Abuse of Power

If you are stuck in an “Abusive Court” and cannot get out we may be able to help. The "Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury" can file an “Amicus Curiae” (Latin for an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case) on your behalf. If the Court fails to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and denial of Due Process we will then join your case to our Federal Case against the Judiciary for dismissal and restitution.

Or are you being Abused by the IRS


NLA facilitates the Common Law Grand Jury providing for all necessary costs to operate and educate the People. Education is the key to save our Republic, as Thomas Jefferson said: “If a People expect to be ignorant and free, they expect what never was and never will be.” Therefore we request a donation of $100 or more to cover the cost of joining your case. Please carefully follow the instuructions below.

Anyone requesting assistance must support NLA by donating $5 a month or more. Therefore, you must be a “Premium Member” and be signed up for our "Government by Consent Course." The reason for this is "knowledge is power" and without that power we cannot save our Republic and we will fail.

Notice: To All Who Fill Out An Intake Form

NLA has filed 100’s of writs, mandamuses, decision and orders, petitions and more with federal, county, city, and town courts over the last 6 years. The purpose of the filings is to demand lawful remedy to the Petitioner(s) in each case and to notify the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal district courts, and lower courts  that We the People are paying attention to their actions, that they are in violation of their Oath to “protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” When judges deny We the People due process, they commit treason.

What outcome should you expect when NLA files paperwork on your behalf?

Of course, NLA wants to see immediate compliance with the Law of the Land (U.S. Constitution) and that your issue be resolved quickly and fairly. However, to date the courts continue to ignore NLA’s demands for lawful remedy. As a result, many of the People are unjustly incarcerated, lose their homes, their children, their firearms; the list is long.  

NLA believes justice will be served when the deep state is no longer holding justices, judges, district attorneys, and sheriffs hostage with threats of blackmail or harm to themselves or their family members.

Until this day arrives, practice patience and educate yourself by taking the Government by Consent course. Educate your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the corruption and abuse of power you are battling. Every freedom-loving American needs to be in this battle. 

Keep the Faith. Justice will prevail.

2 Timothy 4:7, Paul writes, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

If you are not part of the Solution, you are part of the problem.

NLA Intake Team

To Sign-up to Join your case to the Grand Jury's case against the Judiciary, on jurisdictional challenges, follow the steps below:

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(6) Make sure you are logged in, CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM FOR [Joinder] Mortage/Tax Foreclosures, CPS, APS, Jurisdiction Challenges, IRS, and Habeas Corpus Cases


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Im trying to learn my responsibilities and get my case started for Wrongful Foreclosure

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we've had weather engineering, chemtrails etc (which many ignore here) in Kansas for years and even back 50 years an older man was telling me when I tried to discuss this recent activity in our state House and Senate ,  the wildness of the weather patterns etc and the strangeness of the clouds ..color, formation etc..  and seems declining insect , bird populations seems to be unrecognized ..or something ..but look at this link below..and is this happening in your state........? Mike Morales has some other shorts on the flooding last year in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri...he's from Missouri... I think of LBJ quote starting geoengineeringwatch .org  "He who controls the weather controls the world "  something like that..
weather warfare link from Mike Morales.. part of this video is scarey part of the County having authority to control and cloud seed etc  part of the weather manipulation now and money will be taken from county funds and other grants... don't know what this will means but it could be used once againt to target.. and we pay for it..and it damages and controls however they say....it'll be like that...?? Also videos globally of weatehr warfare. Ausralia ..west of Europe..
adding this Feb 13.. Cloud seeding yes but now they are arranging whole systems and are creating weather that floods out and burns out and lose property...  the geonengineering and silence about it...all part of the totalitarian blow your life away that is praciticed in the courts and "communities" ..even the "nicest people " are bulldozing and " lying" and it is mob rule... the group in concert of "good people" Kansas seems so taken over by the fascist group.. and I wonder how much of the nanotech and mind control by frequencies is actually in effect....propaganda etc.seems so mindless and marxists and the Politically correct that seems insanity..  we are having police suiciding across the country... isn't that right high numbers.. ?? (farmers too) and from my experience, gosh a dozen times or more in 7 years or so of sometimes three or four officers come in and help with the abuse of rights and play it's nice I'm not Arrested??whole establishment..  oh "we're so considerate" and it's violence of stonewall.. .. ... a lot of  them know and regret they are participating in organized subversion of the law ...organized crime..  ..runs the gamut of comprehension of the  moral position in regard to the corruption in the system... but it seems they have no real choice but compliance...seems that way for almost every group full social spectrum...?is that so? There is no choice but compliance..?? a few of us protest and we're bulkldozed  or ignored and patted on the head ..(We could kill you and no reprimand actually, be grateful..)  and discredited...really forcing people to evil or suicide seems to arouse no concern for the population generally..it's a joke... torture (Milgram Experiment type stuff) is a fun little exercise for the leadership and the populace?? Guess not likely to get a "result" expressing this but it does help some....of course it's deviant to protest and not be happy with the "experiment." Insane and the weather cruelty and  violence seems part of the fun epxeriment... CRazy... listen to
from neverlosertruth How can they damage and it not be illegal and not be subject to legal actions...this is ultimate power abuse. ??
Courts and estblishment here and they do anything and no correction available..it's like full social ...if they want..no stopping any atrocity they please and it's something "Wrong" with the person...
I heard on Brannon Howse,  Three Radio stations, operating in Kansas City and there is propaganda for Communism(?) etc.. Haven't heard them yet.. There is a station or staions in D.C.  Is that subversion Constitutionally we cannot stop freedom of speech etc or belief.. efforts to undermine the Constitution?
Hong Kong.... valiant effort...what is happening now?? God help us..

