Welcome Wagon Introduction/Orientation.

Welcome Wagon Introduction/Orientation.




We have been expecting you. Glad you made it.  This is a structured self-study. Proceed at your own pace.  We don’t know each other yet, or your reasons for joining our organization. Someone will be calling you shortly.  Many come to us because they have legal issues with the court and want to get out of the mess they are in. Many come to learn the law, because they see unlawful issues all around them and feel helpless to thwart them or protect themselves and their family from them.  In both cases, one thing is for Sure certain, knowing what the law says for yourself, instead of relying on someone else to tell you what they think it says, or worse yet taking the advice from a lawyer, IS the route we would advise.  We are Educational Facilitators.  Our weapons of choice are knowledge of the law, the Internet, the pen and paper.  The indictments and arrests that come forth for our citing of wrong doings and bad behavior, as a result of our actions, is the ultimate intent of our being here and the work we do.  We are all about Justice, Honor and Mercy in a Court of Law. Speaking of law there are two items we need to mention, so that misconceptions as to who we are, and who we are not, as well as the direction we are going is made clear from the get go. I refer you to our Disclaimer statement found under the Welcome tab and located opposite the picture of the HAM radio. Along those lines we’d like to refer you to an audio recording discussing “words of color” used by the legal profession to confuse the uneducated in order to defraud them out of their money, property, Rights, or all three.  Under the Welcome tab, click on FAQ and then on the first audio file --  Word Games 2-21-14. 67 min.

While we are all volunteers at NLA and seeking a return to FREEDOM, Liberty and Justice for all, We the People realize the burden to do so; to bring forth the light we shine on the darkness around us, cost money and time, for freedom is NEVER Free.  We set the monetary suggested donation at a pittance most anyone can afford:  just $5/month and 1 hour per week of your precious time to help us all achieve our goals.   For value received, a payment is due.  What do we offer that can be measured worthwhile to possess for so small a donation, would be the obvious question to ask?  I turn to the wordsmith par excellence of our American History who stated a similar thing to consider of people in a dire situation with few options of immediate relief.  His friend, General George Washington read these words before his battle weary half-starved troops in the dead of winter on a cold bitter night waiting for the next enemy fire in their direction.  “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly:  ‘tis dearness only that gives everything its value.  Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”  Thomas Paine, Crises I, December 23, 1776.

Such is the position We the People find ourselves in today…a boot upon our neck with few options to bring forth immediate relief.  We highly value what some might consider a paltry $5/month donation from our members, for it is in great numbers that we will be able to leverage our efforts tenfold, and as distasteful an item for us to bring up in our introduction to our new members, we would be serving our fellow man a dis-service if we did not do so. We are all adults and we all have responsibilities. $5 can be replaced, your time spent with us can not ....be replaced.  We value both of them.  We ask for both of them to help us win back our nation.  One hour per week of your time and $5/month to help us pay the overhead cost to do so. We are all volunteers in NLA, but one can't do what we have been doing on hot air. Hot air pays for nothing and is mostly political.  If you consider the next guy, the other guy, that "other member" to volunteer his/her $5/ a month, so you don't have to bother doing so, know in your heart of hearts, he/she is doing the very same thing.  Americans have been conditioned.  That "let the other guy do it"  has become the Standard. This is not the America I grew up in, nor should any of us want it for our children.  NLA is about education and changing the socialist mindset of "let the other guy do it".   We can't achieve our goals by depending on the OTHER GUY to do it.  He DOES NOT EXIST.  He is the main downfall of our problems. He is is the FICTION Programmed Ignorance has sought to give the APPEARANCE of life, but like the fiction, the "other guy" is a dead thing. There is no one there. The other guy does not exist, so we can depend on him/her for nothing!  National Liberty Alliance is all about breathing life back into our nation, and We the People.  We are doing so through the education of a few basic documents the Fictional state has Programmed us via our nations Public School System, to ignore. We are about to discuss 8 of them. We are bringing them back to life.   Our office expenses are super efficient,  our needs are great if we are to accomplish our goals.  Returning our nation to a Republic, our courthouses back to We the People and operating as courts of record is not impossible for it violates no law of nature and is therefore obtainable. Your $5 a month donated to NLA is most appreciated. We MUST stamp out ignorance if we are to survive as a Republic. 

