

I have been reading the Constitution for the last five years.  Hard wirk.  It is because of our present Government and the way the Constitution is violated.   Listening and reading Carl Miller, i had to do something.  Found him on line.  This year I found the NLA.  This year, I also found Howaed Freeman.  A different way the courts deal wih the Common Law.   1938 and the UCC.  Frighting.
"There will be no mention of the Constitution in this court."  Carl Miller says that is treason - by the Judge!  I do not know how to fix that.  I really do not want to find myself in jail for contempt of court.  Or worse!
Also, I am old and do not have the money to take the course (a lot of money. Never mind the money is not worth anything) the NLA said I should.  
When I was younger I worked the county jail because the regular man got sick.  Been there.  Done that.  No thanks.
I have known for a nuimber of years that the country is bankrubt.  Most of the People do not know or care.  It took 116 years to be in debt for 8 trillion and another eight years to be in debt for 19 trillion.  Why is the Federal government in dept?  I have not found the reason, or the reasons, why.
40 years ago, my Father advised me that there will be another war in this country.  A Mother Loving Shooting War!  I think he was correct.  That is one of the reasons I sought the NLA. Or aomething like it.  Hopwfully, there will be a change.  I do not think so!  The Ballot Box, I am advised, is the only recourse.  I think that is incorrect.  You can not beat Santa Clause.  Taking the property from one to give to another.  The distribution of wealth.
When I signed into the NLA I hit a incorrect key.  I do not know how to change that either.  On my last name, I would change the t to a y.
Please advise,
Lowell Higley

Bill Goode's picture

I would srongly suggest changing the sequence of these courses.  The Jurisdictionary course should come third, certainly after taking the Constitution Course.
How could one possibly know how to write a legal / lawful document if one does not understand the Constitution?
Perhaps the Jurisdictionary course should be done concurrent with reviewing the documents under "Writing Powerful Papers", but should most certainly be done after doing the Constitution Course.