Welcome Committee

Information & Contacts

Welcome Committee Director:  Gary Will 847-903-4561

Each State Welcome Committee (WC) should consist of a minimum of one, but preferably several people. The WC is tasked with contacting all new members within 2 days of their joining the NLA. 

They will inform the new members of the features of the NLA website, the NLA mission, and how to navigate the website to get the most benefit. The WC will inform members of the importance of our two free courses, where they are located on the website and how to sign up for them.

The WC will advise new members of the positions that we have within our assembly such as State Coordinators, County Organizers, Jury Administrators, as well as the opportunity to join our various committees.

We have a number of important weekly call-ins. The Monday night Open Forum call is our primary call for all members where you learn about what the NLA is currently doing and is planning to do including problems where member participation would be helpful. We also have the  Natural Healing and Discussion Committee meetings on Thursday night. All calls are recorded and available on the website for replay. New members should attend to gain knowledge and answer any questions they may have as well as inform the committee Directors of their particular skills that NLA might utilize. The WC should be prepared to answer questions from new members and be a contact person for the new member as needed. If they do not know the answer to a question, they can draw on other NLA administrator’s knowledge.

Welcome Committee Call Recordings