Abuse of Power

If you are stuck in an “Abusive Court” and cannot get out we may be able to help. The "Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury" can file an “Amicus Curiae” (Latin for an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case) on your behalf. If the Court fails to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and denial of Due Process we will then join your case to our Federal Case against the Judiciary for dismissal and restitution.


NLA facilitates the Common Law Grand Jury providing for all necessary costs to operate and educate the People. Education is the key to save our Republic, as Thomas Jefferson said: “If a People expect to be ignorant and free, they expect what never was and never will be.” Therefore we request a donation of $100 or more to cover the cost of joining your case. Please carefully follow the instuructions below.

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After our recent elections, many Virginians are now faced with socialist democrats in control of our State government.  They are now proceeding with bills to effectively "infringe" upon many unalienable Rights - especially our right to self-defense.  Thus, Americans are pushing their elected County Board of Supervisors to pass "resolutions" saying they support the Constitution, our Rights, etc.  Of couse, said resolutions are essentially useless - except for getting eyeballs on the issue.   
I believe the next big step will be Common Law Court - to stop out of control government officials implementing their UnConstitutioanl rules, laws, etc. passed by folks in Richmond.  Anyone care to chime in on how we might take a Common Law approach to this - especially at a local level - including the Sheriffs, etc.?
Thanks!  Tim

Freecountry's picture

can I use live life claim on all of this ? 
With my standing claim in court ? 
i have to stay on point with standing , but probate is bring witness to testify my parents had dementia ? I was not aware of this ! It’s consperacy / coercion is what they are doing !! Is it possible to get some ideas ! I really need your involvement! the help is needed now ! 

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On disobeying officer not giving my license and registration, didn't say I wouldn't give it but kept asking questions instead, resisting arrest the women was 5 ft 1 110 lbs  said I wouldn't let her handcuff when I was on my knees hands behind my back I've wrestled 450 lb men she didn't have strength enough to unlock cuffs at police station what's my best defense 

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I have a 10 yr. Divorce I appealed in Southern District Court, NYC with a Federal Judge Colleen McMahon, who gave my corrupt Judge Matthew Cooper Immunity. I supplied all no jurisdiction law, no jury law, the court is not soverign, it is a Corporation selling securities. etc... still protected this fraud judge. 10 yrs held hostage with all my cash and property given to my attorney spouse with no impartialtiy and no equitible distribution.  Now I neeed to supply an appeal in appelate Court.  I am not sure what to do. I am fried from 10 yrs of abuse and extortion,being given no support on food stamps, chronically in deprivation, left with nada.  I still live in my home but I too want to sue the President, the Governor, the Mayor, all the politicans who have ignored my fraud in NYC which is treason to not report fraud. I have Chief Judges, Janet Di Fiore, ignored me, and Chief Judges at 60 Centre Street in NYC too, with my own5 attorneys who worked for the other side and multiple attorneys in collusion with the court and my ex spouse a personal injury attorney too.  From $2Million to food stamps and medicaide is killing me.

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If you could call me john. I have a answer from the assistant DA on the challenge of jurisdiction. I would like to E-mail a copy to you just so you can see his answer its 3 pages ?? 

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Do share please!?

TamarahElMoore's picture

Do share please!?

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My challenge to Jurisdiction, and fruad, was Immunity, and then Judge McMahon dismissed my "affidavit of Bond procedures" and "affidavit of Corporate denial" too, becuse I am alive and not a corporation.. prove it.  right,. you can never win here. I have fraud documents and complaints to the judicial board from 2016 when Preete Bahara, Loretta Lynch, Eric Schneiderman were around, and Govnor Cuomo, 13 parties here in New York City, my Senator, Councilmenmers, all these people do nothing.  It is as if we do not exist.  But ask us to attend a town meeting or to protest over development in historic communities, etc... we show up. I have been to congress 3 times with 3 different groups of advocates talking about fraud, extortion, child trafficking... It is very frustrating having no constituion or bill of rights and disability rights in the deception we have experienced in Admiralty courts of commerce and contracts.  

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NEVER submit your Notices about the Absence of Subject Matter Jurisdiction to the fake, de facto "court". They will never, never, ever recognize your truth. What you must do is give Notice to each of the individuals involved. By certified mail or personal service. Anyone  wanting to see what I do to challenge their jurisdiction, including a "template" (But PLEASE make sure you understand ANYthing you send out), contact me at kshine@wljaradio.net

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I would love to read your answer from the DA concerning the challenge of jurisdiction. 

