Abuse of Power

If you are stuck in an “Abusive Court” and cannot get out we may be able to help. The "Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury" can file an “Amicus Curiae” (Latin for an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case) on your behalf. If the Court fails to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and denial of Due Process we will then join your case to our Federal Case against the Judiciary for dismissal and restitution.

Or are you being Abused by the IRS


NLA facilitates the Common Law Grand Jury providing for all necessary costs to operate and educate the People. Education is the key to save our Republic, as Thomas Jefferson said: “If a People expect to be ignorant and free, they expect what never was and never will be.” Therefore we request a donation of $100 or more to cover the cost of joining your case. Please carefully follow the instuructions below.

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LibertyAlive's picture

I need help everone. I just got blatantly abused by the Courts and Judges! The Judge, Majistrate and Attorney had an ex parte meeting right in front of me and didn't care that I knew about it! Needless to say they ruled against me and through my case out! I  am looking to Subpeona them all to court and challenge there standing as a public servant. Because Judges are representing forieghn agencies yet presenting themselves as public servants to State Citizens. Does anybody know how to do this or can give me examples of court cases that have been successful at removing them from office? Or do you have any other action of recource I can take? 

roswell47's picture

They spend 10 minutes of energy throwing out your case , clearing their calendar , and resting in place.  Now you get to spend all your energy for the next 10 years trying to get justice.  "Wake up America".  

@rutharcle's picture

119 newer judges appointed 

roswell47's picture

About 2000 federal judges being paid 400 million a year to protect status quo amid tyrants. 100 new judges won't change a thing appointed by this president - " your delusion is a fantasy". Make it twice that amount with benefits, lets call it a billion ! Where does a country get that much money year after year to continue the treason and subversion ?The private and unaudited federal reserve of course.  Once you give away the banks and money supply to people it wont take long till they run America and then the planet   - as they choose - and you and you become insignificant and without life.  In the end the bankers buzz around the planet in their helicopters and planes admiring the new wilderness absent of people except the chosen few.  Meanwhile fools advise us Trump continues to drain the swamp!

@rutharcle's picture

We're moving along nicely now keeping the faith hope springs eternal fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me hold hold on holding still be still remain calm we got this!

Stolen2255's picture

I understand that there's controversy on child support. However, if I didn't have the support agency, I'd not see any contribution from my children's father. Now, I've never asked for a child support review since our old support order from 2007 and our children are teens now. Their father is stable financially and my asking for a support review is a serious need, not a vindetta against him. Our children do not deserve to live at 200% poverty while his income is 4 x more than mine, monthly. I have a false allegations cps case, though kids are back home after 5 months detained in foster care, the case is still open. I have a letter by the support agency, stating I may ask for a child support review. I sent my application for review and suddenly receive a letter stating the support agency will not perform the support review, because cps county court already has a prescheduled hearing set for April 2020 for a support review. This is a violation of my rights and my children's rights! What recourse do I have? I'm sure the so called county "judge" doesn't know that I've never had a review before. Again, the support order has not been reviewed since 2007. I need help. My son has special needs and I have a special education public school battle on my hands as well. County court has always used the bogus "best interest of the children", so why can't I throw that back at the court in this situation with child support??? HELP!! 

Lee J Draper's picture

My interpretation of this situation is that CPS Child Support Review is purely for CPS to intercept any child support as they feel they have legal custody of your children. My recommendation to you is relocate outside of their jurisdiction ASAP Before That Hearing! if you have family or friends in another state go there lay low until the children are 18.You can always collect the child support after that. Child support belongs to the children if you are there primary provider then that child support belongs to you, as fiduciary , to be distributed to the children. The obligation cannot be disposed of in a bankruptcy and never goes away for the obligated parent.
In general:
Never allow CPS to place their hands on your children. If they are at your door and demand to see the children as a welfare check lock your security door and allow them to see the children only if you can see a warrant held up to a locked door with a wet signature. In review of such a warrant  if they want to verify there are no bruises or other abuse marks you can lift the child shirt or whatever is necessary to show to that effect do not allow them access to your children. FCPS shows up at your door with a police officer demanding access close the door call the sheriff remind the sheriff of his obligation to the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic do not open the door until the sheriff is standing on the other side.
CPS it's not your friend they do not have your child's best interest at heart. 

