We are building Common Law Jury Administrations in all 3,133 United States Counties. We will need four (4) Administrators and one Paraleagle per county with a total of about 15,000 positions to be filled Nationwide. This is a paid carear position with benifits. Jury Administrators are to remind themselves, other Jury Administrators, and Jurist at every opportunity that we must perform our duties with a sense of Honor, Justice, and Mercy. And that we are all here to perform the “Just Will of the Governor of the Universe.” This is how we may be ruled by God and not men.

Jury Administrators are to guard against tyrants who seek to abuse jurist particularly as follows:

Jury tampering: When a lawyer or judge instructs, directs, or gives orders to a jury, the lawyer-judge is tampering with the jury.  He also tampers with testimony when he orders the answers to be either "yes" or "No."  The lawyer or judge also tampers, fixes, and rigs the trial when he orders anything stricken from the record, or when he "rules" certain evidence and the truth to be inadmissible.  This makes the trial and transcript fixed and rigged, because the jury does not hear the real truth and all the facts.

18 U.S. Code § 1504: Whoever attempts to influence the action or decision of any grand or petit juror of any court of the United States upon any issue or matter pending before such juror, or before the jury of which he is a member, or pertaining to his duties, by writing or sending to him any written communication, in relation to such issue or matter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both

Jury Stacking: This is accomplished by jury questionnaires, which asks many inappropriate questions that become a tool of trial judges and prosecutors to profile and stack the jury for favorable results thereby maintaining the status quo for political favors. Some of the questions we have found on these questionnaires are as follows:

* Dates of birth, work and marital status of the potential juror and all members of the juror’s household.
* Sex, age and employment of children who do not reside with the juror.
* Education, knowledge of law, principal leisure time activities, civic, social, political or professional organizations to which the juror belong.
* Lists of television and/or radio news programs, newspapers, magazines that the juror receives their propaganda from.
* Did the juror’s, or member of their family, ever own a gun or belong to any kind of anti-gun or pro-gun club or organization or military service?
* Have juror’s family members or friends ever been audited by or had a dispute with any agency or department of the United States Government including the IRS, Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, etc. or any city or state government agency?
* Finally, the most revolting question which is couched in such a way that it leads the potential juror to conclude that the question is directly from the judge. “Do you have any ideas or prejudices that would hinder you from following the instructions that I [judge] will give as to the law?”

As Lysander Spooner, author of Trial by Jury 1852, so clearly pointed out: “governments cannot decide the law or exercise authority over jurors for such would be absolute government, absolute despotism… If the government can select the jurors, it will, of course, select those whom it supposes will be favorable to its enactments. And an exclusion of any of the freemen from eligibility is a selection of those not excluded. It will be seen, from the statutes cited, that the most absolute authority over the jury box that is, over the right of the people to sit in juries has been usurped by the government;” – Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, page 92, 1852

Jury Administrator Job Description: Jury Administrators are responsible for the orientation of the jury and to make sure that they are a fully informed Grand or Petit Jurist and to make sure that every jurist receives a “Jurist Handbook.” Jury Administrators are to assist the Grand Jury if they want to investigate an agency or an agent of an agency and be given full access to any agency data and information. They may question anyone within the agency. Their request for information is unlimited because the Grand Jury, being a representative of the People, is exercising their unalienable right as the sovereign. And, the government agents have a duty to answer because “silence when they have a duty to answer is fraud.” For that reason the right to remain silent cannot be claimed concerning government business because they have been trusted with certain authority and have a duty to answer concerning those authorities, to refuse to answer would have criminal consequences because they would be aiding and abetting in a cover-up.

Jury Administrators are the investigative body of the Grand Jury. When People have an issue with a bureaucrat and they and/or the County Committee of Safety cannot solve the issue it shall be referred to a Jury Administrator who will then address the issue. If the bureaucrat refuses correction the Jury Administrator may address the Grand Jury who can send the bureaucrat a “Write Mandamus.” If the bureaucrat ignores the Grand Jury they shall consider a criminal or civil presentment for removal from office and/or restitution for the injured party. Jury Administrators are to assist the Paralegal Secretary in their duties and visa-versa.

