Federal lawsuit filed July 5 2017, USDA defendant

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Federal lawsuit filed July 5 2017, USDA defendant

Filed lawsuit against USDA Minnesota Board of Animal Health + 18 other defendants which includes two judges, two prosecutors and a sheriff. The complaint covers 60 violations of law and relies heavily on Title 5 Adiministrative procedure Act. I am also suing for two declatory judgements against Minnesota statue chaper 35 and Fedeal regulation CFR 9 section 79. This relates to illegal taking of 11 sheep that are exotic hair sheep which I valued at $6,800 per each ewe and two rams for $10,000.  The USDA would not even considering paying me that price.
First of all this took place bcause of what is called a srapie traceout where the farm I purchased my sheep from became infected with srapie a fatal nerve disorder, so claimed the USDA. The claim came about through a USDA agent buying four sheep being sold as cull sheep at a livestock auction barn in zumbrota MN, sheep were slaughtered and one was diagnosed as having scrapie. The owner of sheep has had sheep for almost 30 years and never had an infection of scrapie. This whole thing stinks of fraud as I called them on their lies as doctored reports from lab.
That being what it is I am concentrating on US Contituion of rights to have property without Government interference.  They put me in jail for not complying with quarantine order, and filed criminal charges in 2016, I filed continous court jurisdictional challenges, keeping criminal procecution at a stall, so USDA got a lawyer from Minnesota Attorney Generals Office to file a Ex Parte in Civil Court which is banned under title 5 section 557 against a non member of agency. Any way they came to property with sherrif and used ex parte to shoot all sheep on sight and haul them off before I could get to Court and appose the Ex parte. Ex parte's are only valid until the oppsing side appears before court.There were multiple other farmers involved and USDA paid each for their sheep but refused to pay me a dime beccause of Constitutional challenges, One of officers that I called on the phone said this has never happened it her 25 years with agency.
This was filed on July 5th 2017 case no.  17cv2530  Rogers v. United States Department of Agriculture et al Type: Civil Rights - Other
If anyone is familair with Titlle 5 Administrative procedure Act, please contact me. Also suing for $36 M from USDA and Minnesota each, $18 M from each defendant.
I opted for waiver of summons which gives defendnt 60 days to respond to complaint. Complaint is 73 pages long.