JoejoeBabie's picture

Can I share with you just one of the things that keeps me up at night? Am I not a "posterity"? Our fore fathers would say and for our "posterity" in the addressing of of thier natural rights, and to shake off the shackles of the "King" to establish what was right and good for them.  Well.... because I happened to be born about 100yrs too late to be a party to a perk of homesteading... you were able to stake off a piece of land, as long as you lived on it, worked it for yours and your "posterity" I AM A "POSTERITY" !!! Does anyone know where or how  I claim a little piece of property, you know olden days style homesteading? I have been attempting to research said problem but continue to come across same'ole same'ole rhetoric, round'ie round'ie hopeless bureaucratic nonsence, or over encumbered, estrangulated covanants and restrictions connected to said "free land" Is there anyone out there who can confirm this American dream is in all actuality DEAD.... So that I can lay it to rest. Or that there is undiscovered by me, some thread of information I could follow? Oh shoot did I put this in the wrong place? I'm new!?!

Squire Piper.'s picture

Perhaps you claim your support in this event by learning what a title is.
Then , contact the title company and tell them you are in possession of the location.
Now that you have found fault you need the form to apply for the title.
There is More you need to know though if you want to call me back tap on the call in the Post.
I believe that the number is there.

Squire Piper.'s picture

Question: Are you doing business as ALL CAPITAL NAME?
You should have done this before so I believe that you have done this already.
You must claim the injury. As a Plaintiff so you can be in place of the ENTITY. As this is Not you.
Everybody. Everything.

Dwayne Kellams's picture

Please, anybody that can help me get to the study course, you can call dwayne at 432-210-2986,their not much help in the front office for this issue. 

Ron Flick's picture

Dwayne you need to set up your phone system if you want someone to call and offer help. Most HOME PAGES of the Courses have a person's name and an email to reach for assistance on any problems you might have with a course.

Freemel05's picture

Hi, I am wondering how I will know if you guys are going to help me with my cases or not?  I'm on somewhat of a time limit and need to file paperwork in the next few days so thats the reason I'm wondering.  Please let me know via email that is on my joinder application.  Thank you for all that you do!

Dwayne Kellams's picture

Good luck 

geogard's picture

Can I or preferably someone w/a better understanding of procedure initiate the investigation and file a request with the Ukrainian government to investigate the possible criminal activity of Joe and Hunter Biden with respect to a "quid-pro-quo" of the previous Ukraine government. "We the People" should know about any illegal or criminal activity committed by any person in our government that misuses our tax dollars to pressure another country's government into a compromising situation. "We the People" have the right to know who the crooks are. Our power "Trumps" all power in this present government. Perhaps we can petition our dysfunctional Congress to initiate our request as a demand for an investigation.

Freemel05's picture

I have a couple of questions on right to travel in Michigan.  I have a bit of a back story and I'm not sure how to email as this is my first time on here.  Could someone get in contact with me?!   Thank you so much and I look forward to helping take back our country!!

databrain's picture

After our recent elections, many Virginians are now faced with socialist democrats in control of our State government.  They are now proceeding with bills to effectively "infringe" upon many unalienable Rights - especially our right to self-defense.  Thus, Americans are pushing their elected County Board of Supervisors to pass "resolutions" saying they support the Constitution, our Rights, etc.  Of couse, said resolutions are essentially useless - except for getting eyeballs on the issue.   
I believe the next big step will be Common Law Court - to stop out of control government officials implementing their UnConstitutioanl rules, laws, etc. passed by folks in Richmond.  Anyone care to chime in on how we might take a Common Law approach to this - especially at a local level - including the Sheriffs, etc.?
Thanks!  Tim

Freecountry's picture

can I use live life claim on all of this ? 
With my standing claim in court ? 
i have to stay on point with standing , but probate is bring witness to testify my parents had dementia ? I was not aware of this ! It’s consperacy / coercion is what they are doing !! Is it possible to get some ideas ! I really need your involvement! the help is needed now ! 

Save-our-republic's picture

On disobeying officer not giving my license and registration, didn't say I wouldn't give it but kept asking questions instead, resisting arrest the women was 5 ft 1 110 lbs  said I wouldn't let her handcuff when I was on my knees hands behind my back I've wrestled 450 lb men she didn't have strength enough to unlock cuffs at police station what's my best defense 

L Joe Silva's picture

How is it that you ended out on you knees hand cuffed, I'm not sure what you did but whatever it was she arrested you. We have a woman deputy out here where I live and ,she is about the size of the woman you described and she is more than capable of taking down anyone she needs to.  Might I suggest not getting stupid with law enforcement as you are outnumbered to say the least and it is quite embarrassing to be taken down by a little tiny woman.

