Concerning Case Laws in Missouri

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Concerning Case Laws in Missouri

Upon perusing a few of the Case Laws of Missouri, I have found a lot of interpretation involved in resolving most of these cases. In regards to the creations of the Grand Juries to investigate these matters, those were appointed by the Judge of a specific district. Also the members of the Grand Jury were taken from a voter registration pool and not from members of society willing to participate in such actions.

As of my investigation of Missouri Constitutional Law, I have found that there are no sitting Grand Jury offices that administer the duties of the Grand Jury at large. It is of my opinion, that the Administrators of a set Grand Jury office should conduct impaneling a Grand Jury, do investigative research, and insure that all avenues of information are submitted for an honest and thorough determination for indictment or presentment.

What I must ask of every member of this group and other groups is: "Are you an American?" (whether naturalized or born free) This question must be asked first, and if it turns out there is a negative answer then that individual is not considered for a position within the panel of the Grand Jury. As most will answer yes or give a positive response, then the American Value takes on precedence over the Missouri designation of the inhabitant.

I, for one, am one that recognizes no interpretation whatsoever and will argue insistingly, that interpretation of any sort be omitted for any determination of any sort. Interpretation has no place in any Law or Statute that is written down and agreed to by the public, If the Law or Statute is vague, it is my opinion, that that Law or Statute remain vague and no specifics be applied to it at any time. Once you apply specifics to the Law or Statute, you have effectively changed the Law or Statute without the permission of the public at large, and then it has to be in amendment form to be effective. In essence, if you do not hold the fully agreed upon permission of the public at large to be a lawmaker, then you have no authority to permit anything not written to be added to that Law or Statute. Let me clarify one thing. Statutes are nothing more than regulations and rules, but can have the authority of Law, only through given permission by all parties of the contract. This does not mean one party can overrule another involved in the contract of Statute but must be fully agreed on by all parties of that contract.

Education by all of the people of this land needs to be given so that all are familiar with the rules as they are stated. In effect, if all interpretation were taken out of most to nearly all of the decisions rendered by any court, then there would be no offenders, in all essence, if the Law is applied "As It Is Written". This is one of the lessons to be learned as a member of a Grand Jury.

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One now is at the St. Louis area and would like to create a meeting via public notices.
For the purpose of a creating useful common law grand jury judgement docket documents and assistance in personal or business de facto "gumit" hassle.

anyone available?

yours truly,