If a criminal complaint is brought to the attention of a Jury Administrator, they shall deliver the victim and the “affidavit of injury” to the Sheriff for review and further investigation. If the Sheriff finds cause the Sheriff shall bring the complaint before the Grand Jury and ask for an indictment. If the grand jury decides that a trial ought to be had, they indorse on it “a true bill;” if otherwise, “not a true bill” or “not found.” Likewise if the government through a prosecutor would like to seek an indictment they would need to deliver the victim and the “affidavit of injury” and any and all evidence to the Sheriff for review. If the Sheriff finds cause the Sheriff shall bring the complaint before the Grand Jury and ask for an indictment. Under no circumstance shall a prosecutor address the Grand Jury. Sheriffs and coroners are the only persons that have unbridled access to address the Grand Jury. Judges and Magistrates are not to address the petit or grand jury, with the exception of giving the oath.

In order to apply for these positions you will need to print the following PDF icon aministartors_vow.pdf (108.38 KB) notorize and mail it to the address supplied (You must chose a committee on the vow).

All Jury Administrators and Paralegal Jury Administrators must take the following course that are found at and receive a certificate of completion from NLA.

* Foundation Course
* Civics Course
* Constitutional Course
* Government by Consent Course
* Militia Course
* Court Access and the Common Law Course
* Administrators Acredit Course

NOTE: You can work as an Administrator at a reduced salary if you have taken the "Court Access and the Common Law Course" and are is process with the other courses. After all course have been taken you will receive the base salary. Your progress will be reviewed every three months until you complete all the courses. If you are not progressing you may be dismissed.

And acquire a copy of the “Jurist Handbook” and Purchase the book “Government by Consent” at >

The “Base Salary” for a Certified Jury Administrator is $68,640 + benefits + $2,150 location pay.

The “Base Salary” for a Paralegal Jury Administrator is $69,040 + benefits + $2,150 location pay.


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Thanks for the suggestion, though I'm well aware that one needs to be logged in to the NLA website to post, and that has never been the cause of my problem. Today I tried something different and finally discovered how to gain access. I posted the explanation for that within the Courtroom Observers Group forum so that others experiencing the same problem could see the solution. Here's the link to that information:

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In Common Law. An idiot or fool,
name of an old writ which directs the sheriff to
inquire whether a man be an idiot or not. The
inquisition is to be made by a jury of twelve men.
Fitzh. Nat. Brev. 232. And, if the man were found
an idiot, the profits of his lands and the custody
of his person might be granted by the king to any
subject who had interest enough to obtain them.
1 Bl.Comm. 303.

IDIOT. A person who has been without under-
standing from his nativity, and whom the law,
therefore, presumes never likely to attain any.
Shelf. Lun. 2. See Insanity. State v. Haner, 186
Iowa, 1259, 173 N.W. 225; Jones v. Commonwealth,
154 Ky. 752, 159 S.W. 568, 569.

IDIOTA. In the Civil Law. An unlearned, illi-
terate, or simple person. Calvin. A private man;
one not in office.


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I see it's looking for a director, what is required for the director? My professional background is hardcore software development including the web, technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, AngularJS, ASP.NET, C#, C, C++, SQL, Git, SVN, etc

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Will the Administrator training & Constitution Class commence this evening at 9:00 as stated above on this page? If so, how does one connect to it? No further information about it is listed anywhere on the website or in any e-mail message that I have received. Please advise asap!

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I notice that, in the above list of committees, you have left out the Courtroom Observers Group, and that happens to be the group I would be most interested in joining. Please add that to the list, and count me as a member of that group. To me, the Courtroom Observers Group is the most logical group for Grand Jury Administrators to join, as it develops a courthouse presence in which one becomes a familiar face there, known to both the public and court officials. It also imparts courtroom procedures experience and knowledge that will be useful when we finally get into administrative positions. I would also highly recommend that, when users click on any group link within the Committees link, you provide a link enabling the NLA member to directly join that group. Currently there is no such method provided for, and If I go to the Courtroom Observers bulletin board to inquire about joining then I see a message above the board saying, "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum." I ended up calling Eric to tell him I'd like to join, and to post material, but he said that he has no means of enabling me to make posts as a member. I would suggest that all NLA members who are logged in should have the ability to post a question or comment within any group. Otherwise, it follows that communications to groups from members, as well as communications between member groups, will break down from being limited in the current manner. Thanks for your consideration. - Richard from Maine

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E-mail for help