Law Dictionaries

Please take note that the following dictionaries are large pdf's and will take a while to open.

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I just sent Jan a digital BLACK's 6th Edition   ---   unitil it is posted, if you need a copy email me and ask.

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We need to be educated to know who our enemy is which is the present government.  We need to know what there tactics are.  Many tell me that we need to know how to defeat them in their court.  
It should be our court and it is not.  They have the ball, they make their rules and ignore God's rules.  My issue with all of this is that we aren't trying to restore our rights, the court system, the Constitution, and the Rule of God.

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LAW PROFESSOR   ...   you learn things JD Attorneys have not even imagined   ...   and you can whoop them blindfolded   !!!
Just LIVE IN a state of Prayer while studying - and  God will lead you to "accidentally" turn to a page in an instrument and you will find things that you did not know you were looking for   !!!
---AND---   go to the National Archives (get them to provide you access to the original Parchment Journals of House & Senate), Library of Congress, and supreme Court Law Library and study   !!!

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I have been looking into which editions of these two Books I should get. Would like to find a place I can order from to have physical copies. Being on the computer for very long is difficult. Especially when Im researching a lot. Do you have any suggestions of where that might be?

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any large will be able to assist you in finding all the books you need
they can order them for you or you can check on Amazon 
they have a large listing for books you can order
also any decent college book store will have access to most
higher learning references for purchase
i hope this helps

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all three can be found at any good book store Barnes and Noble will order them for you if you go in and ask
or you can order them on line thru amazon
i would recommend you gett both books as they have different information and diffeerent laws that apply
in today's world