Grand Jury

The line in the sand


The UUSCLGJ is comprised of fifty Grand Jurys each unified amongst the counties within their respective States. All fifty States have unified nationally as an assembly of 1000’s of People in the name of We the People to suppress through our Courts of Justice subverts acting under color of law within our governments.

The following are active court cases in the federal district courts

WE The People - Information and Redress
FILED: United States District Court for the Northern District of New York

USA -a- Bundy, et al (Wildlife Perserve)

Evidence - Affidavits, Video, Pictures and other documents

USA -a- Bundy, et al (Standoff in Nevada)

Evidence - Affidavits, Video, Pictures and other documents

USA -a- Hammons

Evidence - Affidavits, Video, Pictures and other documents

USA -a- Robertson (Montana diging a pond)

Evidence - Affidavits, Video, Pictures and other documents

We the People -a- Enemies Foriegn and Domestic (Subversion)

We are not filing court cases we are filing Orders, we the People are the tribunal our "Writs" are the trial. We are setting our Jurisdiction in our courts as per the Constitution Article III, IV and VI. Now is the time for the People to stand and take back America, because only the People can save America. The following papers have been served upon the following respondents -  All State Courts, all Judges/Magistrates, US Congressmen [435], US Senators [100], all State Assemblymen all 50 States, all State Senators all 50 States, all Governors, all County Sheriffs [3133]; all Federal Special Agent in Charge [94], US Marshals [94], Joint Chiefs of Staff, State Militia and news media.

The following documents can and will restore America to the America our founding fathers envisioned if We the People and our Sheriffs work together to restore Law and Order again. Thomas Jefferson said: "If a People expect to be ignorant and free; they expect what never was and never will be."

Evidence - Affidavits, Video, Pictures and other documents


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These motions are extremely powerful. I have read through some and intend to devote a majority of time to learning of them all. We most certainly are witnessing and experiencing treason at the highest levels, those within this system knowing that they are wrong, many times even criminal in their conduct have no choice other than to stand by their conduct in these times. Many are guilty of treason so are unlikely to ever admit such and they most likely consider that they are safer to wait for an uprising and revolution rather than admit their dishonor. We are being mismanaged and as a Nation misguided away from our best interests working solely in the best interests of a destructive system. Organization of intelligence by Law is our only consideration to proceed, it is just a shame that the majority of Americans do not know this. Power in numbers and knowledge is Power. 

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Let the facts be submitted to a candid people................... and the State Of Oregon..................
I waited long enough………………………… For your record………. With respect………. File this………. Along with the other letters I submitted .. Your state is a disgrace to our nation even there is a few who is good, but I cant judge all , for when there is some bad apples in the bag, because all are not bad. But soon we the people will know about you, by your actions, the scruty test coming your way. . Why because you don’t know the difference between actual laws versus unconstitutional acts that is not law. I pray that you know or learn them ….. some in your state take weapons away from good people. Maby you support that or not but soon we the people will know. The taken weapons who served for you and the nation peoples weapons- and create illegal laws called law that is not law, infractions and codes and statutes that are illegal against the fundamental inheratant rights for individuals. No state can make a inheratant right into a crime . it’s a crime its self. .. Your state put people in jail and violated peoples privacy and its 4th amendment … your state also put people in jail that have no victim or property damage for equity for judges and lawyers. A crime must have a victim or property damage or a violation of the Constitutions of the states that are in harmony. Your state violates the bill of rights the locked laws that are not for change or sale or bid, or vote. The only way I would think you are for our Constitution and the people of the state and the nation at a state and federal level, return my weapons. Duane Kirkland. My riffle given to me from my best friend and my side arm. Your state police took them when I was traveling through my home state I served as a soldier. Arrested me incarcnated me set bail 300,000 dollars and then all of a sudden let me go because of no charges of a crime , or maybe because of no due process. Whos to say , but I have not received my property and no one seems to know where my weapons are. I wrote the state governor and the state police and know one seems to care. I think that my weapons , my property given to me for the work I did for horse trading in Montana. My rifle was worth 1,000 dollars, and my pistol was worth 800 dollars. But it was never returned from the state, my car my vest was though, I’m not sure why, they had no crime or reason to initiate a stop anyway -As a free man traveling freely in private. And they treated me like a war criminal in Harney county in Oregon, when the Constitutional officers was summoned to be a buffer zone for peace, I stood for the Constitution . you might have those weapons, but you will never get the weapons of war. If I was you I would learn the bill of rights, because it’s the key when the actual fighting starts. With love spc/kirkland in Montana. …………… out of love. If you really care about our nation. Return my weapons or what they are worth. 1,000 dollars + 800 dollars. Worth of labor I worked for. This is not a threat, it is a request, and its been long enough to know I’m not a criminal, I don’t drink smoke or take any medication. I study law, and I collect evidence to expose judges and lawyers who violate article 6 paragraph 2, at a state level and a federal level. Duane Eugene Kirkland / bill of rights advocate and Constitutional advocate / 1115 south 3rd street Hamilton Montana, 59840, 406-363-5284 -05-27-1967- served in the Guard , the protectors of the western gate, for years. 11brv infantry. ETS march 2001, six year of service across the states..…/constitutional-law-by-carl-… Treason by sedition…/part-I/chapter-115

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I have a certificate from the NLA for my course work.  Linda Palmer and John D. approved my write of Habeas Corpus for processisng.  At the time, it was in the top 10.  Then for some unexplained reason, the program was scrapped, my paperwork was lost, and my money was not returned to me for its processing.
Richard Walbaum of the NLA suggested that I file a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.  I therefore researched the Wisconsin Statutes and wrote the writ accordingly.  Mom is now 104 and unlawfully held at the Harbor Facility, kidnapped at the point of placement that was reinforced by another Judge, Malloy under an unlawful protective placement order.
Can you help me please.