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If you are stuck in an “Abusive Court” and cannot get out we may be able to help. The "Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury" can file an “Amicus Curiae” (Latin for an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case) on your behalf. If the Court fails to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and denial of Due Process we will then join your case to our Federal Case against the Judiciary for dismissal and restitution.


NLA facilitates the Common Law Grand Jury providing for all necessary costs to operate and educate the People. Education is the key to save our Republic, as Thomas Jefferson said: “If a People expect to be ignorant and free, they expect what never was and never will be.” Therefore we request a donation of $100 or more to cover the cost of joining your case. Please carefully follow the instuructions below.

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Once The Paperwork has been started, that can give you extra 30-60 days' time (with the usual delays) 

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Statesmen may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty. They will only exchange tyrants and tyrannies.

- John Adams

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  This is long but it puts the corruption together and fits like a puzzle. I need to know if I can solve all of this with an Abatement? Please Help
To whom it ma concern,
               I am in my late 50's, semi retired, and decided to move to Idaho to be close to my Kids and Grandkids. I also have my step daughter ("SD" from a previous marriage) near Wallace, Idaho and I had heard rumors that my SD and my daughter were doing drugs and wanted to see for myself. So I was in the process of moving there to Wallace, Idaho which is located in Shoshone County.
 In my several travels back and forth from Seattle, WA. to Wallace, ID. I received two traffic tickets, One from the city of Osburn, ID. and the second from a Shoshone County Sheriffs Deputy. With each traffic ticket there was a phone number with instructions to “call the court after this date” and a “call the court before this date”  in order to schedule a hearing. I did as instructed, was given a court date and time and I showed up to court. When called upon I politely reserved all my rights by the Constitution and God and asked Majastrate Barbra Dugan the venue of the court. I explained without proper knowledge of this, I would not be able to adequately defend myself or enter a plea.  I was given a complete run around and then I stated that I am challenging jurisdiction, and I respectfully requested to be shown proof of jurisdiction. I asked her to please explain to me where I can find what ever Law book her and the prosecutor were practicing from, so I can study from the same book to properly defend myself. The Judge was instantly annoyed and set another court date, again I voiced my objection to the court moving forward without the Prosecutor or County providing evidence regarding jurisdiction.
I went to the second hearing, again with all of the same questions, challenges and objections. I told Magistrate Barbra Duggan I needed these things answered in order to make a proper defense and plea. It was obvious the more I tried to exercise my rights, the more annoyed she became because she just rushed over my objections, gave no proof and set a trial date. Meanwhile.... I am dealing with my SD and daughters situation on drugs.  So one day I politely confront my step-daughter with my concerns regarding the rumors of their drug abuse. I left her house thinking we had a good talk and I was hopeful everything would be alright. A couple of days later to my surprise, that was not the end of it..
            On 6/13/2019, I was at the Motel I usually stay while in Wallace.  I was helping the manager with a little project there when my girlfriend approaches with a Shoshone County Sheriffs Deputy (that is looking for me). I stood up to greet the Deputy and she then calls me by my first name and tells me she needs my ID to trespass me from my daughter and SD homes.  At first I was shocked, but then realized what happened and explained about the drug abuse that was going on there. I asked the Deputy how can they trespass me from a property I am not even at, and have never trespassed on? Every time I went there was by invitation!
Deputy Ybarra said she was still trespassing me and wanted my ID. I then asked if I was suspected of committing a crime and asked was I under arrest? She replied no and no, but said by Law I still needed to comply with her demands. So I explained that I believed this was not a stop and ID state, and I politely asked her to get a supervisor to confirm the statute and clarify the Law. The Officer then turned around heading towards her car, we assumed she was calling her supervisor so we followed her hoping to clear this up.  As we get to Deputy Ybarra’s car we see another Officer from Osburn later Identified as Officer Woody,  pulled up and was getting out of his police car. He approaches us with a complete attitude stating that it is the law to show your ID anytime a officer tells you. I tell him this is not a stop and I.D. state and I ask them both for their name and badge number. Officer Woody imediately starts screaming at me and again states " It is the Law and you must show your I.D. any time a officer tells you!"  I then said "Don't yell at me , you have no right to yell at me"! The Officer Woody grabbed my wrist, whipped me around threw  me up against the police car and handcuffed me.  I immediately complied! I was in total fear for my life at this point. Then all of a sudden Deputy Ybarra grabs my arm while she yells “Stop Resisting, Stop Resisting” I didn’t understand why she was doing this because I was already in handcuffs and aggressively being thrown into the back of the police car and taken to jail. I was not frisked, I was not read my rights, I was not told what I had just been arrested for! I was only yelled at when I once again asked for their names and badge numbers. It was apparent the Osburn officer was the officer in charge of the false arrest  because he is the one refusing my requests as Deputy Ybarra Immediately whisks me off the property and off to jail. My girlfriend and others who witnessed this outrageous behavior were in total shock!
                  From the time of Deputy Ybarra’s initial contact with me, to me being handcuffed, in the car and off the property was less than 5 minutes! Because of Officer Woody and Deputy Ybarra’s out of control temper, shear lack of professionalism, reckless and unlawful intent to falsify charges in order to imprison a innocent man, it was obvious to everyone that they had an agenda. I have spent every day in disbelief and complete confusion. With thoughts of what I might have done differently short of giving up my rights. After a day or so I remembered my SD husband Casey telling me he has a buddy that is a Osburn Police Officer, and how he has handled problems for him in the past. I just kind of laughed  and gave it no credit until now, questioning if there even was a 911 call or formal complaint.
