Welcome Wagon Introduction/Orientation.


We have been expecting you. Glad you made it.  This is a self study. Proceed at your own pace.  There are no Test to take, just material to watch, listen to or read and observe. So get comfortable, grab your favorite beverage sit back and relax. Your whole outlook on life is about to change.....for the better.  Several things I need to point out before you get lost in this material and loose track of time.  If you are new to National Liberty Alliance (NLA), there are 3 things that you need to be aware of: (1) Every Monday Night Call at 9 PM Eastern Std. Time, all of our active members meet for discussion of current events, or to discuss on going projects, or documents we are mailing out to various legislators or courts. Sometimes we have Special Guests who come on the Call. This is followed by a Q and A period. The call last 3 hours. Directions to call in are found here:  https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/mondaycall  Or simply click on WEEKLY CALL top left of most NLA pages. Please join us. If you joined us during the week, please click on the same page and then scroll down toward the bottom of the recordings and click on the date closest to the date you joined NLA or the most recent Monday date. There you can listen to a recording and discover our world.  We are a huge site, and it is easy to get lost.  Some have joined us in the past and then we never hear from them again because they never heard the Monday Night Call. Most come to NLA all fired up.   It is our desire to fuel that fire with knowledge that will enrich your life.  Many join NLA and  The Monday Night Call Attendance is Key to our keeping current with the News. (2) Also, if you are new, please see our Special Welcoming Message, where you will hear the NLA Leadership discussing the various things we are involved in and how you might wish to involve yourself with us. That link is here:  https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/special-welcoming-message (3) The page you are on now. https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/welcoming-committee-home-page you should bookmark before you forget, so that you can find us again. Our library is huge and it is easy to loose your place early on.  Here is the Foundation upon which you will learn of what we do here at NLA. We are foremost Educational Facilitators.  We are here to educate our national leaders in the law of the land; Constitutional law, and to educate the people so that they might rebuild our nation from the dire straights we find our selves in today.  This nation wide project centers around the re-institution of a Pre Constitutional body politic, called Committees of Safety that existed during Colonial America.  All 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were members of a Committee of Safety. Our plan is to create a COS in all 3133 counties and parishes.  We need your help in doing so, so don't be shy.   Welcome Home. You are among friends.  Thanks for coming. 

Our mission is to restore the people to sovereignty through knowledge, and only then will they be armed with the virtue to take political and judicial power. The people have it in their power to disarm and defeat the enemy of Liberty both foreign and domestic if they only understood the principles of freedom and stand upon them.

To take political power is to control our elected representatives, by bringing them into obedience through fear of the people, this is accomplished by understanding the office of & becoming an elected committeemen, and then execute the powers.

So, let's get you started in to learning some American History and background which is all part of the Process.  Gerard, an NLA co-founder, touched on the Process in the "Special Welcoming Message"introduction video found under the Welcome tab: Who are the wagon pullers; the participants who do the work that must be done to reach our Goals, and the cost involved in doing so.

The first four videos below are located on the Welcome sub-tab under the Welcome tab (blue banner at top of page). Introduction videos/audios  - Watch and listen: Here is the direct link to that page and one you will want to bookmark too. https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org This page is the HOME page.  Eventually, there are three pages we recommend that you bookmark, so that you can more easily move around our website. From these 3 you can pivot just about anywhere. Sometimes you may need to have more than one NLA site open. Always be logged on the site on the Monday Night Calls. The host is always reading new filings in the court and by being logged on, you will be able to link to it quickly. 
(1) Ending the Tyranny The Interview between NLA founders; John and Gerard and the Liberty Beacon hosts; Randy and Roger –– 2 hrs.  This is a 2016 interview. Our Co-founders are seen on this video.
(2) Subversion 76 min. This is one of 7 documents that was sent out to over 12,000 Oath Takers:  Elected officials, during an Educational Blitzkrieg effort spanning 5 weeks in early Summer of 2015. This was the 7th document FAX'e out.  The link to read the document itself is found here under the News tab and Court Filing Sub-tab. The reference point is at the top of that opening page...click on it and you go here https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/jury Scroll down toward the bottom of that page to the "grouping" just above ADD NEW COMMENT.

