Federal Govt. awarded me SSD, Missouri awarded me food stamps and medicaid

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Federal Govt. awarded me SSD, Missouri awarded me food stamps and medicaid

The federal govt. awarded me SSD. With regard to the state assistance programs, my food stamps were dramatically reduced to $16 per month and the state also imposed a medicaid spend down of $238 per month. If I don't pay I lose the coverage completely. With the reduction in food assistance and premium to be paid for medicaid insurance I will not have enough money to buy food. clothing (among other necessities) and barely be able to pay my rent.

My question is that if the federal government awards you money for a disability, how can the state then use their methods of determination used in their programs to almost completely take all of that money from you?

Is it violation any civil laws? Constitutional rights? I am appealing the decisions but have the feeling the decisions will not be in my favor.

Besides the appeals in the state, is there anything I can submit to the SSA explaining my situation and that my disability money will be actually be working against me instead of for me?

Any positive thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Sandy Hainlne
new recruit - Missouri

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Sorry to say Sandy that I don't have any positive thoughts on this or even any good advice. I wish I could steer you in the right direction and be of help but I got nothing.

All I can add is what the "Government" giveth the "Government" can take away. They have us coming and going at the moment.

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Hello sandy were you able to get any assitance regarding your questions/ from the IRT team here on site? I WOULD call the director on your phone there and have a Q&A with them. I T IS A DIFFICULT QUESTION TO ANSWER>.There probably is a constitutional violation in there somewhere>.also you can always go on the monday night call and ask gerrard or john D .Common Law Grand Juries will prevail with constant pressure and tightening the vices down each time.