When I was released from jail they gave me a form with instructions to “call after date” and “call before date” same as I was instructed for the previous traffic tickets. I returned to Seattle and called the Clerks office by the date instructed but this time all I found was total confusion! I believe this was meant to mislead and confuse me.  The first time I called I asked for the names of both officers involved. I  was told their records only showed officer Ybarra, there was nothing in their records about a Osburn police officer being involved, and I should try calling back at 2:30 to speak with the clerk. I called back after 2:30 pm, spoke to the clerk only to be told she could find nothing with this citation number or anything in my name except the 2 different traffic citation's. She said maybe call back in a few days and it could show up,  so I did. 
Evidently it showed up and they obviously became aware of the Judges frustration with my prior visits  for the traffic tickets because the first thing the clerk said is “Are you going to get an Attorney to defend you”? And as we were discussing everything she said “have your Attorney notify the court by July 9th, 2019. That is the deadline”.  I continued my search for an Attorney and couldn't find one so thought it might be better to continue my search from Wallace, Idaho, after all I had every intent to see these false charges through to the end.  So on July 4th, 2019 we arrived in Wallace to look there for representation or I would have to just defend myself.  Meanwhile, Between July 4th and  July 9th I had visited the Shoshone County Sheriffs office requesting a complaint form to fill out regarding the officers conduct, and FOIA all records for this case. I visited the Police Chief  in Osborn, asking for the same and explaining what had taken place. And last on July 8th  I went to the Shoshone County Courthouse to speak with the Prosecutor regarding this case, and show witness statements. I also wanted to let them know I had not yet hired an Attorney and ask what the next step was. This was the day before the so called deadline, a representative from that department came out to speak with me. Informed me of the same information I was given by the clerk but said nothing about a scheduled arraignment on the next morning at 0900.
So basically I had contacted everyone connected to this and was never told that July 09th, 2019 at 0900 was the arraignment hearing.  Each time I was told that July 09th  was a deadline for my Attorney to contact them, which I thought was kind of weird but didn’t give it a second thought because I had been in touch so many times and was staying just down the street from the courthouse.  On July 09th 2019 about 1:30 pm I went back to the Courthouse and go up to the Prosecutors office to ask again what was the next step for me to take only to be told “ oh there was arraignment this morning at 0900 and you missed it.  I said what?***I was told that the judge was signing my warrant for me to go to jail. Right away I went from the clerks office to the Prosecutors office and even the security guard had joined me through the different departments that day and stated what he had witnessed the day before. I even asked to see the Judge to explain that I was not told of the arraignment, but was given no consideration, no mercy and not even a second thought. The courthouse security confirmed that on July 8th he witnessed my attempt with the prosecutors office and the only thing they did was throw up their hands and tell me there was nothing anyone could do.
                What I have learned from this horrible experience is…. There is no such thing as due process, being innocent until proven guilty, the Constitution and honesty or integrity in Shoshone County.  If you stand up for your rights or question authority, you go to jail! I have come to fear the police officers and I now know that the judicial system is based on nothing but lies and is all for monetary gains. (at least in this court)I am convinced the Sheriffs Department is not on the up and up and does not take their Oath serious. (some or all of their Deputies need to be informed of the Law and the Sheriff should educate them better).I am now convinced this court is stealing our unalienable rights provided to us by God, and protected by the Constitution. They are foreign agents that have sold off their country and countryman and have no problem with looking at us in the face as they exercise a career of being professional liars, thieves, deceivers and traitors of their country.
And it is also obvious that Officer Woody from the Osburn Police Department is a complete Tyrant and out of control.  Officer Woody is a loose cannon that has no respect for the position he is in and uses his job to do favors for his Good Olé Boys. By loosing his temper and unlawfully jailing someone instead of showing patience, respect, honesty and integrity, it is very apparent that he should be removed from his job immediately along with anyone else that thinks they are above the Law.
I was minding my own business at the Motel I was staying at, when an attempt to trespass me from properties I was not near, to end up being arrested for Obstruction and Resisting. To this day I have not been informed if I have been trespassed or not. I now have a $ 5000  Bench Warrant  and plenty of witnesses to all of this unlawful Tyranny that has happened to me. I just want this over!  Anyone can clearly see that there is no fair policing or trial there for me! It is obvious by numerous amount of communications to Law Enforcement, the Prosecutors office and the Court system that my full intentions have been to face this lawless personal attack that has been orchestrated against me.
I am not a criminal, the actions of these two officers have affected my life greatly. Shoshone County Sheriff has my picture and the information of the warrant spattered over social media this whole time. and has challenged and affected the initial views and opinions of family, friends and the public. It has not only changed parts of who I am but what my goals in life are. If this is in any way a view of our true judicial system or evidence of what we all are facing, then America is a complete lie. Growing up I was taught to respect Law Enforcement and have faith in the Court System in a free Country and with Unalienable Rights given to us by God. Unalienable rights that cannot be infringed upon no matter how evil and sick someone might be. I am now convinced otherwise.