(3) The Power of the Grand Jury Oct 2014 – 36 min. video, This states the Problem and the Solution.

(4)  A Pathway to Liberty - The Forefathers Monument 14 min. long.  This is America's Heritage - beautifully depicted. You can find it on the Welcome page and on Youtube under this title.

(5)  Thomas Paine, from my first introduction in the Summer of 1967 to present day, he has always remained a cherished soul in my heart and the real "Founding Father" of the American Republic. This is a marvelous presentation.  A Historical accounting of Thomas Paine The Most Valuable Englishman Ever – A most proud time in American History that our Public School System has kept quiet about for obvious reasons.   Enjoy. Find it on Youtube at that title.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gu2c2iNoOU   Part I and Part II The truth of our American Heritage is no longer hidden. 

Log in if you have not already done so (top right of screen).  It is time to start learning the basics.
(6)  Word Games -  Under the Welcome tab, click on FAQ and then on the first audio file --  Word Games 2-21-14. 67 min.
(7) Click on Members Tab – see Members orientation  for 12 short videos that describe various issues with our judicial system. Each of these are about ten minutes long. Some have multiple parts.

Read:   Once you complete the Foundational Study and have a basic understanding of our Nation's documents, join any of our Committees and become part of the Process to take back our courts from those who wish to control us. Once you have Completed the FREE 12 hour Constitution Course, you may join any of the Committees below.  We need your help and encourage your participation at all levels. These are the Courtroom Observers, Health and Wellness, Media, Liberty Group Committees, and the all-important and most urgent Committees of Safety, which EVERY member is encouraged to participate in. PRIMARY TO YOUR EDUCATION and the quickest route to getting up-to-speed is (1) Taking the Constitution Course under the FREE COURSES tab https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/constitution-course-directions and (2) Reading the Common Law Handbook (look in right hand margin of most NLA pages for the link).    Watch COS video now – Link under COS - Sub-tab Committees of Safety.  https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/COS Also read the documents and links on this page to get a better understanding of what a COS is. Start off with suggested reading -  (1) The First COS National Disaster Plan, (2) Organize and (3) The Power and authority of the County Sheriff under the Committee of Safety Documents .  Later on we will be covering documents relating to the Sheriff and you as a responsible member of the community.   County Chain of Command is real important to learn.

Some new members express concern in their understanding and comprehending the Constitution and what it says. It doesn't have to be that way for any of the documents on this website. There is a very simple tool that anyone can learn to use to enable them to understand any and all documents on this website, so that no one should feel intimidated. Scroll down this page and read the segment "LEARNING HOW TO LEARN".  Any one can learn this method and tackle any book, document, class, if still in high school or taking college classes.  Learning this for life can take a D student to B student inside of one semester and a C student to an A student in one semester.  Practice it everyday for 90 days and never look back to the days when everything looked impossible to learn.  REALLY.  It's that simple. Pass it on to your children and improve their earning a living capacity for when they enter the business world. 

Therefore, the sooner you can get started, the sooner we can benefit from your skills and experience in these areas. The demand is great so don't be shy. 2017 is the year we must reach Critical Mass.  Some come through our doors for understanding; some come to find out how to rid themselves of the tar baby attached to them via our out of control servant government; and some come looking to get involved in their community so that their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren might have a better life than the one they see around them now.  Whatever your reasoning, we welcome the time that you can spend in your home-away-from-home and interact with us and within your community. As you grow, we all grow as a nation, one community at a time.

The Goal is twofold:

(1)) Each State will need a minimum of four Administrators per county.  Mathematically speaking that means we need 12,532 Administrators as we have 3133 Counties.  If you live in a state which contains only a few counties like Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Arizona, Connecticut, Wyoming, Rhode Island or Maine, you only need 12-100 Administrators. Whereas, if you live in states like Kentucky (120), Georgia (159), or Texas (254) that have a lot of counties, you might need between 500 and 1000 Administrators. Some counties that contain large metropolitan areas will require many more than four Administrators, but all counties will require at least four.

