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Hagen & Rodger

Dear Floridians;

As per the Florida Emergency meeting last Tuesday it was concluded that Rodger and Hagan have refused to participate in the NLA plan and continue down paths that NLA has concluded will not accomplish NLA’s goal of saving the Republic and securing the fifty united States.

Because Rodger continues to subvert our plan and have convinced twenty or so people, who do not know the rest of the story, to take Florida down a destructive path we have posted both sides of the story at http://nationallibertyalliance.org/florida-debacle whereas people can listen to the discourses that brings us to this sad conclusion.

We do not want to deter Hagan from the important task of instructing People in the Constitution but we are requiring that he have his classes any other evening then Mondays as it deprives people of the knowledge necessary to help secure the Republic and the necessary training to become Administrators that we inform and teach on Mondays, these meetings are the glue that binds the People of our Nation together so that we may act in one accord.

We are not planning to remove Rodger from NLA’s membership he may continue to work with us but he may not have a leadership role. But if he continues to sow discord we will be forced to remove him. If after listening to the discourses people disagree with NLA’s position they are free to do as they please but we cannot tolerate the subversion of NLA’s plan to save our Republic therefore we expect that they be honorable and depart from NLA and start their own program.

We are extremely sorry that it has come down to this. Thank you for your time

John Darash

Barry Durmaz
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I am a new NLA member and I am new to Florida of one and half years. I clicked the link above to read up on the entire hisotry of this issue, but the page is not avaible. Can someone direct me to the contents of the Florida debacle?

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This is very ofd information and is apparently all that is left on topic.

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About the discussion group on Thursday nights: I listen on the computer archives since can't do a conference call on my cell phone.  got to it for first time last week and found others  who are going through the disassociation/ "apathy" in the public about the government/couts etc.......man (Olander?) with the 'accent' Hispanic? and another man (Robert??I'll call him that.for now.) I  didn't get their names  but around 30 minutes to 35 minutes talking about the "isolation" they are coming against in their communities......  Just likeI am, here in Kansas.........remarks like"I'm alone out here" " I'm an oddball"  'It's like a military base and people just obey ..  (sort of like that...I say "they preach obedience but sometimes it seems like they're obeying the very Devil and no explanation and you're supposed to comply by force of silence and exclusion")  Here stonewall and no information about ex parte hearings: both political and civic institutions and ...family, too....... Robert? says 'I was excommunicated from the Church for politcal protest"  ..I myself was thrown out of my church, too for disturbances but  no interest or inclination to discuss  the cause of my protest. (the church was abandoning "doctrine" and human rights. (remarks like "It has to be this way." Says who?) 3 years later  same stuff going on and still the silence.. the church seems taken over by Communism and call it "common good" and peace?? 'Group think " talk peace, cooperation, and unity but onl;y for their agenda?? I do think the NWO agenda is firmly established here and most people not aware of it or idea of subverting our culture since; they are making it seem "reasonable" and progressive and legal!  Local media seems in bondage, too??  or maybe moles? orin denial ....almost everyone says the courts are corrupt and it's old news etc;  they don't care.  But,  this is a different corruption from town hall and local corruption and is supporting the globalist agenda i think. ..... anyway thanks for the discussion group and forthright address of issues many of us are facing.   If you haven't called in on Thursday it's at 9 pm Eastern time. 1hr. sorry I write so much ....