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Join our Natural Healing committee Call-In each Thursday night at 8 PM Eastern. Click JOIN OUR COMMITTEE MEETINGS  to use the green phone to dial in using your browser or call 605-475-3250 and enter access code 449389# to attend.


The intention and efforts into the creation of the Natural Healing Committee is to bring forth to the masses of people who are seeking alternative methods in combating the radical dis-eases that are rampant within societies around the world. Amongst the countless holistic therapies and healing alternatives, there are many paths one can take and or a combination of paths one can take ie; Healing with Hands, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Plants, Herbs, Meditation, Breathing, Yoga, Food/Diet, Cleansing, Fasting, Exercise and so much more.

There must be a new way in thinking in the individual minds of the people, in order to create a new paradigm in self-sustaining longevity. We must look inwardly and listen to what our bodies are telling us, this is accomplished through some silence and paying attention to the self. We must regain wholeness and Balance throughout all the systems of the body.

Let us seek out knowledge and wisdom not to be greater than another, but to combat our greatest enemy, ourselves.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”

The father of medicine


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Natural Healing Committee

Thursday Night Recordings

The following are recordings of our weekly Natural Healing Committee calls held on Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time. Click on for details to join us.