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The Treasury Secretary cannot make or add too law. Page 9 of 16

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I need help everone. I just got blatantly abused by the Courts and Judges! The Judge, Majistrate and Attorney had an ex parte meeting right in front of me and didn't care that I knew about it! Needless to say they ruled against me and through my case out! I  am looking to Subpeona them all to court and challenge there standing as a public servant. Because Judges are representing forieghn agencies yet presenting themselves as public servants to State Citizens. Does anybody know how to do this or can give me examples of court cases that have been successful at removing them from office? Or do you have any other action of recource I can take? 

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For the most part, every time anyone of us - we the people - go to court, we are always listed as a Defendant, and even if it's a personal suit, 9/10 times, or even 10 out of 10 times the plaintiff is always the state of whatever state this lawsuit originates in PERFECT!!! Whether or not the plaintiff is a fictitious entity - aka -  a fictional creation of man. That, however, does not change the fact that the plaintiff must appear. If the plaintiff will not, cannot, or does not appear, then there is no case. In order for there to be a case, there must be a living breathing people known as the plaintiff. Get back to me, I'll walk you through how to fight and beat this. Piece of cake. - rhodeislandjim3@gmail.com - Jim Magee

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It is almost impossible to win in THEIR ROMAN CIVIL COURTS. Those "courts" are created for CORPORATIONS and ATTORNEYS, and is the reason that your Christian Name is always converted into the ALL-CAPS VESSEL NAME.  You have more chance by hiring an attorney, but of course those get expensive very quickly. An alternative would be to sue in PROBATE COURT, but you need a way to get in without a Death Certificate. Then open an Adversary Proceeding, which is like a normal lawsuit. You have the option of using Common Law or Equity, but you MUST know how to format and present the Pleadings.  Pretenders WILL be exposed! The other caveat is that NO "court" of THEIRS will proceed with a suit against one of THEIR "judges". BOTTOM LINE -- you need to EDUCATE yourself on proceedings in Common Law, Equity and Probate Court.

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HI, I've been in probate for 2 years. Brief synopsis: My dad passed away in early 2018, I have 3 sisters, they stole everything, rare coins, baseball cards, life insurance policies, stocks and bonds. I changed the locks on the house after a month of them clearing it out and trying to push me out. My mom passed away in 2010 and my dad sat us all down and said he was leaving me the house and wanted us to move in right away. My kids and I have lived with him ever since. My sisters destroyed his will, took all documents. My older sister wanted to be pr, I said no, I had a lawyer at the time, he was useless. Court appointed a pr and she became my adversary. Falsifed documents, lied. I recused 2 judges and tried to recuse the entire district court for rico and everything John Darash has quoted but at the time I did not really understand how the titles and codes worked. I have petitioned for the removal of the pr. She emergency resigned. I filed a tortious interference of inheritance which is very good, I must say for not having much experience. Still no response to it. That was filed in April of 2019. I have just filed a challenge to jurisdiction and here is my question...I have tried to file for defaults against them but the court won't look at them. I had my daughter write an affidavit of service. I need to write an affidavit of default - do I also file for judgement and file my own order? I have turned this court into a court of record. What are my next moves in order to get the defaults, jointly and severally and then move the case for cause and go after the judges and attorneys? They have taken my home, inheritance and gave me ptsd but I won't stop now.