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This site posting was shared by a new Atlanta member to us. You should know what you are up against. This will drive you crazy what these deep state operatives are doing....this is part of the 2/3 up for removal no doubt from the swamp letting this crap slide because they are making money on everyone's sorrow.


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I was being held in the Gwinnett County Jail WITHOUT BAIL OR A LAWYER when that article was published.
Here is some more of my story.  I WAS FORCED to PLEAD GUILTY with TEARS STREAMING down my face in an "empty courtroom" to "DAMAGING MY HOME" that THEY stole through FRAUD and CORRUPTION.  I paid to remove our belongings, clean the gutters, repair leak near chimney that I had repaired twice before. They were allowed to RECORD another Fraudulent Deed that did not meet the legal requirements to be allowed to be recorded.  They allowed "SOMEONE" to file fraudulent docs with the courts.  They did NOT sell our home at a PUBLIC AUCTION as required by law.  THE CRIMINALS worked with the DA/SHERRIFF/CLERK of COURTs to coverup these crimes and abuses so they could continue to make families HOMELESS ILLIGALLY!  The "Law FIRM" LLC is NOT operating as REQUIRED by state law to be a PC (Professional Corp).  
ALL EVIDENCE of my allegations are in writing and in Government Systems.
I have reported the LARGEST FRAUD now RICO case in American History.
I-Team: EXCLUSIVE: Federal Grand Jury Probes Gwinnett Sheriff's Department:   https://youtu.be/wnRCsrRLktY
I-Team: Another 75 Inmates Sue Gwinnett Sheriff Over 'Gratuitous Pain':            https://youtu.be/-TmbQVJ396w
Some backround information:  Here is my foreclosure paperwork covered by a GREAT PATRIOT YouTuber!
60 Minutes Mortgage Fraud - Reverse Bank Robbery:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKwB1BaFu9Q&t=2s
Why have no Banksters/Esquires/Politicians been held ACCOUNTABLE?  BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO TAKE A REPORT AND INVESTIGATE!
Here is another homeowner that the EXACT SAME BANK, SAME DA, SAME CLERK OF COURTS/Sherrif charged with 1 COUNT = 12 counts and wanted them to spend 170 YEARS in PRISON, what "STRAW MEN"/BANKSTERS DO ON AN EPIDEMIC SCALE!