America’s Achilles Heel 

We are woefully uneducated, and our purpose here at National Liberty Alliance is to minimize that condition as quickly as possible, for there is much work to do in correcting several generations of bad law, bad law makers and arrogant uneducated legislators. Our dire condition did not come to us overnight. It will not go away overnight.   Many hands working together and in harmony will lighten the load for all of us. We seek your participation and ask you to get involved with us now, for tomorrow might be too late and the obstacles greater and made more difficult to overcome.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”  Abraham Lincoln. 

We all need to go back to school and learn what the Public School System has successfully hidden from our view by both design and purpose. Let us begin with the law of the Land, i.e. the Constitution and its Bill of Rights?  Most people are surprised to learn that they have no Constitutional rights and in realizing such, their path to knowledge begins.  We the People and our children must become educated in American History. We need to UNDERSTAND the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, its Bill of Rights, Civics and government We will provide that education for you here at NLA.  Most of us come to NLA dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to the Constitution; the law of the Land.  I address myself first to that condition.  I had never read or studied the Constitution prior to joining NLA, despite four years active duty in military police, and a pledge to protect the Constitution.  Legal and lawful talk and writing is like unto another language that few of us ever wanted to contemplate understanding. We left that to the lawyers, and look where that got us. A good portion of the people who come to our doorstep are negatively impacted by the law and the legal profession. They are seeking answers to escape this tar-baby as quickly as is feasible.  The bad news is that there is no short route to a remedy.  The good news is that the law you need to know is far, far less complicated than the law the lawyer has to know to enter that profession. Phase I of this short study deals in the only law that you will possibly ever have to deal with in your life time. We have 8 documents that we wish to share with you. Learning the language of this law is made simple by a process any 8th grader can follow.  There is no need to get bogged down in legalese. We will discuss that process shortly.  

Thomas Jefferson said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

A Place to Start for a New Beginning; a Common language to Learn for a Common People.

So, let us get right to it:  Bookmark this link, so you have a point of reference and we don’t lose you back to the ether of a gazillion distractions.  From this link you can pivot to any of the tabs above and then back to here.  Your time is as valuable to you as ours is to us, so let’s continue. We are four years old in April 2017. We have not squandered that time. Many consider our website as their ‘home away from home’.  We invite everyone to join us. Membership is Free and our Courses are Free. Voluntary Donations are encouraged to support our great effort to take back our courts and to return our nation to the Republic it was designed to be.  We don’t wish to overwhelm you, or confuse you, for we are a very large website. One could spend several hours a day for the next 5 years and never read the same document twice.  Right now we just want to lay in a Foundation or structure that you can build on so as to make the most of the time you spend with us.  We all win when we all learn.  We the People have power, we just need to know where to find it and learn our Rights and where they come from and then act on them. We must learn to THINK free that we may ACT Free. Come and join us. We welcome your participation.

If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton.

Hold your cursor over the Free Courses tab in the blue banner above. Move it down to Constitution Course. Then click on Constitution Course Directions and read the directions. This is a very unusual course on our Constitution. While it takes only 12 hours to complete don’t make the mistake of selling it short, but expect miracles after you have completed it.  When you are done with the last chapter, it will ask you to print out the course and read the material again. You will find it helpful in yoiur studies to have these documents housed in a fairly large Three ring binder.. This Course should be your first document for safe keeping.  Please fill in the answers in the blanks on the test pages. You will be provided with the test answers on a separate page. Then include the other two documents in yoiur binder as well. I found the use of the plastic sleeves helpul in the preservation of our documents. 

[For a quick snapshot of who National Liberty Alliance (NLA) is, and what it is we do and where we are going seven days a week, click on the WEEKLY CALL at the top left of the page just above the Blue Banner and follow the directions. We have never missed a Monday Night Call at 9PM eastern time. Please join us, and be sure you are logged on every time you do as some material is only visible to members who are logged in].

After you have signed up to begin your Constitution Course and are working your way through the Introduction and subsequent chapters that follow, be sure to bookmark FREE COURSES so you can go directly there until you have finished the course.  Return to the initial page you bookmarked, Introduction/Orientation page and look in the right hand margin for the Common Law Handbook for Jurors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs and Justices. You will find it about 2/3 or more down the page. Click on the booklet. Then download the PDF, print it out, read it and stick it in your 3 ring binder. Before doing so, you may wish to reread this document several times with a yellow highlighter pen in hand.  NLA members sent this same handbook to all 3133 county sheriffs back in 2014. That first order of 50,000 copies went fast. The current donations do not allow us to place another order of these books just now. Ok, now…back out of that document.

