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The Frequently Asked Question`s Committee has been established to provide clarification and direction to seeking individuals in pursuit of Truth. We have included a list of the most commonly asked questions in an effort to assist with this process.

It is our goal to make the National Liberty Alliance website as user-friendly as possible; we aim to be stepping stones for all who desire to defend their liberties, which are grounded in God`s Truth!

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The Judge and the CEO of the bank has been in default for over 270 days shouldnt we file a default judgment and move forward? They had enough time dont you think to come clean.

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Greetings to all this glorious day!
I have been searching for a place to ask a question and it is a difficult find with no "contact us" readily available or am I just missing it?
Also, I have been here a lot these past few weeks seeking to chat with no success. Is a chat button or some kinda chat star
we can add to our name in the members on line window? I would like to let others I am available. Maybe a light up my name in green designating I am in the chat box something, anything would be great!

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Hello there. A few questions I haven't been able to get answered.

- I'm seeking a position as Jury Admin. I've completed the Civics Course, and will have the notarized Oath mailed in shortly. What's next?

- Are these positions paying currently, or is this a wait-and-see arrangement? As I'm currently living on the street, it makes quite a distinction. I'd also like to find out the source of the Jury Admins' salary monies, to ensure I'm free of collusion in something unconscionable. Seems unlikely, but due diligence and all that.

- I have some verifiable information on the NWO's current plans and agenda that dwarfs 'Jade Helm'. The People are about to get sideswiped by a psyche-out most of them aren't knowledgeable of, and they're going to need to get educated if they're to be prepared for it. I'd be glad to put together a course and committee on this and submit it to NLA to approve it. Would this be the proper approach, and who do I see about it? An e-mail address is preferable, as I don't have a phone.

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This forum is the FAQ Committee and not the CPS Lawsuit Forum. Use of the proper forum will make it easier for the CPS Committee to answer you: http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/child-perpetrating-services

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What is the process after filling out the affidavit? Do you ever see children reunite with the parents? Seeking the light at the end of the tunnel.

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You will need to click the frowny face located part way down on the right side of the page, select the appropriate selection that fits your circumstances, and then follow the instructions. Please make sure your paperwork is complete.

Only the people can save our country, families, and lives by taking the necessary steps to seek and demand justice! God Bless!

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Conference calls take place every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST. Call in number (605) 562 3140-access code 385698. Press *6 to mute/unmute yourself. You must have a mic to speak. Updates will be given on these Monday night calls.

You can also listen to our live stream by clicking on the weekly call tab at the top of the page.

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I want one on Land. Because commercial interests have taken over the control of land the people have been subjected to much needless suffering. I believe it is God's law that land is a birthright of all of us; for how can we live without it? No other species makes the use of land a privilege and permits it to be doled out only when extortion money is paid to the banks or to government.

There is no need for anyone to ever be homeless or to live in desperate poverty in America because there are 2+ arable acres of land per every man, woman and child. Our government has captured nearly 50% of the land and refuses to return even a square inch of it to provide a permanent base for millions of homeless Americans who are often made so through lack of paid jobs, or because their home was taken from them to satisfy a tax claim by the government. Sometimes it is simply the people exploiting each other through the hoarding of land and charging others rent for what those without should have as their right. We certainly did not create government to MAKE us homeless and desperate, yet often that is what we have.

The Constitution put real restrictions on what land the government can control and they have abused their authority. We must take it back from them. And then we must distribute it fairly among ourselves so that every person has security for life while we also preserve precious landscapes and wildlife. For who among us may usurp God's authority and say that some among us have no right to live as a free persons on the land that He made for our stewardship?

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I would like to join a committee on Land. I agree with Trish there is plenty of land in the USA to support every man, woman and child and there is no need for anyone to be homeless.

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Please contact one of the
national coordinators: Robert - 503-396-7947 or Jan - 814-531-5363; 814-364-9926 with suggestions for adding new committees. Each committee must have a director to create/direct it. We need people to sign up and fill the current vacant Committee Director Positions Available as well, which are listed under the Committee Tab. We look forward to working with each of you to defend our freedoms and restore justice! God bless!

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The more committees NLA has, the more teeth NLA has for its bite. Communism in USA uses "pinchers" (political teeth) from above and below to destroy Americans. NLA will use its committees from above, below, inside, outside, and all around.

Many more committees can be created for various American topics such as chemtrails, fukushima fallout, fracking, man-made earthquakes, air pollution, toxic waste, scalar weapons, depopulation, microbiological warfare in the food and drink industries, clean water, privacy, video/audio recording of public officials, toll-free & tax-free public roads and trails, reconciling main stream news towards truth, internal revenue service deceptions... tax exempt statuses in appropriate jurisdictions - u.s. citizen/u.s. nationals/residents/nonresident-aliens + united states vs. usa, other tax issues and applicable loopholes, cest que account management & requiring true bills vs. invoices/statements, handling turncoats and traitors in our neighborhoods and gov't, currency investment values with and without inflation & taxes vs. gold/silver, federal reserve deceptions, three cent/half oz. postage usage and enforcement, overturned case laws, strong case laws that get ignored vs. ones that can't be ignored, false imprisonment/kidnapping via gov't, rico on steroids, bogus insurance requirements, Amendments 1-10 (one committee for each), traveling vs. commercial trafficing/driving, and much much more! Please add more ideas! NLA will do what is necessary! :)

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I think that having more committees is a two-edged sword. The more thinly we place ourselves, the less focus we have on the number 1 goal: that of getting our common law and our common law grand juries back into our courts. Once that is accomplished, the rest of the issues can be addressed. I wholeheartedly agree that there is so much wrong that must be righted BUT we must be in the courts FIRST.

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If we can have committees that are of interest to people and could grow our ranks, like CPS and IRT, I say go for it. I will be creating 3 new committees this week and I already have the leadership teams ready to run. If you have an idea, push it up, and be prepared to lead it.

I sent the three of you an email and I await your response.