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Tracey, I have been following common-law for quite some time now, going on. 4 or 5 years. I haven't really won my case yet, but I have made some interesting discoveries. One of the 1st things is - somewhere, there's an unwritten 3-time rule and it seems that things don't take place, until you file things 3 times. What I would do, is submit both the short claim letter, stating your claim and then file an affidavit. They must answer an affidavit. If they do not answer the affidavit, then everything in the affidavit stands as law. But, as I said, there's that hidden unwritten 3 rule law. - rhodeislandjim3@gmail.com

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Your question: you Need to write an affidavit of default - do you also file for judgment and file your own order:
e-mail synopsis as an attachment to NLA's intake coordinator Jim
wait 30 days from date you filed a challenge to jurisdiction then use the Affidavit of Default Form 

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I did file a challenge jurisdiction in January, it hasn't been 30 days yet, I also did a joinder. I just filed a motion for default, affidavit of default, certificate of process and entry of default. The defendants defaulted back in April of 2019. I filed 3 times for default, requested hearings, requested jury trial and was ignored. But, I did not have proof of service so the defaults were never granted. I'm crossing my fingers but do plan on taking control of my court and moving it for cause to go after these asses masquerading as attorneys and judges. I can be reached at mojobeauty2000@gmail.com if you have more good advice :)

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The key is as John says, get out of that court! You won't get any justice and the judge is biased. Follow John and weekly topics to keep abreast of Joinder cases and call in Monday night to ask a question if any present

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They spend 10 minutes of energy throwing out your case , clearing their calendar , and resting in place.  Now you get to spend all your energy for the next 10 years trying to get justice.  "Wake up America".  

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absolutely. and not a qualm?? some dont know?? ..oh dear  I did read Wisdom chapter 1 and ch 2 this morning.. it was an accident.. I just turned to it..

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119 newer judges appointed 

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About 2000 federal judges being paid 400 million a year to protect status quo amid tyrants. 100 new judges won't change a thing appointed by this president - " your delusion is a fantasy". Make it twice that amount with benefits, lets call it a billion ! Where does a country get that much money year after year to continue the treason and subversion ?The private and unaudited federal reserve of course.  Once you give away the banks and money supply to people it wont take long till they run America and then the planet   - as they choose - and you and you become insignificant and without life.  In the end the bankers buzz around the planet in their helicopters and planes admiring the new wilderness absent of people except the chosen few.  Meanwhile fools advise us Trump continues to drain the swamp!

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Why be so negitive....the only "Fools" here are those who do not stand and believe on The WORD of Almighty God, that HE will have the last word! 
Lucifarians are not going to win. It is written that the prophets foretold good things, regardless of what the devils bring, and are STILL foretelling VICTORY in the fight between GOOD & EVIL. Remember Yeshua/Jesus The Christ has ALREADY WON. We just need to take up the sword of HIS WORD and use it in spiritual warfare!
Be of good courage, God is not to be mocked...whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.
A new day dawns here for the righteous and the righteousness of God's Kingdom on earth. We the People are DOING SOMETHING in the name of the Constitution that was established on the very WORD OF GOD. That WORD is settled in Heaven..and on Earth FOREVER. Don't think for one minute that Satan and his Demons, and those opposed in Treason, High Treason are going to win!.......never in this world nor in the next.
Let God Almighty and His People in righteousness arise, and their enemies be scattered!!!

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We're moving along nicely now keeping the faith hope springs eternal fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me hold hold on holding still be still remain calm we got this!

