Kentucky Constitution sec. 44 incompatible/sec. 165/sec.237

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Kentucky Constitution sec. 44 incompatible/sec. 165/sec.237

Attn: All residents in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are under duress, we are the most corrupt state in America. You notice in the Subject line I have references to our Constitution. Louisville Metro Govt. has devised a way to combine a City and County together making the City of Louisville the 16th largest City in America. When this happened there was formed with elections, the Metro Council for Jefferson County. They are the Legislators for the City. Now notice what I said. Where did Jefferson County? The Sheriffs role became nothing but Court role or Law Enforcement of the wrong kind. One County in Kentucky under siege in the state allows all the counties to be under siege. See how strong a County is. Back to Louisville Metro. Get on line and type Louisville Metro Govt. elected officials, our Atty. General, our Governor, Auditor of public accounts, any and all elected Constitutional Offices along with civil service. I have been dealing with Constituent services of four different Constitutional Offices with no resolve to my ID-Theft issue with the State. The Governor, John Yarmuth, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell now are controlling Medicaid Services for the State of Kentucky. All of these Elected Officials are on the Louisville Metro Govt. listed as Elected Officials. I will call it double dipping, Civil Misconduct causes Civil unrest. I am now attempting to persuade the LMPD to follow SOP regarding their contract with Dept. of Community Based Services. The LMPD is the sole enforcer of the Louisville Metro Govt. All elected Officials are under their Jurisdiction. The Mayor, metro council, Internal Audit, Dept. of Human Resources, Office of Management and Budget meaning fiscal, Metro Human Relations Commission, Metro Ethic Commission and the LMPD are the Ethics Enforcers of the City.

There is an Ethics Tipline for Louisville Metro Govt.that gives the citizens or employees a chance to call or go online to get an Incident. They only thing that we want to bring to the forefront is DISCRIMINATION (HIPAA/ Medicaid). When you make a report do not do it anonymous let them know that you do not fear them. I have an Incident report # 122477260 the password is noncompliance. Tell them the Department of Human Resources, the Office of Management and Budget, are allowing DISCRIMINATION misappropriate use of SS#s. These Reports are viewed and evaluated by the Public Integrity Unit better known as Internal Affairs of the LMPD, it links with Internal Audit.The Mayor, Metro Ethics Commission, Internal Audit, Dept. of Human Resources, and Human Relations Commission also view the Incident Report to see if it carries any Merit. Merit means Human Resources.