Action against YouTube


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The very first time I presented a video on YouTube as an advertisement, Google claimed that I violated their agreement of use, and suspended me permanently. This is the ad: ACLJ refused to help me, saying basically that it was not an action in their preview. Google never told me what section of the agreement I violated. I believe they suspended me because this was a pro President Trump video. Before the suspended my account permanently, I had racked up over eight thousand views.


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We should be also suing them for harrassment! Their constant fact checking especially in groups bringing the group "Score" down is bullying and harrassment! They have removed 41 items from a group I admin for for "False News" Is Facebook a social media platform or a News Outlet? We never signed any agreement to be fact checked nor are we employed by Facebook!  I have screenshots, and they also remove personal posts from my page with no explanation as to why and I don't know what it is because all it says is "Content Not Available".