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Hello. I'm new to the site.I just lost my case against my lender WELLS FARGO for "failure to state a claim" which is amazing because I had a forensic audit done on my mortgage which clearly demonstrates these bankers have committed fraud. I guess that evidence isn't enough to constitute a "claim." BTW, I used fraudstoppers.org to support my pro se litigation on this one; they did my paperwork for filing. They seemed good and reasonable in terms of rates for doing the work but even that wasn't good enough. So, I'm investigating Plan B.
I'm looking for real information on how to discover the CUSIP information connected to the birth certificate. All the government whores will claim the BC isn't a bond but that is a lie. The BC bond is what creates new money. Those who say FRNs have "no value" are wrong. They're backed up by every man, woman, and child's lifetime expenditure of commercial energy. When humans work for a living their whole lives, there is DEFINITELY a commercial value for that energy over the course of a lifetime. THAT is what "backs up" the currency.
If anyone here knows how to enter the BC serial number/SSN info correctly into a site like Fidelity.com in order to discover the CUSIP and ticker symbol for the bonds that exist when the BC was monetized, I'd like to know how to do that. Thank you in advance.

dmf51@hotmail.com's picture

it is on the back of social security card and on birth certificate, from what i know...

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Here us the link to the us treasury direct site https://www.treasurydirect.gov/BC/SBCPrice  When looking up the serial number on your birth certificate, you have to play around with the series. I've looked up my families and some were EE, one was I and the rest were E's. Also, look up death certificates! There are usually 2 bond numbers on them! 

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I have no idea if this is true or not, but I have heard that you can contact a "broker" and have him find it!

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Remarkably well framed argument. they dont make lawyers like that anymore. Thank you for sharing.

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Among all the nations in the world fast plunging into the abyss of chaos, though, the United States remains the one in the greatest danger—a danger so grave, top Trump administration official Stephen Miller has just warned that his nation’s Deep State permanent bureaucracy has now become “A Mortal Threat To America”—a mortal threat being caused by these elite socialist Deep State forces conducting secret communist-style proceedings to throw from power their country’s elected leader President Donald Trump—an affront to freedom, fairness and decency so grave and severe, it saw nearly 30 lawmakers from the Republican Party storming the basement room in the US Capitol building where this secret trial of Trump is being conducted—lawmakers who represent over half of the American people—one of whom is a highly educated Major League Baseball umpire named Rob Drake, who has spent his career making just and fair decisions—but in his showing where his nation is fast heading, Tweeted out the ominous words yesterday: “I will be buying an AR-15 tomorrow, because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!!!”.  

@rutharcle's picture

If this is the socialist world of lies and deceit you wish to live and raise your children in, then by all means quit reading my words now and go back to the fantasy make believe world your leftist overlords have created for you to feel safe and secure in while they enslave you!

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Are you shocked , surprised in an awake and aware realization?  Every attorney you ever met, dealt with, confided with, trusted, paid $$ to - is none other than "your lifelong enemy and Traitorous enemy of America and the Free World.  They drive mercedes, corvettes, linkolns and cadillacs live in oppulent houses living  carefree and handsomely bribed lifestyles as paid for agents of the new world order aka European monarchies ..now research the "hidden 13th amendment "- open your eyes and thoughts to LIFE, LIBERTY , PURSUITS OF HAPPINESS.  from this day forward promise to your creator that you will exercise all natural rights-the rights of nature where you are the beautiful free bird who can fly wherever you choose .  That "no man" can charge you a fee, issue you a permit , give you permission to breathe air , eat food , drink water and as the result through splendid actions of biological nature begin to move yourself from place to place , to walk and talk yourself to the discovery of "LIBERTY" and no king or queen or politician has authority to control "WE THE  PEOPLE" .

