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Infamous Keny
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Ask YOUR Governor ...

I recently (in last week) asked Claif. Governor Gavin Newsom, and separately Governor Jay Inslee, Washington, by going through the State of /Governor websites, the following:
Considering the outstanding WARRANT(s) for your ARREST through the Office of Military Commissions and JAG, under the Insurrection Act, (SEE REALRAWNEWS.COM) WHO DO YOU THINK WILL ARREST YOU, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, or US Marines???
NOW, Imagine if 100s to 1000s of people asked them this same question!!!
'Infamous Keny'
Kenneth-Wayne: Leaming.

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any response to this? I would if others would. Already have my license taken because I refuse to give them access to my medical records so don't want to poke the bear so to speak.

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California has Grand jurists associations if you do your homework you'll find the grand jury could nulify unjust laws, The grand jury could investigate using common sense, Write reports and remove officials from office. California is a very unique situation because they have statutorily created Grand jurist associations. Problem is the people on the jury's don't know how powerful they are, anyway I can help let me know. 716-625-6125

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Please contact Peggy Hall.. 
'The Healthy American''.
Collaborate with her.