Abuse of Power



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Image result for animated check mark Access to NLA's Consent of Government Course [An indepth understanding of our Constitution & more]

 Access to NLA's Civics Course [American history, Common law, Constitution, & how America lost its way]

Court Procedure book [An indepth understanding of how to file or answer a court action]

Instructions & Forms to Challenge Jurisdiction [By challenging jurisdiction we could escape abusive courts]

Instructions & Forms to Move your Case to the federal court for Cause [for violating our rights]

Instructions & Forms to file a Habeas Corpus [A sovereign's Writ to force a release from abusive courts]

Black's Law Dictionary [Dictionary of legal terms]

Boviers Law 1856 [Dictionary of legal terms]

Federal civil-procedure [Rules of civil proceedings]

Maxims of Law from Bouvier's 1856 Law Dictionary - The Lawful Path [Commentary on Common law]

Sir Edward Coke [Commentary on Common law]

Memorandums of Law [Constitutional Law you can use to support your case]

 Instructions to join your case to the Grand Jury Action against the Judiciary



America’s ignorance to the “real” American History, Civics, Common Law, U.S. Constitution, and our inability to access our courts is by design. We have been taught that in order to have a proper relationship with God you need a priest, a pastor, or some other spiritual guide whose first duty is all to often to the church and not God. And if you have a legal problem you need an attorney whose first duty is to the state and not their client. And for these two reasons our American way of life has been almost completely erased.

Our American education has been hijacked and centralized under the control of the federal government, while our children’s curriculum should be controlled by the People at the grass roots level. Therefore we have government “outcome based education” with the end goal of training our children to be socialists. Thereby replacing our "Republican form of government" with a "democratic socialist form of government." If we do not correct this fatal problem now! Liberty will be lost forever!

Because you are on this web site chances are that you already know that our courts are corrupt and that BAR lawyers cannot help you. So, the only solution is to defend yourself in pro per without a lawyer. If you are like most people this seems like an overwhelming task considering that you did not go to law school and the courts do not provide a guide to assist you with the forms for filing or answering an action. Therefore, you will find all the necessary tools and information necessary to be able to defend yourself here.

Thomas Jefferson said: “If a People expect to be ignorant and free they expect what never was and never will be,” and that “the People need a proper education,” this is Thomas Jefferson’s “proper education.” We are also writing a book in an effort to reeducate the masses and a text book for our children’s education; as we are endeavoring to encourage the grassroots to take back the minds of our children by giving them a “classical education” where they are not taught what to think but “how to think” for themselves, and only then will America remain “Great Again.” America will be as great as our children, our courts will be as just as the People and only then will America “Stay Great Again!”