Indictment Consideration Big Pharma

We will be assembling as the Grand Jury on Thursday March 5th at 9PM EST in our Monday night meeting room to consider Indictments against Big Pharma. Anyone can attend the hearing for instructions to join us go to - People should call in at 8:45 PM especially if it’s your first time joining a Grand Jury call in case you have problems signing in.

Jurists are to review the evidence below and thereby be fully informed of the case and be prepared to cast your vote at the above said date and time.

The Grand Jury is not gathered to debate innocence or guilt but only to “hear and decide” if there is "probable cause" to believe that a crime occurred and the target of the proceeding committed it." The evidence of a possible crime is thereby offered to the Grand Jury for them to decide. It is incumbent upon anyone who participates as a Grand Jurist to view the evidence presented below before the assembly. There will be no debate before the Grand Jury vote. If we debate the details then we are considering the opinions of others for innocence or guilt and not the evidence as one sees it.

18 U.S. Code § 1508 - Recording, listening to, or observing proceedings of grand or petit juries while deliberating or voting. Whoever knowingly and willfully, by any means or device whatsoever— (a) records, or attempts to record, the proceedings of any grand or petit jury in any court of the United States while such jury is deliberating or voting; or (b) listens to or observes, or attempts to listen to or observe, the proceedings of any grand or petit jury of which he is not a member in any court of the United States while such jury is deliberating or voting shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Government employee, law enforcement and BAR attorney participation is a conflict of interest. It is an indictable crime if an individual joins the Grand Jury meeting to sabotage the process or spy on the Grand Jury.