Intro To Welcoming Committee

Welcoming Committee Director:

Ron Flick

Phone: (501)590-3321


Address: Unified Arkansas Common Law Grand Jury, PO Box 234, Roland, AR 72135

To Join this committee call the Director above and print out > NLA Leadership Vow < and mail to the address provided. Thank You.

Introduction to the Welcoming Committee

Welcome to National Liberty Alliance' – Foundational Committee; three plus years late in coming and 18 months in the making. We are so glad you have come. We have been expecting you. Many who have joined NLA, now call it their home away from home, as they meet new people who are on the same playing field. Many of us look upon NLA as a large Library open to the public. Come on in, find a chair and have a seat. As members of this committee we will be assisting new members in registering and getting started; to be of service to them in assuring them the best education a free mind can bring forth. As you have come to realize, we are Educational Facilitators and the world is our oyster. As a member of the Welcoming Committee, you are the First Impression a new person has of what and who NLA is. Therefore a great deal is expected of your volunteer efforts. You must have had completed the Constitution course to be on this committee, and to have completed Part I of the Foundational Study. If you have completed the Constitution Course, and are enrolled in the Civics Course, have completed at least 21% and remain Active in it, then that requirement can be waived. All new members are to be encouraged to enroll as well as COMPLETE the Constitution Class. This is the key for We the People to unlock the door to the Courts and of Record for the people to return to a state of Liberty and Freedom as our Fore fathers designed us to be.

This committee was the brain child of one of NLA's first National Coordinators, Robert Bristow, so I wish to pay my respects for submitting the idea, even though it never really took off. This is not to disparage his ability in any way. NLA, like any new organization, has had its share of growing pains. Robert is a man of many talents and hats, and too many irons made a multi-task difficult to be good at any one of them. The NLA leadership has always suffered from work-overload. Many a State Coordinator was drafted into this Committee; some kicking and screaming, so it never had a real chance to go anywhere from day one.  Some people are fitted to this task, while others not so much.  It takes a special person to work with all different personalities.

Back in November of 2014, when we sent out the Quo Warranto, John Darash spoke of a well-oiled machine; a desire of where he wanted NLA to be yesterday, but continued to remain an illusive target. Robert saw why, as did I, but together for any one of a dozen reasons, we were never successful in making this Foundational Committee a reality.

NLA was in its growing stages when Robert introduced the concept in early 2015; a well over due and needed committee for us to have, but there were lots of distractions to derail his efforts to get under way. So in late Summer, of that same year, I asked him if I could help to spear head his idea and get it off square one. It was dead in the water. We were still in derailment mode, so despite a script to follow, we were going in so many directions, no one wanted to spend the time needed to make this committee a reality….and it hobbled along on one foot with the other in concrete. New people continued to come in our doors and with no direction, went out the same doors they came in soon thereafter. That is most unfortunate, but that is the reality. Something had to be done.

We made another attempt at getting a power point drawn up in late December 2015, but the Federal District Leader National Plan kicked off in early January 2016, and a week later Burns, Oregon took everything anyone was working on in NLA sideways….It would be another 5 months before we could again address this committee getting into gear. We are a better organization for all the work and toil of the last 3 years. The Website is finally getting into some order for the first time in 3 years (thanks go to Karl Appel and Gary Jolley our IT guys). And the all but buried History of the Committee of Safety, Committee of Correspondence and the Committeeman concept that arose out of the Burns, Oregon eruption that took NLA Ground Zero 1500 miles West, now has NLA on a course set for destiny in 2016.

Today we are finally on the threshold of making the Welcoming Committee a reality. Part I of the Foundational Study, is complete and we finally have a Welcome Committee video to introduce new members to the NLA Family and what it is we are doing here at NLA.   We need volunteers to rotate their time toward helping new people coming into NLA get orientated, organized and enrolled in the Constitution Class right out of the chute. Quite frankly we need hundreds of wagon pullers to get the Committees of Safety started and moving through the process in their own counties all across the nation.  We have created a new handout, the COS Flyer 2 to address the Constitutional Militiamen of the nation to assist our members in the formation of Committees of Safety in their counties. Use it with a cover page announcing the Time, Location and Date or your COS Initial Presentation.  Be sure to include your contact information on your cover sheet.  Anyone who owns a gun, pistol or any arm is a candidate to recieve that document.  They are already in the defense mode, so a COS is where they need to be in order to have a voice in their community before their county council body. And we need them ALL to have the FREE Contitution class under their belt when they do so.  Encourage our new members to make use of this Flyer, located on the COS home page, when starting a COS in their County. 

The Foundational Study – Introduction and Orientation, is Part of a Process we have developed to separate the serious Participant from the Spectator; the Wagon Puller from those who wish to remain in the wagon. The Active participant who wants to learn and grow from the visitor who remains unfocused. NLA needs Participants pure and simple. Your job is to see that a new member sails through Part I as easy as is possible. Parts II and III are under construction and will follow as time permits. Work as quickly as you can. There is much work to do. 

This new format will be as automated as is humanly possible, but there will always be the human element needed to interact with new people who might have questions and need assistance and/or just directions. As a member of the Welcoming Committee, think of yourselves as fishers of men.

Good fishing – ladies and gentlemen.

Ron Flick – Welcoming Committee Director

If you have already submitted your vow, please contact me with that information. Thank you.

The Welcoming Committe is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Avail yourself on a rotation basis to answer any questions a new member might have.
  2. Contact all the new people as well as the old inactive members.
  3. Ensure all members are aware of the NLA website, the Free Constitution Class and Civics course and the Monday Night Weekly Call. Make sure they are aware of the different Committees.  Have them watch the Special Welcoming Message.
  4. Ask if they would like to participate in any of the groups.

Please also checkout NLA Revolution (under construction right now)