Q - The Plan to Save the World


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I seem to have lost my post so hope it is not up twice eventually.
Gosh..how can i explain it...the celebration the flagwaving the "good cheer" and "unity" Community and yet protests and targeted and fringe people not compliant are ignored stonewalled allowed no voice or even knowledge while the courts and authorities and the public work in "unity and peace"  It's like Leni Riefenstahl ...'Triumph of the Will"  cheering and waving and beautiful people...   or some propaganda film about the glorious 'nation'........  and yet complete dominance and cruelty and that is so unobserved and ignored...I'm sorry..Freddy Gray?? so many put through something like that??No there is insidious cruelty and violence persecutions and the propaganda and mind control covers for it all?? by order from someone (even the church obeying the dicta) no answers.. no response..like the ghetto and solitary...just ignore the situation; none of this ever happened...  the plan to revise history after several years of hearings where I was excluded and the testimony virulent sometimes against me??   pretend it's a psych issue... etcetc... all kinds of excuses... It might be lioke saying  "A gun accidentally went off in the car" to cover for JFK assassination....delusional I don't know what...Military and Mastering the Human Domain were near here... commie Nazi takeover sharia ..we're not winning ..grassroots are indoctrinated to dehumanize and force cooperation that is "criminal" You all finding this or part of such a conpiracy of silence.. as in {Priscilla Hayner of the Stalin, "Uncle Joe??"  Diana West is great I think..   "American Betrayal" and 'The Red Thread"  I knew about the Haldeman press in Girad Kansas that she talks about but didn't know about the Communist Party candidate for President (I think in the 30's) two elections was from the Wichita area and born in Kansas...I know there were influences here but not like that. Replies or parallel expereinces of corruption would be appreciated.  It seems total Involvement and control all by silence "full social spectrum."

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We are not alone. We are not fighting this battle apart from divine backup and supply.
Just a reminder from a year ago. The waves are rolling in... We declare and decree it so in the Mighty Name of Jesus!  Hallelujah!
Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow
July 22nd, 2018
The Lord touched me deeply today and He told me to begin to write in the first person from Him. This is what He said:
"My Roar of Justice is now coming with its next wave. What was able to resist my last wave will not be able to resist this wave. I am coming in stronger, harder and higher- and it is going to be disruptive. There is no mountain I won’t climb nor wall I won’t tear down coming to rescue those who need My Justice. I wait, and wait, and wait- because I look to arise WITH My People. However, there comes a time that I can hold back no longer and that time has come now. I am coming in like a crimson tide tsunami and I will be greater than every human or demonic resistance. You will see how I laugh at those who conspire against Me. Exposures, exposures, exposures. I am going to expose the very root systems of deep darkness. I am pulling the cloak off the sex trade industry's "untouchables". I will shine my unrelenting spotlight on every pedophile ring on the planet. Yes, EVERY pedophile ring. The deeper darkness has been facilitating the lesser darkness and I am about to expose the deeper darkness. 
I am coming in waves, because what I am ultimately uprooting, if done all at once, would not just be disruptive but catastrophic. However, be assured that My waves of Justice will not stop until I have changed the direction of your nation and the direction of the world. This is now MY TIME and I will not be held back. I have predetermined that this is the time I go after nations with their appointed destinies. You will do so with Me. We are just beginning. As I begin, I am busting up rings of darkness in your justice systems, I am busting up rings of darkness in Hollywood, I am busting up rings of darkness in DC, I am busting up rings of darkness in what is called MY Church, I am busting up rings of darkness in Media.
 Justice, Justice, Justice- that is My present cry. My Justice comes in so “the least of these” can experience mercy and love. I have seen the cries of My little ones and their sobs were drowned out by My sobs which now have seeded a Roar of Justice from within Me. You have known that the bowl of your tears overflows and I respond- but there is also the bowl of My tears that overflows and it demands a response. That time is now, and the response is a Roar that precipitates a wave of Justice. Hold on tight to Me in the midst of it all because the exposures will seem to threaten everything. Hold on to Me and feel My safety and My security. Hold on to your political party, your denomination, your favorite public figures, or your pet assumptions and you may shake, rattle and roll. Instead let your worship and praise to Me rise another level and it will secure your heart. Let your confidence be in Me. I am in fact coming to your rescue and you will better know that in the coming days.
The nations are raging and the wicked are plotting against Me, against those that are Mine, and My scroll for the nations- but I laugh at them because I am 10 steps ahead of them. Hamans will hang on their own nooses. Goliaths will be beheaded with their own swords, Jezebels will be tossed from their own porches. I am sowing discord into the organized resistance against me and they will now fracture, fight and expose one another. I have placed key people in positions of power- beginning in the White House- who will act as agents of My Justice, for I do have hearts of justice among you that I am partnering with. I am exposing the injustice that is in your justice systems and through that enabling you to upgrade your justice systems which have been greatly compromised. You will progressively feel your atmosphere change as I do this thing and it will greatly secure your heart. Know that this is not the enemy's day, nor the day I am coming FOR you- but it is the day I am coming TO you. We have much to do together and accelerated days of destiny are straight ahead for everyone. Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice."

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this post spoke to me.... I felt every word as if it was meant for me to read and be reminded not to fear. I would love to enlighten u on my personal situation and see if u have any words of wisdom or guidance. 

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Thanks Rosaland for Your post , on another note after hearing last year about the new course offered , asking for a 120.00 $ committment , and also the Constitution course would not carry the weight anymore , I jumped in went as far as fast as I could , I would have been done with course last year or very shortly thereafter , I discontuned my monthly donations after many months of course under construction , and not knowing where my next $ was comming from , I would have continued my donations as I have in the past with the same circumstance , had it not been for the apparent one sided committment asked to take the Government by Consent Course , the means don't justify the ends in my world . I was taught if you don't having something good to say , don't  , but a description of facts are that.

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It was announced within a month ago by the Central Bankers" that Gold and Silver is money! Therfore, when NESARA is implemented and we once again are operating under Constitutional Law, ie., Common Law, Gold and Silver will be Common Law money.

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Mike Maloney makes wonderful Youtube videos concerning the importance of gold and silver as an affirmative resistance to fiat currency. Would be nice to push him to mention gold and silver as ''common law money'' in one of his videos.....eh?