Bible Study - Revelation

Join our Live Bible Study on the Book of Revelation Starting Thursday September 14th at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

Live study will continue every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30PM Eastern Time thereafter.

The weekly video study will be posted on this page by the following day.

We will be meeting in our "Monday Night Call Room." You can Download the Start Meeting App Here Follow the instructions to download for Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS.

OR,near the upper right hand corner of the StartMeeting screen, click on"Join." Then type in "nla" for the Online Meeting ID and chose your audio option.

You can also join us live by phone for audio only. Call-in number (602) 609-9417

Prelude to Revelation Part 1

Prelude to Revelation Part 2

Prelude to Revelation Part 3

Prelude to Revelation Watch & Mathew 23 Part 4



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wolski's picture

Moses wrote 613 statutes based on God's 10 commandments received, why?,
are promulgatation of regulations today, based on statutes passed by all legislatures, are a blueprint what Moses did?
Christians, are we today under the law or under  faith? , who's under the law today? who's not? 

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You have the date wrong, should be Sept. 14th Thursday a new moon.  

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