Become a Grand Jury Administrator

We are building Common Law Jury Administrations in all 3,133 United States Counties. We will need four (4) Administrators per county with a total of about 13,000 positions to be filled Nationwide. Salaries depend upon experience and range from $45,000 to $130,000 per year.

In order to qualify for these positions you will need to take NLA's Free Constitutional Course, Free Civics Course and Govenment by Consent Course found under our "Free Courses" Tab on the main menue. Positions will be filled by the first four People to complete the required courses or most advansed in the courses at the time of hireing.


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I checked the word unalienable:
Most definitions contain the phrase 'cannot be given away'.
so, does that mean if I sign any contract, to give away my constitutional rights, for ex. Sign a waiver, or sign up for admirality law, this is meaningless because I can't give them away? They say it's a God given right, which means you can't transfer it, or not have it.
is that correct?

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Explicitly reservation of unalienable rights and specifically common law right not to be bound by any contract or obligation entered into knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, and without misrepresentation, duress, or coercion. Under contract law, without a valid  voluntary offer and acceptance, knowingly entered into by both parties, there is no “meeting of the minds,” and therefore no valid contract. Any supposed “contract” is therefore void, ab initio..

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HR5 "Equality Act" passed the House Friday the 17th MAY  236-173   not one democrat broke ranks..  CROSSTALK VCY radio Tuesday 5-21-19 had a show about this and the threat to religious freedom etc.. MAtt Staver on; there will be another airing tonight at 8 pm ..locallly anway... can be heard online in an hour or so.....type in CRosstalk radio Sounds very serious every control of gender and sex Id and the even churches cannot deny... hope to stop it in the Senate but it will be closebut  can be stopped there..however 8 Republicans did break ranks in the House... Phone  Numbers for Congress and Judiciary Committee (did i get that right??I'm not good on specifics.) and Mitch etc.  are given on the call ..but also I have Senate 202-224-3121 to reach your 2 Senators for each state... There is also a petition to sign on to address protest etc..
Brannon Howse great report on socialism and communist influences that started earlier in 1940's  ..text books etc.. talks about Peter Singer "Why should government pay for health care of people who have been critical of government/" (Betsy Voss tracking and education and work..planned  etc A former NLA member said they were doping that with some of us ...back in the 50's )  sounds like Chinese social credit score and a lot of recent court events etcetc....hoorrrible stuff...when they kill people like  Levoy Finnecum and put Jerry Delemus in jail for years etc... and you know when you go to court that the judgnmment will go against you..and they'll create the narrative to present to the public to make it"plausible" verdict. Baloney! Brannon's show was today and will be online tomorrow under 5-22 probably.. Brannon Howse/ 5-22-19 will probaly get it.. ?? worldview weekend..
WAtched Bill Vaughn on Chris Gaubatz.....
"Marxism at the Center of the US Problems"  Bill Vaughn interview with Chris Gaubatz ... I mean so much is comments I am making and people refuse to admit to the reality. gives a little hope...very isolated. like being held hostage here and with old friends going PC...silence is the big deal and cover up for another debacle in the courts... .. I was not even to allowed to know about one-sided hearing...the one sided  inquest  etc grand jury investigation used wrongfully >>I think...not on record..really salacious...  etc.. and people were remarking "it's like shooting fish in a barrel"  psy op warfare and just s pack  of complicity...
Great Read  Diana West: "American Betrayal"  And  also "Death of the Grown Up" ...Particulalry for me chs 7 and 8....

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Myself have chosen to avoid healthcare/vaccinations! Pharmaceuticals are unnecessary with proper nutrition; non-GMOs, organic, avoid milk, cheese, soy and wheat — especially canola oil and aluminum cans. Doctors only play for pay.  UN is the main factor behind eugenics. Our goal is to save the next Gen X-Y-Z to become the thinkers instead of followers through education facilitation and eliminate Common Core being taught in schools. Implement Civics course with Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Offer a peaceful resolution to their concerns by listening and instructing on their own self-healing capabilities (once they’re drinking non-fluoridated water, of course) as well as personal hygiene products; discourage use of Round Up boycotting Bayer and for heaven’s sake stay off the condiments!! Sensefulness tells me that a lot of ppl are improving themselves in ways we may have overlooked; being more cautious and safety-oriented. Our higher beings‘ influences are transmuting the world even if it is by coincidence. Change has come over and enabled each and every one of us in our self-expansion within the multiverse. My thoughts are my opinions alone.. 

