Local School Bonds and Taxes #HonestBallots

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Local School Bonds and Taxes #HonestBallots

While we're waiting for restoration of the courts to the people, here's something that only individuals can do to stop getting put in the debt spiral in California.

The catch is that you must be a registered voter in the county, city, school, or other special district that passed a tax on the ballot in November 2018.

Not to worry, there were 315 local tax measures that passed in November 2018. That makes it very likely that you live in one of those districts.

Besides saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars, it will put a crimp in greedy government agencies wild spending spree.

Contact Richard Michael at 909-378-5401 if you want to do more than complain.

Richard is especially looking for people in these districts:

Baldwin Park Unified School District
Brawley Union High School District
City of Bakersfield
City of Burbank
City of Glendale
Modesto City Schools District
Northern Humboldt Union High School District
Orinda Union Elementary District
Peralta Community College District
San Bernardino Community College District
San Diego Unified School District
Sanger Unified School District
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
South Monterery County Unified School District
Upper Lake Unified School District

+ 300 more.

To read the articles about how local governments have cheated to get these taxes passed, read the articles on the home page at bigbadbonds.com