How We the People Will Win

How We the People will win in the court

We the People will win by the “Process, Record and the Law of the Land”!

Yes they ignore us and thereby from their perspective stall us. From our perspective we are using the time to continue filing; in probably the only Article III Court in the United States, each filing is just another removal of a brick in their wall of resistance.

Of course what they would like to do and have been trying to do is stop us and there in is “the Process & the Record” which is their Achilles' heel. They respond arrogantly and blindly and just keep on burying themselves deeper and deeper. Their old tricks don’t work against the Grand Jury’s strategy which is simply using the Process, Record and the “Law of the Land”, which is clearly the “Common Law”.

The "full record" is recorded on PACER which cannot be erased; they will only be able to act as Gate Keeper so long, before everyone else around them throws these judicial tyrants under the bus to save their own skin.

Meanwhile we have the organization, truth, history, law, and the status (Grand Jury) that they acknowledge and empower by way of contrast in their reaction every time they try to feebly respond to or acquiesce to by way of default.

History recalls that the best cleanser of darkness is light and that Justice will only sleep so long before evil succumbs to the light of truth because that is the reality of nature’s God and thereby nature.

This is the premise by which the Grand Jury acts and our paperwork expresses and proves; see

Now to the big question that everyone asks: “When will justice be met” the answer requires two things (1) from the People patience and (2) either critical mass or a favorable response from the U.S. Attorney General, which will also produce critical mass. A favorable response is sending us U.S. Attorneys who will prosecute. We do not have much faith in A.G. Sessions and it seems that President Trump doesn’t either; I think this is going to change soon.

You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem, for in doing nothing you acquiesce, so do something.


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Hi! Very interesting if true and he would reinstate Common Law in the UK. I'm in the US (MN) but hopefully this will have an impact on our system as well at some point.

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Hi, anyone from PA! In the midst of trying to, wakie up a crowd - out here, Western PA

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I have a pretty good process going helping a dad in Santa Cruz County, California in a fight against CPS. I need to know whether there are any common law courts or grand jural assemblies set up in California yet? I am not interested in participating in their fake administrative, for profit fake "courts". I did that for 42+ years as an attorney. I finally woke up to the frauds and resigned. I think I can help people but not with both hands tied behind my back as things stand now. And no, I don´t want to "be patient" while we wait for the criminals running the USSC to do whatever it is that Mr. Darast thinks they are going to do, other than drag their feet. Being "patient" sounds suspicouisly like what bar attorneys and fake "judges" say. Anyone who is serious please contact me at 614-633-0215 or

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Wait-while they pour quicksand around the feet of We the People-sure way of loosing Liberty .

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The "full record" is recorded on PACER which cannot be erased; they will only be able to act as Gate Keeper so long, before everyone else around them throws these judicial tyrants under the bus to save their own skin.

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My friend was stopped on a roadway, never read his Miranda rights, he got an attorney, and he told him that they do not have to read Miranda rights in Texas. They stole his pistol and put him in jail. I told him to fire his attorney and his attorney said to him that he will talk to the judge to see if the judge would make that decision or not. He lives in Montana and finally got discovery sent to him and now they will not give him any time to prepare so he is in Texas now and scared not knowing what to do. I told him that Subrogation is probably the best right now. But I am afraid they will slip something in on him that he will not know how to react to properly. Is there any way that you could help him, Jim? His phone # is 406 369-2250
Thank You very much.
Rodney-Lee: Palin

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Watch VIDEO>> for free limited time watch (Revelation Dawn of Global Government)        ..A VERY INFORMATIVE Piece SHOULD  PROBABLY BE PLACED IN NLA VIDEO WALL for education purposes IF NOT ALREADY THERE>?

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I wonder what can be done to find and communicate with other members.especially locally. I have lost interest here because there seems to be no real communication

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Yes, you are right.  There is no sense of community here. 

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Even when I see people who are online the site doesn´t allow me to message them. When you see someone´s profile, although a county is indicated, there is not a whisper of a suggestion of what state they are from and you can´t click on anything to send them a message. This is ludicrous, really. I suppose it´s better than nothing but not by much.

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Hello, I'm Jennifer from Massachusetts and my friend and I are trying to get a grassroots project going for NLA.  It sure would help to be able to find a messaging system amongst members here.  John says NLA provides a platform, but what I am finding is not suited for messaging amongst a local group of us.  At any rate, if anyone sees this and you're from western Massachusetts, please text or call me at 1-413-320-3239.  Lets get introduced and get this ball rolling.  God bless America!

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There are many ways to communicate.  There are many true Patriots here in our Nation, many are awakening and finding what is truly going on in our country.
I support all of NLA is doing, our Constitution and many other things have been subverted and literally weaponized against "We The People".
Ping me, there are many of us communicating daily, on all the topics.

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The truth is, these government criminals and fictitious courts, see that people are waking up fast, people are studing more, we uncovering the truth, so now they are in panic mode,so they have to label us as paper terriost, and the like.
It will take a mass movement of humble knowledgeable human beings to all come together by the 100,000s of thousands and peaceful march on these state capitals demanding truth and accountability to the USA AND STATES CONSTITUTION. no one are two human beings can do this, these corrupt devils will eat them up. It will take thousands.'s picture

i don't think even a peaceful march is the answer because they will do what they do when crowds show up, THEY HIRE GEIORE SOROS AND MERCANARIES AND THEN....... I THINK WE HAVE TO HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS, their pocket. If sending your young to a WAR ZONE IS CONSIDERED NOT AN EXTREME ACT, THEN TAKING A STAND HERE WITH A GOOD OLD FASHIONED WALK OUT ON ALL BUSINESS!!!  Gather some stuff , pay bills ahead of time , get food water melds whatever, AND STAY HOME!!!!! Theeennn they will listen!! Not before!!! 

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Looking for action items likely to move the needle.

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If your looking to do something then email me at Jim@nationallibertyalliance and I can give you tasks that need doing on the local level to have us ready for the onslaught that is inevitable. that goes for others too.

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Hi, I'm in Michigan, I currently have 3 counties to handle and it's been a pretty big nightmare.  I've been studying and fighting now for 2 years and I won't stop.  I cannot consciously leave this system for our Children and futures. Let me know what or if I can help in anyway.
Happy Friday!

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Text me and we can start this movement in our areas together. 6163341421

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Hello Lia,
I and new to this group and located in Kalamazoo, MI   Which counties are you handling.

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Hi!  I would be SO grateful to have some neighborly help/collaboration!  Allegan is what nightmares are made of for me, if I can resolve with them the others shouldn't be an issue, I work in Kalamazoo feels like 24/7.  Please feel free to email me,, or text is fine too, 269-544-9896.  Thank you so much for reaching out!