(2) Each county needs a Committee of Safety.  So the demand is there for those who want to accept the challenge and be part of the solution in taking back our nation from those who have systematically stolen it from We the People.  The members of each County Committee of Safety is made up from all of the townships, cities and rural areas of each county. The Committee of Correspondence serves to connect all of the members within the county to themselves as well as other Committees of Correspondence in the rest of the state.

The role of County Administrator will be discussed in due time. Only the People can save America.  Shall we continue?  All who come through our doors, regardless of the reasons, are encouraged to take our FREE 12 hour Constitution class.  We can't demand that our rights be respected if we are ignorant of these rights and which rights pertain to us and which pertain to our Servant government employees. The Free Courses are found under the Free Courses tab (on the blue banner at the top of page). Enroll Now. The 12,532 Administrators will come into NLA through the formation of Committees of Safety in all of the 3133 counties.  The earlier you can become involved the sooner we can reach our Goals. 

Over the last three years at NLA we have been constructing the Foundation to take American back from those who wish to destroy our Freedoms, our Liberties and our unalienable rights ordained by God, and put this nation on a track toward a communistic dictatorship of lawlessness and destruction of the family and the life we have come to hold dear.  That path of destruction we witness daily on our televisions, our radios, the Internet and in our newspapers. Political Correctness is the name of that beast.  God has been purposely and systematically removed from all of our public buildings and institutions, our schools and any public display over the past 50 years. Our Public School text books don't teach American History anymore, and haven't taught Civics in almost 60 years. College graduates and even high school seniors know very little of our Founding Fathers and the History that made America a Beacon to the world's downtrodden, poor and oppressed peoples.  America was a place to go to escape the tyranny they left behind.   The last ten years, and particularly the last 5 have seen that pace of destruction and lawlessness picked up as our servant government of so called Oath Takers have been behaving badly and in total disrespect of the Law of the Land;  the Constitution For the United States of America. ...the same America they took an oath to protect.  Well, "It Is Time We Take A Stand", to quote the late LaVoy Finicum who was gunned down in cold blood by these same Oath Takers who wish to destroy America.  Programmed Ignorance is rampant in the land. Watch for the soon to be Released Power Point: The Revolution of Conquer Programmed Ignorancehttps://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/nla-revolution  This PP, along with associated documents and strategies, will do most of the work required to attract people to our website and to our COS presentations. 

Those with foreclosures, water and property rights, and Child and Adult Protective Servicies issues will need to pay strict attention to the Committees of Safety.  This is the place that will give you the voice you need in the community you live where you have no voice now.  When you do speak up in protest, you are often told to sit down and shut-up.  That is about to change in a very big way.  We all need to return to school as a nation and learn the Constitution and what it says.  Right now We the People go before the judge standing in quicksand or jello in our ignorance to the law and wonder why justice is so rarely found in our courts.  Justice cost us money we can't afford and is rarely on exhibit as being fair.  National Liberty Alliance is first, last and always an Educational Facilitator.  Our job is to provide you with the tools to point you toward living and thinking free, so that you can Act the part as Free men and women in the nation our Founding Fathers designed. 

Gerard Aprea, our Co-founder covered some of the basic cost we incur in what we are doing at NLA during the Special Weloming Message video you watched when you first signed up.  These points were laid out so that you would know exactly what you are getting involved in with NLA.  We have no secrets. We have covered some basics, and laid out our cost issues regarding participation and membership involvement in order to tell you who we are, where we have been and where we are going. This has been done so far in outline form. Now we need to get in a little deeper and cover some details.  You need to be in front of your computer, Logged on to the NLA website. Starting on the top Left and reading left to right we should run through the tabs: Welcome, News, Education, Free Courses, Directory, Committees, Help, Services, Committees of Safety, Sheriffs, Members. You need to be logged on to see them all.  The Welcome, Directory and News tabs are good to add to your Bookmarks/Favorites for quick reference.  From these tabs it is easy to pivot to any area on our website.  Often times you will need more than one open at a time, particularly on the Monday Night Call.  Be sure you NEVER miss a Monday Night Call – 9 PM EST.  Go to the Welcome tab and scroll down until you see it, or click here - 
http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/mondaycall   and follow the directions to join call.