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YouTube blocked my Watch Later or, I would have Watched Earlier! EEON: nonjudicial foreclosure in CA Supreme Court 

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There is a common law principle which states that for there to be a crime there must first be a victim, corpus delecti. In the absence of a victim there can be no crime. The State cannot be the victim. @9:35

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  1. I vow to insure that all public servants uphold our Founding Documents; and to carry out all of my deliberating under Natural Law; principled under Justice, Honor, and Mercy; And to strictly adhere to the following two legal maxims: (1) Every right when with-held must have a remedy, and every injury it's proper redress, and (2) in the absence of a victim, there can be no crime "corpus delecti." The State cannot be the victim.

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On Monday I have a court case about a traffic 'violation'. I checked the ticket today and later I read in the court procedures (government issued) about the summons.
The summons has to have a few standards which are interesting.
That the summons has to be signed by the Clerk and needs a seal of the court. My ticket has none. Beside the Police officer signed as 'law enforcement officer' (she probably didnt know that she doesnt enforce the law.)
The plaintiff is the state of Ohio, as the state cant be the victim (they truly havent been the victim of my traffic 'violation'), that should be an easy one.
I currently look for the quote '....the state cant be the victim....' as I want to use it to get the case dismissed. I read it here but while checking everything and searching the internet, I cant find it. If anyone can direct me to it, I would be grateful.

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There is a Common Law principle which states that for there to be a crime, there must first be a victim, corpus delecti.  In the absence of a victim, there can be no crime. The State cannot be the victim.
Follow all the videos until you find Traffic Violation: How To Stop A Cop Arraignment - WIN - must not enter a plea; Do you understand the charges against you? "No, your Honor, I don’t. I do not understand I need to have some questions answered; I do not understand the nature and cause of the charges.

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Going to Help,... a Jurisdictional Challenge will. Follow the process and don't wait any longer. then you'll go back to sleep at night. Filing and fighting in their sandbox will only bring you heartache.

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Wisconsin is voting on an Art. V convention which will give Congress the ability to completely destroy the Constitution we now have. They only need 6 more states. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are all for it. James Madison questioned who would pick the delegates (Congress) and how would it be formed? Call Wisconsin congressmen for them to vote against it to protect our Constitution

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En_Alien able Rights.
The Constitution was drawn up for the Government
InWhich does not mean People.
 Think , Tyranny and Treason to even create a Vote.
 If You have been injured , You Must File a Claim against the Enemy.
You can not filed a Claim based on Hear_Say.
 Do Yourself a Favor.
Get your Press ID.
Get Your Business Cards.
 Defend the Image in the Mirror.
 Reveal Your Information to Nobody.
Not Even the Postal Delivery Personnel in Your Local Area.
And Remember : Loose Lips sink tight ship's.
Since You're a Member
 What You decide to Declare in a Party of 25 Domicile People can Remove any/All Government agencies from their Position in any/all Office's without Prior Notice.
 Any Questions ??

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Opression by government officials have done maximum damage to property and chattles. Joinder is required immediately. Help getting the funds will have to be by raising money for National liberty alliance .Please send info on how much can help send letters out and get others involved. Any help to fast tract within one week . chooka142@gmail.com
God bless and keep U.S.  thank you
J.C. son of the most high God

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I need the Joinder please help.

