Welcome to National Liberty Alliance


Welcome to National Liberty Alliance
and our Foundational Study

The Foundational Study that you are about to begin on NLA’s website contains a tremendous amount of information that can be quite daunting for new members. Therefore, we are providing you with assistance in that study.

Working your way through the Foundational Study PART I – NLA Mission (link at the bottom) will give you a better understanding of what NLA is, what we are doing, and what we intend to accomplish.

Where to go? The Blue Menu bar contains a number of tabs located across the top of the page as well as a plethora of information in the drop-downs. We will address a number of these shortly to get you underway and familiar with our website.

Each time you come on to the website, log in as some items are not available if you are not logged in.  Then go to the Members tab (in Blue Menu bar). Hover over the Members tab, hover over Welcome to NLA and then, click PART I – NLA Mission on the slide out to the right. A new page will be displayed. Study the NLA Mission page and continue until you have completed all six (6) parts of the Foundational Study. Each part includes links to documents, video and/or audio files for your examination. As a participant in our Alliance, you will receive a Weekly Newsletter, which will help keep you well informed on what is happening at NLA and elsewhere.

Someone from the Welcome Committee may have already called you.  If not, a member will be calling you sometime soon. In the meantime, continue to work your way through the Foundational Study 1, beginning with PART I – NLA Mission below.

At the top LEFT corner of this page, you will see WEEKLY CALL just above the Blue Menu bar.  Click on WEEKLY CALL and follow the directions to access the call. Try not to miss any of these LIVE calls. All calls are recorded for your convenience. If your schedule prevents your attendance, you can always listen to the recorded call or read the transcript. The calls and transcripts can be found at the bottom of the Weekly Call page. The transcribed calls have a six day delay.

For now, just click on the link at the bottom of this page to start into PART I – NLA Mission.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at  ron@nationallibertyalliance.org

Ron Flick – Welcome Committee Director and County Organizer

or Gary at will@nationallibertyalliance.org

Welcome Committee Chairman: Gary Will

Thank you for joining our Alliance!

PART I – NLA Mission