Hold your cursor over the Education tab. Move it down to Essays/Lectures. To the right scroll down the page till you see Articles and Essays and click on it. Scroll down the page to Jury Nullification and 2nd Amendment and click there. Download the document, read it and then stick it in your 3 ring binder.

Go back out of that document and then hold cursor over Education tab again.

Move the cursor to Founding Documents. To the right, click on Founding Documents. Scroll down to The Declaration of Independence. Download it, read it and then stick it in your 3 ring binder. It is important for us to know what it was that brought forth this great experiment, never before in the history of mankind tried.  Go back out of that document, scroll up the page to History of the Declaration, Download it, read it and then stick it in your 3 ring binder.  Then click [on a new separate tab] here to learn of the man who changed the course of History; America’s foremost and first founding father, Thomas Paine. A Historical accounting of Thomas Paine The Most Valuable Englishman Ever – A most proud time in American History that our Public School System can no longer hide from view. Youtube at that title.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gu2c2iNoOU  Part I and Part II.  After watching Part II, return to the NLA Introduction/Orientation page you bookmarked.  (for your information, this page is found under the Committees tab – link to via the Welcome Committee and is called the Welcoming Committee Home Page.)  


Hold your cursor over the Welcome tab above (blue banner).  Click on Welcome. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and watch the 14 min video “Pathway to Liberty – The Forefathers Monument.   Another profound lesson in our history and American Heritage.

There is nothing wrong with our laws….as long as they are followed by honorable men and women.  Place your cursor again on the Education tab, move to Founding Documents and then scroll down page till you see The Militia Act of 1792.  Download it, read and highlight it and then stick it in your 3 ring binder. Back out of that document and move your cursor to the COS tab (blue banner top of page) . Click on the first sub-title Committees of Safety.  Scroll down the page till you see “Committee of Safety Documents”. Click on COS Flyer2. Download, read and print to stick in your 3 ring binder.  You should now have a total of nine (8) documents in your 3 Ring Binder.

Learning How to Learn through Association instead of Memorization. 


Alright, almost done with Phase I. If you have completed the Constitution Class and printed it out for your 3 ring binder, grab that binder now. If you have not completed the Constitution Class yet, hold off on this next part until you have done so. You will need a new spiral notebook and a pen.  You won’t need the computer for this exercise. You will need a good hardback dictionary and if you can afford it, a Black’s Law Dictionary….4th or 5th edition.  It is time to really get into the understanding of our Bill of Rights (bill of prohibitions) and the Constitution, so that when you find yourself in the courtroom as a juror, or in a courtroom as an observer or as a defendant you will be educated and competent as to the actions going forth around you. Starting with the Bill of Rights, read the document one page at a time. Put your Speed Reading abilities away for now. This next part is a LEARNING EXERCISE.  When you are done with the Bill of Rights, move to the Constitution, then to the Declaration of Independence, and so on.

Rules of thumb to follow:  This is a simple two-step process worth its weight in gold. Learn it for life and apply it in any chosen field of endeavor.  Live long and prosper.

If you come across a word in the text that you are unable to define, look it up in your dictionary and write down the word in your spiral notebook and the definition that best applies to the one used in that sentence.
If you come across a word that you have seen before and think you know what it means, but are not positively sure as to its meaning, look it up. Positively sure – is defined as you can give a good solid definition on this word if asked, and you feel confident that your answer will not embarrass you. 
If you come across what looks like a legal or lawful word, grab your Black's Law Dictionary.  This exercise in learning may take some time, but your comprehension of the material justifies the effort made.  This next part separates the men from the boys;  The ho-hum careers from the professional Grand Jury Adminstrator careers.  Each time write the word in your notebook and the applicable definition.

Step One:  If you look up a word that you wish to define in the text you are reading, find the correct usage in the definitions given that applies best to the one used in the context of the sentence you find the word. Write that definition down in your notebook.  Read the definition over once or twice. Now reread the sentence with the understanding of what the word means. With truth, knowledge grows.    Now close your notebook.

Step Two: If you come across a word that you have already looked up in the dictionary, and have written in your notebook, but are unable to define the way you remember it, then look it up again, After locating the word in the Dictionary, open your note book and repeat Step #1.  Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT refer back to your notebook for this word and the definition you wrote in it already. Look it up again as if it is an entirely new word, and go through the tedious chore of rewriting it in your note book again.  Repeat Step Two as often as needed.  This is the Primary key to the Flick Technique.   This is Archimedean leverage in its scope. Remember, it was Archimedes who said, "Give me a place to stand and I will move the World".  Step #2 is the purpose for writing this Technique for future NLA students of the Law. Learn it for life and grow!  