Evette's picture

I have a 10 yr. Divorce I appealed in Southern District Court, NYC with a Federal Judge Colleen McMahon, who gave my corrupt Judge Matthew Cooper Immunity. I supplied all no jurisdiction law, no jury law, the court is not soverign, it is a Corporation selling securities. etc... still protected this fraud judge. 10 yrs held hostage with all my cash and property given to my attorney spouse with no impartialtiy and no equitible distribution.  Now I neeed to supply an appeal in appelate Court.  I am not sure what to do. I am fried from 10 yrs of abuse and extortion,being given no support on food stamps, chronically in deprivation, left with nada.  I still live in my home but I too want to sue the President, the Governor, the Mayor, all the politicans who have ignored my fraud in NYC which is treason to not report fraud. I have Chief Judges, Janet Di Fiore, ignored me, and Chief Judges at 60 Centre Street in NYC too, with my own5 attorneys who worked for the other side and multiple attorneys in collusion with the court and my ex spouse a personal injury attorney too.  From $2Million to food stamps and medicaide is killing me.

Ziggybro82's picture

If you could call me john. I have a answer from the assistant DA on the challenge of jurisdiction. I would like to E-mail a copy to you just so you can see his answer its 3 pages ?? 

TamarahElMoore's picture

Do share please!?

TamarahElMoore's picture

Do share please!?

Evette's picture

My challenge to Jurisdiction, and fruad, was Immunity, and then Judge McMahon dismissed my "affidavit of Bond procedures" and "affidavit of Corporate denial" too, becuse I am alive and not a corporation.. prove it.  right,. you can never win here. I have fraud documents and complaints to the judicial board from 2016 when Preete Bahara, Loretta Lynch, Eric Schneiderman were around, and Govnor Cuomo, 13 parties here in New York City, my Senator, Councilmenmers, all these people do nothing.  It is as if we do not exist.  But ask us to attend a town meeting or to protest over development in historic communities, etc... we show up. I have been to congress 3 times with 3 different groups of advocates talking about fraud, extortion, child trafficking... It is very frustrating having no constituion or bill of rights and disability rights in the deception we have experienced in Admiralty courts of commerce and contracts.  

gringagirl's picture

NEVER submit your Notices about the Absence of Subject Matter Jurisdiction to the fake, de facto "court". They will never, never, ever recognize your truth. What you must do is give Notice to each of the individuals involved. By certified mail or personal service. Anyone  wanting to see what I do to challenge their jurisdiction, including a "template" (But PLEASE make sure you understand ANYthing you send out), contact me at kshine@wljaradio.net

roswell47's picture

Give individual notice of what? Spell it out if you are here to help.  State your facts.  Notice of liability like the smart meters and they will fear damages and dismiss action. People are not fish , 

wronnie553@gmail.com's picture

I would love to read your answer from the DA concerning the challenge of jurisdiction. 

J.A.Montgomery's picture

Hello. I'm new to the site.I just lost my case against my lender WELLS FARGO for "failure to state a claim" which is amazing because I had a forensic audit done on my mortgage which clearly demonstrates these bankers have committed fraud. I guess that evidence isn't enough to constitute a "claim." BTW, I used fraudstoppers.org to support my pro se litigation on this one; they did my paperwork for filing. They seemed good and reasonable in terms of rates for doing the work but even that wasn't good enough. So, I'm investigating Plan B.
I'm looking for real information on how to discover the CUSIP information connected to the birth certificate. All the government whores will claim the BC isn't a bond but that is a lie. The BC bond is what creates new money. Those who say FRNs have "no value" are wrong. They're backed up by every man, woman, and child's lifetime expenditure of commercial energy. When humans work for a living their whole lives, there is DEFINITELY a commercial value for that energy over the course of a lifetime. THAT is what "backs up" the currency.
If anyone here knows how to enter the BC serial number/SSN info correctly into a site like Fidelity.com in order to discover the CUSIP and ticker symbol for the bonds that exist when the BC was monetized, I'd like to know how to do that. Thank you in advance.

dmf51@hotmail.com's picture

it is on the back of social security card and on birth certificate, from what i know...

Tracey-Florida's picture

Here us the link to the us treasury direct site https://www.treasurydirect.gov/BC/SBCPrice  When looking up the serial number on your birth certificate, you have to play around with the series. I've looked up my families and some were EE, one was I and the rest were E's. Also, look up death certificates! There are usually 2 bond numbers on them! 

Ray's picture

I have no idea if this is true or not, but I have heard that you can contact a "broker" and have him find it!