You might wish to take notes. Under the Welcome Tab and Welcome sub-tab?  You will see our DISCLAIMER opposite the NLA Business Cards ordering, in the right hand margin. You will also see a link to other disclaimers that may be of interest to you as well. We have nothing to hide at NLA.  Our actions are open to the world for all to come see and visit.  We have had our share of detractors, trolls, disinformation agents, provocateurs, etc. and when it becomes necessary, we write a paper to separate ourselves from these people so that there can be no miss-understanding of where our interest are and where theirs lie.  The big government welfare state socialist and anti property rights Agenda 21 and 2030 morally bankrupt NWO communist don't like what we are doing and attempt to derail our efforts on a regular basis. Many act in ignorance, having attended the same public schools that we all attended and which are now firmly packed with disinformation on most every subject imaginable.  All who come through our doors are dumb as a box of rocks, myself included. Ignorance is a state of choice. Stupidity is a state of mind. We come here to learn. Some are teachable, some are not. We encourage those who are  to participate. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you in our huge libraries.

Scrolling down the Welcome page you will see several documents that NLA Co-Founder, Gerard already discussed in Introduction- Orientation video you watched. You will find seven of these documents opposite the "Breaking  News" rotating planet, with the first document dated May 13, 2015. These documents were sent out by FAX to over 12,000 Oath Takers nation wide, every 4 working days for Five weeks. No small undertaking to be sure.  Our legislators, also dumb as a box of rocks, needed some basic re-schooling on what the actual Constitutional laws say and don't say.  For reference purposes, and to aid in working with your County Sheriff in regards to the Committee of Safety, you will need to start a hard copy library of your own. Use a large 3 inch three ring binder as there are many documents here that you will need to copy. These are all Exhibits for the Common Law Grand Jury's Court of Record. There is a quick reference Index guide that you will want to add to your 3 Ring Binder. This index tells you when the documents were read on the Monday Night Call so that you can both hear and read them at the same time as well as hearing the remarks made before and after that reading so that everything appears in context.  The link to it is found on the Special Welcome Message sub tab under the Welcome tab.  http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/special-welcoming-message

All of these 12 documents are listed under the News Tab, Court Filing sub-tab. At the top of the page where it says "For the Latest on the Unified Common Law Grand Jury Filings, click here", click there and scroll down the page till you see a sub-heading "We the People -a- Enemies Foreign and Domestic (Subversion)".   For your NLA 3 ring binder files, make a copy of the first 12. . The last document should be the “Show Cause Chief Clerk and Chief Judge”.  This 12th document picks up exactly 7 months later under the Welcome tab under Sub-tab  HELP SAVE AMERICA.   Read that page. Also see Zone map. It was time the 94 Federal Courts see an NLA District Leader on their doorsteps. That was an interesting experience.  See the Directory Tab for list of Federal District Leaders in your state.  This next session is instructional.


This material was to be covered in the Introductory Orientation video you watched when you first registered, but was taken out for brivity. The video was already longer than intended. What follows is the written script that was to be in that video. The Welcome Mess was to serve as an introduction to this material so as to let you know that we know this material is not common knowledge and we have a process that can make the difficult made easy.  There was a lot of material to digest in that video. For many, learning anything to do with law is just too overwhelming. It is tantamount to learning a new language for all intents and purposes.  My job is to make your learning experience here an enjoyable one, so you don’t fear it or leave thinking this is just too much. It isn’t really. We teach about common law which is natural law. We stay away from the fiction, which is not common or logical or natural.

In the course of my own studies, I developed a technique that can be applied in any study undertaken regardless of the subject matter. It makes the difficult easy to comprehend, and so I wish to share it with you that it might enable you to not fear a study of the law and the history of our country that surrounds those laws. The study of law is basic to being an American Citizen.  It is never too late to learn.

