CLICK HERE TO: Print the following Grassroots_Organizing plan to share at your meetings

Organizing begins with one person taking the initiative to get things going by finding one other person and then another and another until you have four people willing to hold or temporarily hold the following executive positions;

  • Chairman
  • Co-chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

In the beginning you should meet somewhere convenient for coffee on a Saturday morning or evening after work to start discussing ideas. Continue meeting off the fly at least once a week for twenty minutes or more until you have these four positions filled. Once you organize the aforesaid executive committee find a venue in your county that is centrally located making it convenient for all to travel to, libraries and town halls are best.

Venue Ideas:

  • Library
  • Town hall
  • Private club
  • Back room of a bar, restaurant, or dinner, etc.

On Line Venue:, great tool for organizing and communicating with your grassroots group. We should use uniform names such as “Your State abbreviation” “Your County” Liberty Alliance. Example = “NY Dutchess County Liberty Alliance

First Official Meeting:Book your venue for a date 20-30 days in advance and start inviting people. Meeting should be monthly, duration two hours and stay on point.

  • Have existing members bring guests.
  • Invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Contact and ask for a list of NLA members names and phone numbers in your county.
  • Invite Volunteer fire department.
  • Invite Volunteer Ambulance.
  • Invite Volunteer Rescue.
  • Invite Home Schoolers.
  • Invite Meetup groups.
  • Invite Liberty groups.
  • Invite Gun Clubs.
  • Invite Veterans Club.
  • Post invitation on bulletin boards in stores, colleges, Craig’s list, etc.
  • Once you are ready invite your Sheriff and then elected individuals from your political subdivisions.
  • Encourage People in surrounding counties to organize their counties by inviting them to your meeting.

 Meeting Protocol:

  • Have a sign in sheet [name, town, phone, email]
  • Prayer - (1 min)
  • Pledge allegiance - (1 min)
  • Have everyone introduce themselves - (5 min)
  • Pass the Donation can (while people are introducing themselves)
  • Committee Reports & Old Business - (10 min)
  • New Business - (10 min)
  • Topic - play a power point video - (40 min) [First meeting NLA plan]
  • Discussion - (45 min)
  • Close meeting - the following info should be announced and on a flyer to handout at the end
  • Thank people for coming
  • Announce the date of the next meeting
  • Invite people to sign up on and join your meetup
  • Send People to take Government by Consent Course at
  • Invite People to our National Monday night open forum [click on weekly call]

Subject Matter: [topics and discussions] stay on point. NLA will supply many power point videos

  • Committeeman
  • Jury Administration
  • Common Law
  • Equity
  • Grand Jury
  • Petit Jury
  • Militia (reserve)
  • Republic review
  • Founding Documents
  • American Heritage
  • We will write a plan on how to approach the Sheriff and organize for Posse Comitatus


Download Power Point Videos HERE for County Meetings

To download videos “Right Click” the video and click – “Save Link as…” to a file on your computer.

We strongly suggest that you start with the following Video Power Points that are numbered for prerequisite reasons. And also replay them whenever you have had a considerable membership growth.


Tracey-Florida's picture

I would like to meet with other members in Hillsborough County. Let's be prepared for when the swamp drains.

John Crookston's picture

Carrey, What is your phone number?  John Crookston

John Crookston's picture

I am a recent member, joining about 3 months ago.  I have finished the Govern by consent course and also the civics course.  I am ready to move to the next level(s), and would like to invite anyone that is a member in Kalamazoo county to contact me.  It is time to light a fire beneath some bottoms in this county and get their attention.  I want to be a committeeman, and we need to organize a grand jury.  There is a lot of corruption here as is true pretty much everywhere, but the time to start is now.... or maybe last week .  come one, come all.  John Crookston  269-806- 1266

midnite-son's picture

Hi John, It's Charlie.  Thanks for reaching out to get the County organized.  I will let you know from your email what my level of participation will be.  So many things happening right now. Stay Safe.

chortle's picture

Hey John
Carey in Bay County

chortle's picture

Hey John
Carey in Bay County

Lee J Draper's picture

I cannot overstate the importance of learning the "Republic Review" process, then arming yourself with it and bringing the information into discussions. Remember that we learn most effectively, by demonstrating to others what we've learned.
The alternative end-game scenario looks something like this:
Patriots stand armed, face to face with LE (agents of bureaucrats), demanding that LE, stand down for the purpose of Patriots, physically removing politicians from government property. LE can either comply or shots ring out. Eventually they will run out of LE personnel, and the Patriots will prevail by the numbers. It is unlikely the politicians will survive. 
Learn the Republic Review process! It is the only peaceful solution.