All are encouraged to attend our Monday National Call and - or our Chat Room at 9 PM. EST

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All are encouraged to attend our Monday National Call and - or our Chat Room at 9 PM. EST


Please feel free to phone the RI state coordinator, or your county organizer to ask any questions you might have about the efforts of the NLA in RI.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the weekly Monday night national call.

CALL (559) 726-1300 - PARTICIPANT CODE IS 385 698

The Live Chat Box is on the link below.

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Good find, also; Go into the 'Education' tab, then to the 'Founding Documents': it is listed there on the NLA site.

Ron Flick
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Death by Suicide is so NOT NECESSARY.

Our veterans are suffering on many fronts, but living out a natural life should not be one of them. 


Touted by Dr. Larned as the world's leading resource for DRUG-FREE recovery from Post-Traumatic- Stress –Disorder for combat veterans and victims of catastrophic events.  Back in 2011 Foxnews ran a brief Special on this technology.   

I met Dr. Gay Larned through a Marine/friend of mine who had a blog-talk; A Marine's Disquisition for a number of years.  His audience primarily, was targeted at veterans and police stationed all over the world.  Dr. Larned was one of his sponsors who supported his efforts. He aired for 2 hours a day 5 days a week.  His name is Drew Malone Raines III. His great, great, great uncle was Twice Medal of Honor winner, Marine core, General Smedley Darington Butler.   

 I say all of this because like his great uncle, Drew was also a soldier.  He served three tours of duty on the front lines during Viet Nam "police action". During the fall of Saigon; his last tour, they had him medevac’d out of there in a chopper with six bullets in him. They shipped him state side for a two year stint in San Diego - rehab and recovery. Drew suffered with PTSD most of his adult life, that is until one day he learned about Dr. Gay's Miracle in a Pocket.  Life going forward would never be the same. No more night sweats, no more screaming, no more nightmares, no more intensity among his friends in everyday conversation. Drew finally got relief from the misery of a trip down bad memory lane and the instant replay action on the front lines that he had lived with over three decades. That cycle of heartbreak and misery was at last ….broken. Two years later he finally got married for the first time. He was coming up on his 65th birthday.  The old soldier after all these years was able to tie the knot. We all witnessed this radical change in our friend, Drew, so we know the technology works. If you want to discuss the matter, call me...501-590-3321. or you can call Drew and talk to him about it. I will give you his number. 

If you are a veteran yourself, that suffers from this malady, or you know someone who does, please tell them about this Miracle in a Pocket.  Death by suicide is no NOT necessary once they stick this thing in their ear.

PSTD takes many forms. If you suffered from a traumatic incident as a child, and it occurred before you turned 6 years old, then you probably suffer from PSTD.  If your children go through a horrific event, before they are 6 it is recorded in their brain.  If they were the victims of molestation, at a pre school age, their memory recorded the whole affair.  They need not suffer for the sins of another for their entire adult life.  There is a CURE out there just waiting for you to act on this information.  Any sort of trauma that you or a loved one suffered through, is a candidate for this technology.  


It has been around for a while, but really came out to the rest of the world some 35 years back.  Two gals; Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder published their best seller back in the early 1980's: Super Learning. It was the result of extensive leg work traveling all over Europe and down in to Romania where a lot of this technology was being studied. I bought the hardback version, since any book worth owning, should be owned in hardback. Amazon carries it.  The whole field of Sound Therapy and the restoration or your hearing back to your youth without drugs, came out of this technology as well.  It is a marvelous topic to read about.  

Really,,....don't put this off. If you or someone you know needs is out there. Don't waste another life....get help or get this help to them. Inside of ten weeks they will be changed for the better....

Tornado victim,.... witness to a shooting, car accident, rape, child molestation, spousal abuse, combat on the front lines, are all candidates for this simple but life- rewarding  and  life-saving technology.




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Thank you for posting this.

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lost on this site I want to be court observer, and find others in my area,
I dont want to get stuff on Indiana , or ohio.
I am in AZ , can you connect me to the group there? even in the entire state,
I also would like to go to meetings, if there are any, help anyone out there?

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HI miranda go to members tab then scroll down and click on chatroom .. you can get site guidance there

Curtis Nix
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Hey Miranda,
for ariz group goto NLA page click tab marked Directory, Click FIND YOUR STATE GROUP then pick your state.... that's it, PS I am a desert born and raised three children their... I am in Virginia now and I am on the Virginia tab for my info if you need to talk or email..

Yours in Liberty, Curtis

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Dresden, Germany
Just thought you might want to know the list of 'who's who at this year's summit. And they make no secret of it; very chilling.