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I was an attorney from 1977 through this year when I finally resigned in disgust. I only ever drove used vehicles and they weren´t luxury types, believe me. I was a single mom most of the time, practicing out of my house. I had originally sworn an oath, back in 1977 to uphold the Ohio and federal Constitutions, whch I tried to do. When I was ignored and demonized by the organized BAR, particularly the fake corporate "judges", I knew something bad was wrong but their lies made it very difficult to figure out. I thought it was just local corruption at first. Here´s a copy of my resignation letter, which may clarify some things I only discovered this year:
July 4, 2019

Maureen O´Connor, Chief Justice

65 S Front St Columbus, Ohio [43215]  

This letter is for the purpose of publicly announcing that I am resigning as an attorney licensed to “practice law” in the State of Ohio. No one is pressuring me to make this decision. I have no reason to believe there are any attorney disciplinary proceedings pending or being initiated against me. My decision is based solely on my own conscience and sense of ethics. I understand it to be irrevocable.
As a follower of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, I find I can no longer associate myself with those who have abandoned the pursuit of earthly justice in favor of money and power. In particular, I can no longer rationalize the legal system´s increasing disregard of basic Constitutional principles, such as the rights of Us the People to not have our lives, liberties, or properties taken from us without due process of law, the right to bear arms without government approval, the right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures, and the multiple rights enshrined in the now increasingly ignored First Amendment. I took an oath to become an “officer of the court” and to support the Constitution, not corporate interests, during a mass swearing-in ceremony in Columbus in the spring of 1977. I can no longer tolerate seeing that Constitution besmirched by “courts” at every level. In particular, I can no longer stomach the prospect of ever again working in a system that disregards plain meaning of both its own corporate statutes it calls “law” as well as the principles of higher jurisdictions of Common Law, the Constitution, and holy scripture. I cannot be part of a system that exempts corrupt judges from liability for crimes they commit against their fellow men, women and children under color of law [Stump v. Sparkman, 435 U.S. 349 (1978)],  a system that condones pedophilia [State v. Mole, 2016-Ohio-5124; In re CP, 131 Ohio St.3d 513 (2012)], a system that denies recovery of compensation for those whose lives are shattered by the well-connected and the corporations [Arbino v. Johnson & Johnson, 2007-Ohio-6948], a system that destroys attorneys such as Richard Fine who legitimately criticize “judges” [http://edition.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/05/24/jailed.lawyer.richard.fine/index... system, in short, that is very much bifurcated into one kind of justice for the wealthy and another, very different one, for the rest of us.
The last straw for me occurred a few months ago when I finally began to learn about the giant hoax that has been perpetrated against the American people, a process that continues to be expedited by attorneys and judges. My previous belief that the judiciary was a branch of our Constitutionally mandated republic was destroyed when I read former attorney Melvin Stamper´s book, Fruit from a Poisonous Tree and confirmed the truth of everything he disclosed and for which I could find documentation. What I now know, and which is still concealed from most of the American people, is that our “courts” are private, for-profit corporations that trade in on the churning of controversy for profit via systems such as CRIS (Court Registry Investment System). The most nauseating features of this type of corporate profiteering are not just the multiple frauds that support it, but the fact that it preys on the old, the young, and the disenfranchised of all races and genders. And it does so for dollars or should I say, for Federal Reserve Notes.
                                                                                                                                                     Finally, I require that my name be stricken from the rolls of the Ohio Supreme Court due to my recent discovery that any retention by me of “any title of nobility or honour [sic]”, such as attorney at law, esquire, or any version thereof, may be prohibited by the original Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which Amendment was apparently ratified in Ohio on January 31, 1811.
Katherine Hine
189 East Water Street REAR
Chillicothe, Ohio [45601]
without prejudice UCC 1-308

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Amen! I'm glad to see there are some out there with a consious!

@rutharcle's picture

Once The Paperwork has been started, that can give you extra 30-60 days' time (with the usual delays) 

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Statesmen may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty. They will only exchange tyrants and tyrannies.

- John Adams

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This site posting was shared by a new Atlanta member to us. You should know what you are up against. This will drive you crazy what these deep state operatives are doing....this is part of the 2/3 up for removal no doubt from the swamp letting this crap slide because they are making money on everyone's sorrow.


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It's not nice what they are doing. They are using unconsitutional money they can print at will to scheme everyone out of all of their property. It reminds me of the game Monopoly. Once you have all of the money it is up to you to make and break the other players. I am reading this book https://giftoftruth.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/redemption-manual-4-5-edition.pdf This thing spells it all out. It has been a great read so far. 

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Exactly and why the criminals wasted no time killing the Kennedy brothers who with JFK executive order 10004 (June 1963 -5 months before his murder) WERE ENDING THE UNLIMITED PRINTING SUPPLY OF MONEY , unbacked by gold or silver, which 56 years later that unaudited clandestine secret printing of $$$ has bought up all the resources in America and the World that were "We the Peoples ".