How We the People Will Win

How We the People will win in the court

We the People will win by the “Process, Record and the Law of the Land”!

Yes they ignore us and thereby from their perspective stall us. From our perspective we are using the time to continue filing; in probably the only Article III Court in the United States, each filing is just another removal of a brick in their wall of resistance.

Of course what they would like to do and have been trying to do is stop us and there in is “the Process & the Record” which is their Achilles' heel. They respond arrogantly and blindly and just keep on burying themselves deeper and deeper. Their old tricks don’t work against the Grand Jury’s strategy which is simply using the Process, Record and the “Law of the Land”, which is clearly the “Common Law”.

The "full record" is recorded on PACER which cannot be erased; they will only be able to act as Gate Keeper so long, before everyone else around them throws these judicial tyrants under the bus to save their own skin.

Meanwhile we have the organization, truth, history, law, and the status (Grand Jury) that they acknowledge and empower by way of contrast in their reaction every time they try to feebly respond to or acquiesce to by way of default.

History recalls that the best cleanser of darkness is light and that Justice will only sleep so long before evil succumbs to the light of truth because that is the reality of nature’s God and thereby nature.

This is the premise by which the Grand Jury acts and our paperwork expresses and proves; see

Now to the big question that everyone asks: “When will justice be met” the answer requires two things (1) from the People patience and (2) either critical mass or a favorable response from the U.S. Attorney General, which will also produce critical mass. A favorable response is sending us U.S. Attorneys who will prosecute. We do not have much faith in A.G. Sessions and it seems that President Trump doesn’t either; I think this is going to change soon.

You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem, for in doing nothing you acquiesce, so do something.