Lets Get this party Started

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Lets Get this party Started

We have 29 counties in this great state. 29 opportunities to establish justice and lead the new year into virtue and freedom, repair wrongs and establish a constitutional society. I know there are a lot of us interested and even active. The new website is very encouraging in its organization. please contact me. lets get together. We have a team and now it will be easier to be connected. I look forward to the future but time is short we need to constitute grand juries yesterday. (but this week would be ok too) God bless us every one.

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Good to hear from you. Website looks great. I'm in Kane County. Looking forward to doing something positive.

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We are on board in Salt Lake and are willing to help others. Yes, let's get this thing moving!

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Trying to beat a bad cold. Please express your thoughts. I can read ok but putting ideas together is tough right now. What are your concerns that need to be dealt with?

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I just joined the NLA. I was introduced to the site by a good friend in Wyoming. I am in Salt Lake county and would love to meet.

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Michigan CPS/DHS

If you are dealing with your county court or CPS/DHS this article is a must read.

Isabella County Prosecutors are forcing accused parents (Respondent-Mothers & Respondent-Fathers) of child abuse and neglect into court using the Michigan Court Rules as they would apply to “Non-Respondent Parents” knowingly without proper lawful notice. This is known by the prosecutors, by the defense attorneys and by the judge and Referee(s) and is an Extrinsic Fraud in-and-of itself.

“Proper Lawful Notice” for a “Respondent Parent” is the service of the “Summons and Petition” seven days prior to the Preliminary Hearing.

“Proper Lawful Notice” for a “Non-Respondent Parent” can be as insignificant as a telephone call at basically any point prior to the hearing.

CPS/DHS after this point are only concerned with the management of the stolen children, all of the prescribed parental services and the allegations of abuse and/or neglect against the parents but have been instrumental up to this point in securing this profitable arrangement for themselves and the county.

Once the Respondent Parent is brought into court they are assigned an attorney by the county before they are even advised of the fact that they need an attorney.

Once a parent is brought into court and assigned an attorney and the hearing begins and the lawyer fails and/or refuses to bring an objection based upon the “lack of notice”, the parent (according to the Michigan Court Rules) forever waives the ability to object on the grounds related to notice defects (which are completely fatal to the court proceedings).

An objection on these grounds is completely fatal to the court proceedings as the court has failed to bring the parent, respondent or otherwise, into the court's jurisdiction and everything that has happened is completely void and has no meaning and creates no obligation for any of the parties. The entire proceedings are VOID from their inception.

CPS/DHS has no power to act against parents without a written, signed and filed order of the court. The court can not write, sign and file orders into a court case it has failed to obtain jurisdiction over the parties. The court can write, sign and file an order into a case where it has first failed to properly obtain jurisdiction but the order is meaningless and creates no obligation and has no force nor effect unless the victim of this scheme, the victim parents, cooperate by following the order thus giving the court's order merit and sucking the parent into the jurisdiction that was never obtained properly in the first place.

99.9% of respondent parents that are brought into a court's jurisdiction using this elaborate scheme remain there completely unknowingly and face the allegations and accept the punishment because this is or was the advise of their court appointed lawyer. If the court appointed lawyer or hired lawyer were to point out the court's fatal error that completely erased the case entirely, none of the lawyers would get paid and the abducted children would have been taken without a court's order and everyone involved would be admitting to the fact that the children were unlawfully abducted... kidnapped.

The forcing of "Respondent Parents" into court using the Michigan Court Rule requirement for "Non-Respondent Parents" is an intentional conspired Due Process violation. The conspiracy then relies upon another Michigan Court Rule to ensure and lock the victim parents into the jurisdiction with the failure to object provision. <<< See MCR 3.920(H) >>>

Why would a court appointed lawyer refuse to defend his/her client with zeal and have the case completely dismissed on the fatal grounds that his/her client was never properly served if there wasn't some beneficial agreement between the prosecution and the defense? How hard would it actually be for any county to build a pool of public defenders that are willing to not defend to preserve the county's interests? Ask public defender Tony Moses who was, until recently, friends with the Isabella County Prosecutor, Risa Scully on Facebook. How comfortable would you be with the fact that your lawyer/defender were friends with the prosecution in a matter you were charged and tried on?

There is a system at work here folks. This system is geared towards profitability over judicial accountability using actual capital federal criminal activity to accomplish it's goals and objectives.

The intentional subversion of Due Process used to bring unsuspecting parents into the court's jurisdiction is called "Extrinsic Fraud". All CPS/DHS cases that have been initiated using the intentional deprivation of Due Process, which is "Extrinsic Fraud", are also and equally void for this reason also.

Our courts and the public servants that work there, our police and sheriffs' department are very much aware of everything discussed here in this article yet instead of correcting the problem and making arrests, they work together in a collaborative effort aimed at preservation of self and the demonizing of me for my attempts to make this information known and acted upon. Police, county and judicial compliance with criminal activity is not only wrong, it is the willful obstruction of justice and misprision of felony.

If our county prosecutors, courts=judges and lawyers can work together to kidnap our children and get away with it, what will keep them from participating any any other crimes they want?