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First, I say thank you for being accepted as a member on this website. I hope I can get a lot of knowledge, by following this website. I am here asking permission to share an interesting article about justice in the world that is still not fully upright. like what happened in the Rohingya at this time who still didn't get justice for ethnic Muslims in Myanmar. I hope the world can open eyes everyone and be able to immediately solve the problem. for those who are interested in the complete can visit the following link:

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Is there a way to go back to a previous audio recording when you are starting wit the Civics Course?

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For questions on the civics course, go here and follow the directions.


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I am interested in becoming a GJA however, at this time I am taking Dr. Graves "how to win in court" course so time is not a luxury I have is there anyway to, say, challenge the test, so to speak?
Sovereignly Yours,
Carl- James Eugene: Hamby

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I would like to connect with others in my area or state.

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Hi GChandlier, I emailed you the list of County Organizers and Members for your county. Please feel free to contact them.


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Resident of Meigs County Ohio open to dialog concerning NLA objectives.  Aware of your participation in health care, where do you stand on vaccinations?  Pharmaceuticals vs. nutrition?  Are western educated medical practicioners trained and manipulated by self serving drug companies?  If there is truly power in the spoken word, let us at least speak out against PTB who serve an agenda to weaken or otherwise impair those who place trust in them.  What say ye?  Does an agenda exist within the United Nations to abolish poverty and disease by annihilating 85% of us useless eaters?  If a republic can exist only if composed of moral people, is it too late for this generation of Americans?  I perceive a populous content to trade their constitution for a life size big screen tv xbox and latest and greatest smart phone. Disconnected, disinterested, disinformed, disillusioned.  Dark, huh?  I will, nonetheless, rub my sticks of fundamental principles together in hope of starting a fire, per chance I encounter eyes that see and ears that hear.  It can be no more frustrating than witnessing my grandchildren floridated, vaccinated, pumped full of sugar and hexed by politically correct social justice warriors posing as teachers and tv personalities.  I tell them (kids) about spring water, herbs and nutricious food, the golden rule and sovereignty.  Plant seeds, water with answered questions and expose to the world for maturation and most of all, pray to the Creator of all that they learn of their own majesty.  That said, I assume it my responsibility to explore associates views on the overcare of their loved ones.  Are you engaged with enough folks to judge their concerns and what do you offer them by way of encouragement?  Is there such a thing as collective consciousness?  Can we influence our vibrations to transform/transmute into a more spiritual being, capable of higher concepts,ideals and truths? Can we influence others to the same end?  Is there a tipping point where higher powers recognize in us the readiness for a bump in consciousness and provide it?  Source, the Creator, the Supreme, GOD thought enough of free will to make it indispensible to intelligent life.  I, therefore accept as truth that Source seeking individuals establish a multitude of routes home.  That there are many, many seekers: therfore many, many routes and multitudes of vistas and experiences encounters and expectations.  It is not true, what the fella said when I stopped to ask directions and he replied "you can't get there from here".  Every seeker of sovereignty will have their freedom.  We will all be guided home.  I just get so damn impatient sometimes.  Then I give myself that talking to, where I'm so glad GOD didn't put me incharge, for dread of the awful mess I would surely make of it all.  I'm grateful for stronger minds such as encountered here @ NLA.  Well, there is plenty to resond to if you choose to. Say what you mean and mean what you say.       

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Just click on the Directory Tab on the Blue banner at the top of any webpage on our website, you will find Rosanna listed as the State Coordinatio, then click the Ohio Tab and that will take you to the page that lists the county organizers in Ohio. Feel free to contact any or all of them.