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PLEASE READ: We do not charge a membership because we believe the knowledge offered on this web site is vital for the survival of America. Never-the-less most everyone can afford $5 a month so we ask that you give $5 a month or more to help our cause. After registering we trust you will go to our donation page and pledge $5 a month or more. Thank You.

REQUIREMENTS: You must use a valid email address where you can receive messages; if your email requires verification your registration cannot be completed. Your user name may be whatever you please this is the name you will be known by on line. If you elect to be a county organizer your name and phone number will be listed on the website under county contacts. All other data will be viewable only by you and site administrators.

INTENTIONS: We are building jury administrations in all 3142 United States counties, anyone registering with the intent of sabotage or espionage will be considered an act of treason and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the common law.


  1. You are registering with good intentions and agree with Nation Liberty Alliance’s foundational principles of Honor, Justice, and Mercy.
  2. You are not registering to spy out our Liberties, that you or others you serve might bring the people into bondage.
  3. If you are a government agent, elected or appointed representative, bureaucrat or government contractor you must reveal this information in your personal introduction and why you joined NLA; You have a duty to speak and failure to do so will be considered an act of fraud.
  4. You are not a practicing member of the BAR. Exceptions to this or Special Access(non-Member Access) to courses and other sanctioned information may be possible by contacting  If you are a BAR attorney and would like to be a member, please indicate that in your introduction or why you joined NLA field below and we will get back to you on your request.