King county, Washington state, COS & ...

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Infamous Keny
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King county, Washington state, COS & ...

The two co-coordinators for the King county (Washington State) COS are proposing (to start) Monthly meetings to BOTH plan COS activities -AND- study Law and Procedure necessary to holding the Corrupt "officials" accountable, Removing them as necessary (Breach of Oath = Forfeiture of Bond /loss of employment /office);   Contact for input (what works for YOUR schedule) and Information:
Michael  -  415-802-3483  / Infamous Keny  -  206-852-3377  /

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Karmitty is in put my name on the roster email me the time Keny, thanks I'm ready!!!!! Tired of feeling like I'm sitting idle. We the people need to take back our Country the time is NOW!!!!!!!