Everyone knows how to look up a word, and all of us do, to some degree, but (1) How many have a notebook on the vocabulary words that they don’t know? (2) How many maintain it as their bible for continued learning?  (3) How many know and practice Step 2?   We don’t need to discuss percentages, but I dare say, the first of these three questions will eliminate 90% of all high school and college students in America. The Second question will whittle the remaining number down considerably.  If we thought the third existed at all, we wouldn’t be including it on our website, nor would it be allocated space in the Welcome Wagon Foundational Study.  It is a technique critical to your understanding of this material or for that matter any material.  Simply put, you get tired of looking the same word up over and over, and the memory kicks in so we  don't have to. In 90 days your vocabulary could easily expand 1000 words in this new language.  Think of the power that will allow you in reading and understanding legal and lawful documents, not to mention the ability to maintain intelligent conversation on the matter.  You will appreciate all this work if you choose to get involved with the IRC committee or decide you want to be a Grand Jury Administrator in your county. Good readers produce good writers of both clarity and understanding.

CONCLUSIONS OF PHASE I of Welcome Committee Introduction/Orientation.

After you have COMPLETED the Constitution Course and read the Common Law Handbook, then you need to find a Committee that interest you. You are ready for Phase II.  Phase II includes orientation on the Committees of Safety [COS], the Sheriff’s Committee and a study of the documents that we have filed in the courts and FAX’d to our 15,000 plus Oath takers since May 28, 2015. There are a number of videos to bring you up to date on what NLA is doing.  The sooner you complete the Constitution course and have read through and understand the Common Law Handbook, the sooner you can move in to a more productive and participation mode working with others in NLA nationally and locally within your county and community. All of the above has a specific purpose to a specific end.

We want everyone to be active in their own County Committee of Safety as a County Organizer. This organization, the COS, holds the key to all of the five goals that we seek – (1) the Four Grand Jury Administrators for each of all 3133 counties, (2) the 3133 Constitutionally educated Sheriffs, (3) the armed and unarmed Neighborhood Watch to respond to any and all alerts, emergencies, accidents or other needful areas in rapid fire and to make our neighborhoods, businesses, towns and communities a safe place to live, work and go to school in,  (4) to return We the People to Common law Courts of Record, and every state in the Union to a Republican form of Government as is guaranteed in Article IV, Section 4 of our United States Constitution, and (5) to provide for the Committeemen and the statesmen required to lead this nation to greatness once again.  All of the above can be accomplished at no financial burden to We the People in the form of taxation. This is the Power of the COS we wish you to understand in Phase II.

Ron Flick - Welcoming Committee Director.



Our Goal is to have a Committee of Safety in all 3133 Counties and Parishes. 

Understanding Phases I and II of the Welcoming Committee Home Page is to work in reverse when one considers the ultimate power of a Committee of Safety operating successfully in your county. The goal is to have your County Court, your County Sheriff and your County Government operating Constitutionally, for you and for your neighbors, FOREVER!.  This all starts with you.  It started with Phase I and your learning what the Constitution of the United States actually says, and what the other Founding documents say and your understanding of every word in every sentence of those documents. I sincerely hope that you took advantage of the Learning How To Learn technique. John Darash is living proof that it works. He figured that out too and took an 8th grade education and some book work, some reading and a good dictionary or two and built NLA.

April brings May flowers. April 2017 brings forth more than flowers.

Phases I and II of the NLA Welcome Committee Home page came about because of Robert La Voy Finicum, who resurrected the Committees of Safety. This is why this man was murdered. He was uncovering truth the cabal sought to hide and then he wrote a book about it. NLA Co-Founder, Gerard Aprea discusses that book on the COS Thursday Call 4-6-17.  If you missed that call, catch the replay.   John had the structure in place to take a COS to fruition, but prior to Burns, that vehicle was unknown to both he and to Brent Winters, an active student of the origins of law and its history.   Mr. Winters exposed NLA and John’s fertile mind to the Four Militia Clauses, the militia of the several states and to the Militia’s all-important  two duties:  First Duty of the Militia - To defend against enemies foreign by a force of arms, if necessary. That is why we have the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

As it is the Duty of All People, it is the Second Duty of the Militia to defend against enemies domestic. This means that it is the Duty of We the People to serve on trial juries to defend an innocent man’s rights of Life, Liberty or Property.  When you defend someone’s rights in court and say, “No!  You cannot take this person’s Life, Liberty or Property,” or you say, “Yes, you may,” that is what a juryman does.  You are defending against enemies domestic, the powers that be, and understand that it is always the government.