This is real simple; nothing rocket science here.  You will need at least two spiral notebooks, some pens and a GOOD dictionary; pre 1940's if you can find one in a used book store, multiple volumes, so much the better.  One notebook is for taking notes of what you read, hear or see on this website. We all have a tendency to jot down information on pieces of paper and then misplace that valuable information.  Keeping it in one place will make life easier and minimize the frustration. Dating the entries is good too. The second notebood will be used in what follows:

You have probably noticed that there are a great deal of Footnotes at the bottom of each page of the documents NLA sends out. The reason for them is to clarify the position of the writer's intent, so no one can assume something else that is not written.  We write better when we read a lot.  This Learning How To Learn technique can be used in all walks of life, not just legal matters.  It will take a D student to B student levels, or a C student to top in his/her class, so if you yourself or your family members wish to improve your lot in life, then learn this tip and you or they will go far.

Here is another tip that will speed up your comprehension in this material double or triple fold. It is not important that we memorize this material, but more important that we comprehend it, and this is done by association and understanding of all of the words in the sentence. Legal words are words of color and very often look like everyday words, but have a different definition than everyday words. Deception and Fraud are often associated with words of color because we don't understand those words or travel in those circles. Fraud is legal in our current system of government. It is up to those being defrauded to recognize and identify the fraud before it can be stopped. This study will help you identify fraud before you become "subject to"it.

This technique is not complex. It is a very simple process which must be repeated for the rest of your life. In the beginning, as you learn the technique, much time will be required before it becomes a habit. This is only to be expected.  After practicing the technique every day for 30 days, without missing a single day, then it, and you, have a very good chance for understanding this material on a level not to believed just now.  One more thing... since we are studying the Law; you might want to pick up a Black's Law Dictionary of 5th edition or before – the earlier the Edition the better, if it is in your budget.

In the beginning, depending on your current level of achievement, it may seem arduous and extremely time consuming. It may take you some time to see the evidence of all of your hard work.  Right now, the thought of meeting with your County Sheriff and discussing the law might be a scary thought. However, after watching the videos, listening to the audios, and studying the material on the NLA website for 90 days using this technique, and you might find a lot of this material becomes second nature to you.  It is after all common sense.

The more we read, the larger our vocabulary becomes, if we are wise and make use of the dictionary.  Trying to derive the intent or presumed meaning of the word a writer uses, without the use of a dictionary, will reduce the level of comprehension.  “Man is basically lazy”.  If you have to stop to grab a dictionary in order to look up a word you don’t know, it becomes a real drag sometimes. It stops the flow of things.  However, if you are not sure of the meaning of that word, then more often than not, once you look the word up and understand how it is used in the sentence, you are glad you did stop to look it up.  This process is called learning or expanding your horizons.

OK, find a copy of The United States Constitution since this is something we need to know inside and out.  The Flick Technique is about you and your studies at the NLA website, and so what you will be reading should be something that interests you. Basic of our fundamental documents is the Constitution. Many people say they are Constitutionalists, including Tea Party People, Oath Keepers, Sheriffs, Military people, militia members, NRA members, and even some legislators.  However, it is a rare person who actually understands the Constitution. NLA is all about making the rare popular. As Educational Facilitators, we must be fluent in the language of our Founding documents.

Learning How to Learn through association instead of memorization.  Here are some rules of thumb as to when to use the dictionary and when to use your Second notebook.
     If you come across a word in the text that you are unable to define, look it up.
     If you come across a word that you have seen before and think you know what it means, but are not positively sure as to its meaning, look it up. Positively sure – is defined as you can give a good solid definition on this word if asked, and you feel confident that your answer will not embarrass you.
     If you come across what looks like a legal or lawful word, grab your Black's Law Dictionary.  This may take some time, but your comprehension of the material justifies the effort  made.

This next part is the RED MEAT of the Flick Technique.  These are the rules of thumb to use for the pen and notebook, so pay strict attention.  This separates the men from the boys;  The ho-hum careers from the professional careers.

