Become a Grand Jury Administrator

We are building Common Law Jury Administrations in all 3,133 United States Counties. We will need four (4) Administrators per county with a total of about 13,000 positions to be filled Nationwide. Salaries depend upon experience and range from $45,000 to $85,000 per year with comprehensive benifits.

In order to qualify for these positions you will need to take the following NLA's courses, we suggest in the following order:

(1) Government by Consent Course and, (2) Free Civics Course found under our "Free Courses" Tab on the main menu. Positions will be filled by the first four People to complete the required courses or most advanced in the courses at the time of hiring.

Also Join our Weekly Conference calls to keep up to date

To become a Grand Jury Administrator if you are not one already, click here

To remove yourself from becoming a Grand Jury Administrator if you are one already, click here 


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Will the Administrator training & Constitution Class commence this evening at 9:00 as stated above on this page? If so, how does one connect to it? No further information about it is listed anywhere on the website or in any e-mail message that I have received. Please advise asap!

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I notice that, in the above list of committees, you have left out the Courtroom Observers Group, and that happens to be the group I would be most interested in joining. Please add that to the list, and count me as a member of that group. To me, the Courtroom Observers Group is the most logical group for Grand Jury Administrators to join, as it develops a courthouse presence in which one becomes a familiar face there, known to both the public and court officials. It also imparts courtroom procedures experience and knowledge that will be useful when we finally get into administrative positions. I would also highly recommend that, when users click on any group link within the Committees link, you provide a link enabling the NLA member to directly join that group. Currently there is no such method provided for, and If I go to the Courtroom Observers bulletin board to inquire about joining then I see a message above the board saying, "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum." I ended up calling Eric to tell him I'd like to join, and to post material, but he said that he has no means of enabling me to make posts as a member. I would suggest that all NLA members who are logged in should have the ability to post a question or comment within any group. Otherwise, it follows that communications to groups from members, as well as communications between member groups, will break down from being limited in the current manner. Thanks for your consideration. - Richard from Maine

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E-mail for help