Gag order in guardianship case

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Gag order in guardianship case

I'm a relatively new member in Suffolk county NY, and am looking for some guidance in the right direction. My wife filed a petition earlier in the year in March for an elderly woman who she knew was being exploited & abused (by a family member). Since that time the elderly woman has had her assets taken, her health decline, and a temporary guardian appointed who has been part of the problem more than the solution. 
Here is the biggest issue so far: At a recent hearing where my wife was testifying as petitioner/witness, the judge banned her from talking to anyone about the case, INCLUDING HER OWN ATTORNEY). It has been almost 2 weeks since that hearing and my wife's attorney will not even speak with her regarding the details of the case in spite of the fact that my wife is her client. Although I am not a legal scholar, I have never heard of a judge actually having the power to gag someone from speaking with their attorney about a case.....what am I missing????? Isn't that totally illegal??? (6th Amendment, etc.). Any guidance would be helpful.....thank you
Joe Harrison