So, in Phase II, now that you have more than a modicum of understanding as to what the law says and which laws pertain to you, and which to our servant government, we need you to look toward applying some of what you have learned in the County in which you live. What good is knowledge not applied?  

In Phase I, we stressed the need to educate yourself on the law of the Land for several reasons, all of which are valid and needed to fulfill the two duties and responsibilities of the people and its militia that will defend the People and its Constitution.  Statistically speaking, knowledge of the Common Law, Natural Law and God’s Law produces a high level of involvement in what we are doing here at National Liberty Alliance to bring forth a return to sound government and a lawful court system. That education begins  with a short 8-12 hour preliminary study on the Constitution.  Some people took days or weeks to complete it. It is a powerful introduction to a fundamental understanding of why we are in the dismal state we are today, because most of the people around us have never read or studied this law.  We stress the need to have the Constitution Class and the Common Law Handbook under our belt before our involvement in any committee for several reasons.

Why is our NLA Constitution Class so important over other on-line Constitution Courses?  

The short answer....coupling it with our Common Law Handbook and we possess the Dynamic Duo  that no on-line study can match, hands down. 

A)    Involvement levels remain between 46% and 89% after Completing the Class.  The lower number increases when the people take on a leadership role.  What patriot group or civic minded organization wouldn’t love to have more than the meager 6- 15% of its membership actively participating?  We have that SILVER BULLET right here at NLA.  The entire patriot movement, operating in all 50 states, are just 12 hours away from the same levels of membership involvement, and it is FREE for the offering to them. This IS NOT your typical on-line Constitution Class.  The man who wrote this quiz understands both the Fiction and Common law, so the questions he asked in the quiz helps the person to hone in on specific data that one may or may not see by just reading the Constitution on their own. As a result, the  learning curve exceeds all expectations.   So, if you belong to a Tea-Party, Ron Paul group, Campaign for Liberty, Scope, NRA, Oath Keepers, Farm Co-ops, Gun Owners of America, John Birch Society, Tenth Amendment Center, Constitutional or Militia groups, send these stats to them. Get their membership moving, so together we can all take America back that much quicker. Many hands make light work.  Give them a copy of our United Coalition Members Letter and let them know about our Free on-line Constitution Class.  Let their active department heads take it first to see for themselves. Then if they find it of benefit, they can introduce it to their entire membership.  Experience the Miracle!  Have them watch their memberships  grow and explode with activity. It is time We the People regain control of our nation and our courts.

B)    The Constitution is the Law of the Land.

C)    We can’t be competent jurist [Second Duty of the Militia] unless we know and understand the law and can articulate it in a court of law.

D)    We can’t be a competent Community of Safety officer or member if we remain ignorant of the Law of the Land.

E)    We can’t expect our Sheriff to learn the Constitution if we refuse to learn it ourselves.

F)    We can’t be a competent Courtroom Observer if we don’t know what the law says and which laws pertain to We the People or where our laws come from.

Now you know the reasons for stressing a Foundational study in the Constitution and  Common Law before doing anything in your county or in any Committee within NLA. In this Second Phase you will have the assistance of your State Coordinator, your District Leaders and your State Welcome committee volunteer. There are several items which we need you to concern yourself with.  Check these off as you proceed through each one.

A)     You need to read the COS Hand Book and watch the COS video. Both of these are located under the COS tab and sub-tab – Saving America and Committee of Safety. Familiarize yourself with the documents on these pages.

B)     Watch a selection of on-site videos to explain in detail what we are working through in our efforts to understand the law.   See Member’s Orientation under the Members tab. There are 12 short videos that you need to watch.

C)     Join a Committee – Please join a committee where you feel you can utilize your talents to best assist NLA and yourself in bringing forth a sound education and understanding.

D)    If you choose to join the Courtroom Observers [Recommended] please inform your District Leader and State Coordinator, so that they can register you as an available party to help out a fellow member for their day in court. Also, you will want to acquire a PRESS ID (look in the right hand margin of most NLA pages).  Find out how to write and properly file an affidavit should you have the occasion to do so.  