Step One:  If you look up a word that you wish to define in the text you are reading, find the correct usage in the definitions given that applies best to the one used in the context of the sentence you find the word. Write that definition down in your notebook.  Read the definition over once or twice. Now reread the sentence with the understanding of what the word means. With truth, knowledge grows.    Now close your  notebook.

Step Two: If you come across a word that you have already looked up in the dictionary, and have written in your notebook, but are unable to define the way you remember it, then look it up again, After locating the word in the Dictionary, open your note book and repeat Step #1.  Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT refer back to your notebook for this word and the definition you wrote in it already. Look it up again as if it is an entirely new word, and go through the tedious chore of rewriting it in your note book again.  Repeat Step Two as often as needed.  This is the Primary key to the Flick Technique.   This is Archimedean leverage in its scope. Remember, it was Archimedes who said, "Give me a place to stand and I will move the World".  Step #2 is the purpose for writing this Technique for future NLA students of the Law. Learn it for life and grow! 

Everyone knows how to look up a word, and all of us do, to some degree, but (1) How many have a notebook on the vocabulary words that they don’t know? (2) How many maintain it as their bible for continued learning?  (3) How many know and practice Step 2?   We don’t need to discuss percentages, but I dare say, the first of these three questions will eliminate 90% of all high school and college students in America. The Second question will whittle the remaining number down considerably.  If we thought the third existed at all, we wouldn’t be including it on our website, nor would it be allocated space in the Welcome Wagon Foundational Study.  It is a technique critical to your understanding of this material or for that matter any material.  Simply put, you get tired of looking the same word up over and over, and the memory kicks in so we  don't have to. In 90 days your vocabulary could easily expand 1000 words.  Think of the power that will allow you in reading and understanding legal and lawful documents, not to mention the ability to maintain intelligent conversation on the matter.

Before leaving Part I of this Foundational Study, there is one more document that you will need to download and read: the Common Law Handbook for Jurors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs and Justices. This Handbook was allready discussed briefly above, but I didn't want you to forget about it.  This small but extremely powerful little book is out of print just now. Click the Common Law Handbook image on the right side of any NLA webpage to download a pdf copy of the book. Print a copy for your 3 ring binder. Also, you can go here http://www.nccs.net/ and order 100 copies of The Constitution of the United States.  Read it and then sign the pledge on the rear cover. Be sure you have enough copies of both documents to hand out to your County Sheriff, his jailer and all his deputies. Under the Sheriffs tab,  see The Power of the Sheriff.  In Part II we will get into this study deeper, and in a study of the Bill of Rights and our unalienable rights and what all this means to us.

Participation time for this Foundational Study, which includes the 12 hour Constitution Course, runs approximately 45 hours, or roughly one hour a day for the next 45 days. If you can only spare 30 min. a day, you can adjust how long this study will take to complete. If you are retired and can spend more time on the material each day, then it will take less time for you to work your way through the material.  When you are done, please consult with one of the Welcome Wagon Committee members on where to go next. When you complete the Constituton Course, go right into the Civics Course, which is also found under the Free Courses tab. One tip on taking the Civics Course is to do a Copy and Paste of the right answer rather than typing the answer in manually. There is a glitch in the software programing and sometimes it will hang up if you type your answers in.

You need to start getting involved with your County Sheriff and interacting with them on a personal bases, as they are our first line of defense. The Committee of Safety plays a Big part in that interaction with your Sheriff.  Continue on to completion of the Civics Course and get this behind you. Thank you for taking the time to learn something new. As Educational Facilitators, we must be fluent in the language of our Founding documents.  Help to start a Committee of Safety in your County.  For Part II, you may want to start a second 3 ring binder. We still have a lot of material yet to cover. We are a huge Library here at National Liberty Alliance and you have just scratched the surface.  Thank you for your participation. Congratulations.  You are now probably smarter on the subject of common law than 95% of our paid servants. It is certainly a step in the right dirction once you have completed all of the above.

Ron Flick - Welcoming Committee Director.