April 5 /Monday Call

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April 5 /Monday Call

Militia /FIREARM(s):
I'm sorry, but the "Common Law Lawyer" (on Call) has NOT REVIEWED the Congressional  Record during the introduction of the Term "FIREARM" as opposed to Arms as protected by the Constitution, Amend. 2,\;
Arms are Gun /Weapon used in defense of the Man, the family, or the nation (each State is a Nation);
When everything west of the Mississippi River was WILD, WILD, WILD West ... Landowners routinely Hired ASSASSINS to kill trespassers, squatters, Indians, anf often each other if they wanted to take the Land ... CONGRESS "Had" to do something, but could NOT Regulate Keeping & Bearing ARMS ... so they created a definition for "FIREARM", a Gun used FOR HIRE (by Assassin or other hired Killer), no prohibition in Constitution on Regulating use of FIREARMS to Kill for HIRE ...
Find in the National Archives (as I did - God ran me into it when I was looking for something else).
The "Militia Bill" he's talking about is designed to appease the Pro-Gun constituency (with some misleading propaganda) while also partially appeasing the Anti-Gun lobby ...
The state Militia, per Constitution is ONLY under President's Command "when called into service" as the Military of the union.
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I've tried to join tonight.  It hasn't worked for some reason, but also my YT live popped up (& I never use that with you guys) ...haven't been able to comment, but I'm super grateful, still listening now, thank you again*!