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NLA Weekly Newsletter #7

February 18, 2019

Calendar of Events

To join any of our Call-Ins, Click "Weekly Call” on the NLA website home page and click the Green phone or call 605-475-3250, enter access code 449389# at the appropriate time. Then PRESS *6 TO MUTE/UNMUTE, and 1 if you want to get into the queue. To get an email reminder before the call, click the link at the bottom of most NLA web pages. The Playback number is 605-475-3257, access code is 449389#, and the backup number is 716-293-9745.


  • Monday night, 9 PM Eastern weekly NLA teleconference. Scheduled Speakers


John Darash – General Discussion

            Brent Winters – Topic of the Night


                       Gerard – Q & A


Please send questions for the Monday night call to questions@nationallibertyalliance.org

  • Tuesday night, 9 PM Eastern weekly Prayer Group Call-In.

  • Thursday night, 9 PM Eastern weekly Discussion Group Call-In




 We now have a number of sessions lined up for the Natural Healing Call and will resume calls in a couple of weeks.

NLA Members who have signed up to be Grand Jury Administrators in their County and have completed both the Civics and Constitution courses need to take the “Government by Consent” course AVAILABLE NOW under the Free Courses tab in the blue banner.

The new Foundational Study is also available by clicking on the blue menu bar “Members” tab drop down menu “Welcome to NLA.” You will enjoy this study and we encourage you to share with other family members as it is designed to provide basic information for ages 12 to adult. This study is continually being updated with new information.

Trump is getting the top of government in order. We need to do our part on the local level and get our communities/counties in order. We need a minimum of four qualified members in each county to apply for Grand Jury Administrator, which is a paid position once we get into the courts. We also need thousands of volunteers to run for the office of committeeman in all voting precincts nationwide which includes hundreds in each county. Many of there will come from the Committees of Safety that we need to organize in each county.

July 2018 Outstanding Member of the Month:

 Diane Barr: For transcribing the Monday Calls for over four years.

 Michael Marcello – a long time member of NLA from Mississippi who sprang to life recently and has completed the Civics and Constitution courses and the Government by Consent courses as far as it is completed.

You can check on who the past Outstanding Members are on our website here https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/member-appreciation


Please let us know if you know of someone who is deserving of recognition for great NLA work by emailing karl@nationallibertyalliance.org o jan@nationallibertyalliance.org.


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Judicial Watch now has three FOIA lawsuits relating to the Obama administration’s funding for Soros’ Open Society Foundations operations



Mexican Government Is Busing 1,700 Caravan Migrants to Unprotected Texas Border for Easy Entry into the US



Pain Comes In Many Different Forms, Full Control, Panic - Episode 1784b



Who REALLY Controls America? Rare (Must See) Truth Documentary!



Patriots Over The Target, Incoming, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom - Episode 1781b



All Information (Except Text) for H.R.193 - American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017


Q: The Plan To Save The World





Each morning check http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/call-action to learn all the details on who has a court case coming up that you may be able to support. This week we have no requests for Courtroom Observers.


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