E)    Read all of the data under the Sheriff Tab and watch the videos. Acquaint yourself with their power and limitations.

F)    Visit your county seat and find out when – day and time, the monthly county board meets. Start attending those meetings and take notes as to what you observe and who was present and what issues were brought forth by The People. Make notes on the board members as well, possibly acquiring their names and standing on issues voted on. This is COS related homework.

G)    Register yourself on the NLA website as a County Organizer for your county. The prerequist for County Organizer should be the completion of the Constitution Class, but is not the case just yet. 

H)   NLA Business cards are available in the NLA Store – top right of blue banner. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, ball caps, mouse pads, mugs and HAM radios are here as well.

I)     Monthly and one time donations are also located under the NLA Store tab.  

J)    Sign up and take our FREE Civics Course under the Free Courses tab. The prerequist for the Civics Course is completion of the Constitution Class. Click directions, and check the Administrator box if you wish to be considered as one of the four County Administrators.  It will be a good paying job, and a minimum of four are required for each county.  Also consider taking the course so you can help as a facilitator, to enable us to make a more smooth transition when we return the People to Common Law Courts of Record. We all need to understand how government works and so the CC will help in that regard. 

K)   Review the documents that we initially mailed out to the 12,000 plus Oath Takers, every 4 working days during the Summer of 2015.  These are located on the Welcome page. Click on the Tab itself and view the videos on that page. The video entitled “ENDING THE TYRANNY” by Liberty Beacon shows the NLA co-founders, John Darash and Gerard Aprea.  The Seven Documents mentioned above, start about half way down the page with the line starting with – “Therefore, on May 13, 2015 We the People re-filed Writ_Quo_Warranto pdf  download it, print it out and read it. Then file it along with the other six documents into your 3 ring binder. This last document is titled Subversion, published on June 6, 2015.  See the video of this same document on this web page.  It is important that you pay close attention to the footnotes. This is where our real education comes into play.

L)   Begin to get involved with starting a COS in your County. And if one is already formed, seek to assist it and the proliferation of its expansion in the rest of the county’s towns and cities.  We need to set up Committees of Correspondence, phone trees, HAM operations, and form a list of members and any emergency talents, experience and professional services that could offer in an emergency assisting others.  

M)  Read Marbury vs Madison 1803, Principals of Law and the King’s Bench and US vs. Williams all located links are at the bottom of the Sheriff’s page.  Download and print each. Read and stick into your 3 ring binder. Be sure to watch the video pertaining to the US vs. Williams case pertaining to  Justice Antonin Scalia and the 6 to 3 ruling entitled “Power of the Jury 2014 found under the Welcome Tab. Click on the tab itself.

N)   Read our court cases that are being filed in the NY case. Understand the writing so that you too can learn to write such documents. These are found under the Grand Jury tab, sub-tab Docket.

O)   Read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and put the audio on while you are listening and reading which will improve both your comprehension and your memory.  Federalist Papers are located under the Education tab and Founding Documents sub-tab. 

P)   Continue attending the Monday Night Calls and start attending the Thursday Night Calls COS calls.  Anyone on the Welcoming Committee, Courtroom Observers and COS need to be on the Thursday Night Call or catch the reruns if you are working. 

Q)   Read the Daily News under the News tab and read through the Weekly Report which is emailed to you.


The timely resurrection of the Committees of Safety, that the Oligarchy had successfully hidden from our view to keep us ignorant and unhappy is a blessing from God to His people. Correctly applied, the COS can return our Sheriffs to Constitutional Sheriffs; our Courts to Common Law Courts of Record; our political structure to that of a Republic as it was designed to be;  furnish the committeemen and statesmen necessary to rebuild our Republic; furnish every county with the four Grand Jury Administrators required to keep our courts faithful and in abidance to the law of the land; and lastly, return our neighborhoods and the places we frequent, be they business, church, school or play, to safe places under the watchful care and nurturing of a nationwide Neighborhood Watch. When you are ready to form a Committee of Safety in your county, refer to the Seven Point strategy located under the COS tab, sub-file Committee of Safety. Scroll down the page to just above Comments at the bottom of the page…

NLA Revolution – The Revolution to Conquer Programmed Ignorance. (this site is under construction but keep checking back).

Phase II has no ending…because your education has no termination point.

 If  We the People will lead, the leaders will follow.

Ron Flick  WWCD, NC- Zone 2 Mountain Time ron@nationallibertyalliance.org