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Thanks for the referral to the Bill Thornton video. I actually am a very big fan of his and was familiar with his work. I only disagree with his strategy of using the fake court´s physical facility, even though We the People are paying for it. Of course every time I listen I get something else out of it. Anybody out there in Ohio willing to help me form kind of a standing common law court? It would mostly be to rubber stamp proposed judgments many of us are now getting through Notices of Liability and Default, but it could branch into being a trial court too, I would think, with rights to a petit jury.  Katherine 614-633-0215 or kshine@wljaradio.net.
Now I´m searching for a common law sheriff in Ohio. According to Judge Anna: There are 3100 County Sheriffs and only about 500 of them belong to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. What I want to do is put in my Notices that enforcement of any subsequent tacitly agreed to judgment could be enforced by sheriff X of some county or other in Ohio. But first I have to find out if there are any constitutional sheriffs IN Ohio, as indicated by membership in the CSPOA. I have some emails in. The 500 who are members seem to be running scared, for good reason. Anyone have any tips?

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I am having some success in small claims court. I have bundled my state and federal cases up into seperate express trusts with registered mail numbers and ucc amendments to my financing statement in which all collateral is assigned to my private foundation. My revocable trust is property of the private 508(c)(1)(a) foundation and I got a protective order for all of my contracts and documents and I can move for in camera review. THAT IS WHERE OUR COMMON LAW COURT IS!!! If they dont give you in camera review it is a due process disaster for them. In camera/chambers, the JUDGE does not exist. In prvate, no public official can exist.
In Camera
In chambers; in private. A judicial proceeding is said to be heard in camera either when the hearing is had before the judge in his or her private chambers or when all spectators are excluded from the courtroom.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
in camera
adj. or adv. phrase. Latin for "in chambers." This refers to a hearing or discussions with the judge in the privacy of his chambers (office rooms) or when spectators and jurors have been excluded from the court room. (See: in chambers)
Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.
in camera
noun confidential, confidentially, in annechambers, in chambers, in judge's chamber, in judicial chamber, in private, in secrecy, out of public view
Burton's Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright © 2007 by William C. Burton. Used with permission of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
in camera
‘in chambers’, a most perplexing phrase for litigants who suspect they maybe about to be photographed. Actually it indicates that the case, or the rest of the case, is to be heard in the judge's private chambers - excluding the public.
Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006
Gotta run and get this other small claims petition in against a cop who caused false information to appear on a court record. BATTLESHIP-SuNK!!! Securing execution of a document by deception. whamm-o! He cannot un-ring that bell.

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Where can I find HELP to file a Claim against Family Law & CPS at a County-State & Federal Level?? Can I file in all 3 or only 1?? I have a Solid case Documentation & all. Looking for Guidance & Justice for my Family.
I need a Civil Law Attorney who will Fight for Justice & Not sure how to find someone to HELP me get this moving forward. I have contacted many Law Firms & NOT ONE has Even Cared to learn the Facts of my cases. As soon as I say Gvmt i.e. Family Law-CPS they run the other way.
 My # 530-263-1141

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Most of what Anna Von Reitz "teaches" is nonsense she has no understanding of Common Law and perpetuates a lot of provably false patriot myths

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after a series of 13  public pretenders i started getting a clue. i have a serious delima.  dui while traveling on a suspended. The  tooper agreed to 1000$ per hour upon detainment which he accepted. i am standing on the land with anna's status change paperwork.  i was on the record for the first time as a living man on my felony dui charge only to have and evaluation hearing a week befor my trial.  here is my delima.  i have a misdemenor trial the day befor my competancy hearing which i didnt agree to or even have a chance to speak. the head public defender set the date. they say they were appointed.  i sent her an email asking her to show me the contract that they could represent me in my violations conditions of release charge.  i have been looking at the option of an Notice interlocutory appeal but dont have a clue on how to execute one.  I need witnesses and reporters willing and able.  i have lots of chaga. the most medicinal mushroom on the planet. and cash  please help. 

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you can fire appointed counsel any time you want. send them a notice informing the court and public defender that they are fired