New York Safe Act Lawsuit

read_action_2nd_amendment_4th_draft_b.pdfread_action_2nd_amendment_4th_draft_b.pdfKing Andrew Cuomo and all his legislative turncoats in Albany have taken pistol licenses control away from our Sheriffs and have passed control to the State Police. This means when the self-appointed king wants our guns he need only give the order to the State Police Superintendent who will obey his master or be fired unlike the Sheriffs who refused to obey the last infringement upon our Unalienable 2nd Amendment Right.

We need to push back now! Therefore NLA New York members are filing an action in the Federal Court in the Northern District of New York.

To join our filing as a Plaintiff download and fill out and notarize an affidavit and general information page

DOWNLOAD AFFIDAVIT.pdf and Mail Affidavit with $50 or more to cover our cost to:

National Liberty Alliance (make checks/money order to NLA)
3979 Albany Post Road, Suite 107
Hyde Park, New York, 12538

I am confident that with the draining of the swamp in Washington, the times they are a changing, and we can win this issue in the Federal Court in Albany. We all need to take a stand NOW or lose our guns.

We will be suing for the following:

  1. Court is to order the State to stand down and all County Sheriffs to protect us from any State Police action.
  2. We will also move the court for an Injunction until the case is settled.
  3. And finally for Monetary damage of $50,000 for each plaintiff

NOTICE: You must act quickly once we file the suit it will be to late to join the suit. We will post all court filings and responses on this page below.

Join NLA to receive lawsuit updates by email and take our FREE Constitutional and Civics course and our higher education. Any one living in NY can join the filing and there is no requirement to join NLA membership. But if you are not a NY NLA member you will not be receiving email updates, therefore you will need to visit this page for the latest updates.

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K9Sheps's picture

Hey Guys, I am being inundated with questions about the date for the filing of injunction re" Re-Cert of CCW Permits.

jf6363's picture

I would be interested in the stats.I don't have your contact info.Could you post them here?If as few people are re certifiying as i suspect i believe they will extend the deadline or some other safe face action.I know there is a state senator that introduced a bill for extention.(so she says)

jf6363's picture

Is there a time frame  or date for acting on this lawsuit yet?Is there any information out there on how many gun owners have not re-certified yet?

Jan@NLA's picture

The Safe Act requires that people must begin registering there guns on February 1, 2018. Therefore, we must file our injunction etc before that date, so if you want to be incluced, you need to act now. If you wait till the last minute and there is a problem with your paperwork, you may miss this opportunity. I have no idea how many people have already re-certified their guns.

mrbagobeans's picture

Please post the stats in comment section

wecone's picture

sent you stats to your email.  Please post