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I understand that there's controversy on child support. However, if I didn't have the support agency, I'd not see any contribution from my children's father. Now, I've never asked for a child support review since our old support order from 2007 and our children are teens now. Their father is stable financially and my asking for a support review is a serious need, not a vindetta against him. Our children do not deserve to live at 200% poverty while his income is 4 x more than mine, monthly. I have a false allegations cps case, though kids are back home after 5 months detained in foster care, the case is still open. I have a letter by the support agency, stating I may ask for a child support review. I sent my application for review and suddenly receive a letter stating the support agency will not perform the support review, because cps county court already has a prescheduled hearing set for April 2020 for a support review. This is a violation of my rights and my children's rights! What recourse do I have? I'm sure the so called county "judge" doesn't know that I've never had a review before. Again, the support order has not been reviewed since 2007. I need help. My son has special needs and I have a special education public school battle on my hands as well. County court has always used the bogus "best interest of the children", so why can't I throw that back at the court in this situation with child support??? HELP!! 

Lee J Draper's picture

My interpretation of this situation is that CPS Child Support Review is purely for CPS to intercept any child support as they feel they have legal custody of your children. My recommendation to you is relocate outside of their jurisdiction ASAP Before That Hearing! if you have family or friends in another state go there lay low until the children are 18.You can always collect the child support after that. Child support belongs to the children if you are there primary provider then that child support belongs to you, as fiduciary , to be distributed to the children. The obligation cannot be disposed of in a bankruptcy and never goes away for the obligated parent.
In general:
Never allow CPS to place their hands on your children. If they are at your door and demand to see the children as a welfare check lock your security door and allow them to see the children only if you can see a warrant held up to a locked door with a wet signature. In review of such a warrant  if they want to verify there are no bruises or other abuse marks you can lift the child shirt or whatever is necessary to show to that effect do not allow them access to your children. FCPS shows up at your door with a police officer demanding access close the door call the sheriff remind the sheriff of his obligation to the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic do not open the door until the sheriff is standing on the other side.
CPS it's not your friend they do not have your child's best interest at heart. 

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Obviously, I have no funds to relocate and that wouldn't resolve the needed child support review issue. The support isn't going to the county at this time. Court preset several hearings for cps case March 2019. One of which was a child support review hearing prescheduled for April 2020, but kids returned home to me under (my) temp custody, court ordered, while we're forced to work with cps. Thus, case remains open.
I'm not sure what I should send to the court, to alert the judge that I have a right to the support review right now. If I send a "motion" to modify the support, am I admitting to court's jurisdiction?? I just want to make the judge aware (and documented for my proof) that court's preset support review hearing for April 2020 is hindering my ability to get support review now. The court needs to cancel it, as circumstances have changed....kids were ordered home to me months ago! I sent request to support agency for review in Oct, also receiving letter by agency stating I may request a review. Agency set a support review for Jan 2020. I submitted required documents. Then, I receive notice from agency, my support review would not be done, due to court's support review hearing to be held April 2020. I can't provide the additional things my kids need, such as son's drivers ed due to the increased cost of living, etc. Last support order is from 2007.
Anyone have any advice??? 

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Can I share with you just one of the things that keeps me up at night? Am I not a "posterity"? Our fore fathers would say and for our "posterity" in the addressing of of thier natural rights, and to shake off the shackles of the "King" to establish what was right and good for them.  Well.... because I happened to be born about 100yrs too late to be a party to a perk of homesteading... you were able to stake off a piece of land, as long as you lived on it, worked it for yours and your "posterity" I AM A "POSTERITY" !!! Does anyone know where or how  I claim a little piece of property, you know olden days style homesteading? I have been attempting to research said problem but continue to come across same'ole same'ole rhetoric, round'ie round'ie hopeless bureaucratic nonsence, or over encumbered, estrangulated covanants and restrictions connected to said "free land" Is there anyone out there who can confirm this American dream is in all actuality DEAD.... So that I can lay it to rest. Or that there is undiscovered by me, some thread of information I could follow? Oh shoot did I put this in the wrong place? I'm new!?!

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Perhaps you claim your support in this event by learning what a title is.
Then , contact the title company and tell them you are in possession of the location.
Now that you have found fault you need the form to apply for the title.
There is More you need to know though if you want to call me back tap on the call in the Post.
I believe that the number is there.

Squire Piper.'s picture

Question: Are you doing business as ALL CAPITAL NAME?
You should have done this before so I believe that you have done this already.
You must claim the injury. As a Plaintiff so you can be in place of the ENTITY. As this is Not you.
Everybody. Everything.

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How do you claim the name?