The video below is an introduction to National Liberty Alliance and how We the People working together can "Take Back Our Republic" and Save America.

Our plan requires "YOUR" participation because "Only the People can Save America", Will You?

After viewing the Video, link to the Welcome Committee Home Page sub-tab under the Committees tab (Blue banner at top of page) and sub-tab Welcoming Committee for the actual new member Introduction - Orientation Study. or simply click here




NLA - Published, Mailed and Read document Index File  

On the Welcome sub-tab under the Welcome tab (Blue banner at the top of the page) are some of the documents referenced in this Index File. The first 7 in that list are seen opposite The Liberty Beacon Logo (Rider on horsebsck in the right hand margin).

[For ease of referencing you should Print out the above Index File before attempting to locate the audio file].  

Each of these documents were FAX'd to over 12,000 of our Oath Takers (elected representative government employees) approximately every 4 days over a period of three weeks. On May 13, 2015, virtually no one in government had ever heard of National Liberty Alliance, but by June 6, our name was a “house hold” word around the public servant’s water cooler. If you click on the document on the Welcome sub tab it will take you to the actual document and you can read it yourself. If you wish to hear it read on the Monday Night Call [Never miss a Monday Night Call - https://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/mondaycall] also located under the Welcome tab, then click on this link, and scroll down the page till you see the audio playbacks of the MNC.  Using the Index File, if you wish to locate the reading of the 01 Writ Quo Warranto - read 2014, Nov. 10 - Monday Night Call (15 pages), simply scroll down this page until you see 14-11-10. At some time during the first hour the Quo Warranto is read, and you may read along with John on the document itself, or just listen to the document being read.

The First documentt in the list of documents on the Welcome page is dated May 13, 2015 and reads We the People re-filed Writ QuoWarranto pdf 

Also note in the Monday Night Call archives that some of the the more recent audio recordings have been transcribed starting in November of 2015 to present. This was done to aid those who learn better through visual media than they do through audio media. Now we can do both.


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Under 'news' I was reading/watching a great video(forgot name) but it scrolled rtght after K.Hall vid.   Well, it was deleted by Youtube.  So much for Free speech.  Do you have another copy

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Just filed for emancipation of a minor and reaching the age of majority which means that you get to take your birth rights back. The reason being is they have us all Filed as minors And everybody knows minors have no rights.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNxBMs8p1QE Looks like the group of sherriffs here in the video want to keep things unconstitutionally the same,and trump is none the wiser.We should get more documents to his people explaining what DUE PROCESS is>.He clearly thinks he knows what he doesnt know>>  ..Trump has been misinformed by bar nobles for many years,all he really needs is a basic fundamental education on Common law And Constitutions and only then  will  he fully understand Due Process and The Supreme Law Of The Land .He cant enforce what he doesnt know!

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HUGE Red Flags Jeffersonfreeman.

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The NLA public chatroom is open 24/7 for chat and questions.There is usually a CLGJ Court Administrator In Training in the Chatroom as well  for those that do  have questions.Lets use this free tool and resource for  interstate communication,  to set up Commmittees of safety ,help  facilitate the education of  our members and spread awareness of  the Republic which needs saving by We The People.To enter go to bottom rt hand corner of site and click on chat then pubic chatroom ,, Hope to see you all there soon.If we cannot set up the communication lines and fast.. then  how we will ever be able to organize properly>,   will we ultimately fail to restore our Constitutional Republic?Everyone welcome here.

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I have been studying constitutional law for the last 3 years I have the paperwork that will help you and stop the Utah Bar Association dead in their tracks I would love to help you out if you email me Kidroc7734@gmail.com I'll be happy to send you the paperwork and anything you would need I would be happy to chat and walk you right through it