NCCLGJ Status & Plan

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NCCLGJ Status & Plan

Status & Plans September 12, 2015

- North Carolina Membership – 140

- History - A history of the destruction of our Common Law Legal System is being written. The Law BAR, a union for lawyers, and our legislators, most of whom are lawyers and judges have done this destruction.

- Public Presentation - A Power Point Presentation of the above History and the Goals of the Common Law Jury movement, i.e., National Liberty Alliance and the Unified North Carolina Common Law Grand Jury is being composed.
This will be supported with a DVD and printed handouts.
o This will be used in presentations to Liberty groups such as, Tea Parties, Gun Organizations, Churches, Militia, VFW, American Legion, Sheriffs and other like-minded organizations. A Winnebago RV has been purchased for travel and presentations.

- Sheriffs - We are beginning to talk with North Carolina Sheriffs in order to educate and enlist their support. They are critical to the proper operation of Grand Juries and Trial Juries. The Sheriff is Constitutionally in charge of these functions. See the Mandamus to Sheriffs on the National Liberty Alliance website.

- Legal Documents - National Liberty Alliance has published nine legal documents which come from the people under the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury including;
o Quo Warranto – a Demand that an elected official, either corporate or government prove they are legally in office and that they are conducting their office legally. November 10, 2014 & reissued May 13, 2015.
o A Mandamus to Sheriffs – A Command that the Sheriff be knowledgeable of and conduct his office according to the Constitutional Law as outlined in the Mandamus. - May 20, 2015.
o Mandamus to Judges. - May 23, 1015.
o Mandamus Martial Law. - May 27, 2015.
o Mandamus 2nd Amendment. - May 30, 2015.
o Mandamus Terrorism. - June 2, 2015.
o Mandamus Subversion. - June 6, 2015.
o Mandamus to US Governors. Regarding JADE/HELM. - July 10, 2015.
o Mandamus US Supreme Court. – July 20, 2015.

-These documents have been sent by Fax, Email or US Postal Service to approximately 12,500 elected or appointed officials, individually. Most by Fax but in some circumstances by email and to Judges by USPS. About 1.5 million pages at a cost of $20,000. (NCCLGJ contributed $400 to NLA.) The two cover pages explain the recipients including the North Carolina Post Office mailing address, PO Box 391 Saxapahaw, NC 27340.
These documents can be found on the website under MEDIA Tab, Federal Court Filings.
Additional documents are being written.

Committees - National Liberty Alliance has fourteen standing Committees:

-CPS – Child Protective Committee – Filing a law suit on a monthly basis to take control of illegal court decisions regarding parents, grandparents, guardians and their juvenile children. Two cases are from North Carolina.
-Court Room Observers Committee
-Investigative & Response Committee
-Welcoming Committee
-JADE/HELM Committee
-Sheriff’s Candidate Committee
-NLA Affiliations Committee
-Media Campaign Committee
-Grievance Committee
-Common Law Advisory Committee
-Health & Wellness Committee
-Militia Committee
-Geek Squad Committee
- FAQ Committee


Internet savvy people to read, organize, and write sections for the history and educational syllabus. Will be given guidance and instructions.

Grand Jury Administrators - Candidates to become qualified.
Completion of the “Civics Course” on the NLA website.
Submission of a notarized VOW.
Membership in one NLA Committee.
Membership on the Court Watchers Committee.
Need four qualified Administrators for each County. An administrator may work in any county.
These positions pay a salary of $40,000 to $100,000 per year and are paid by the government.
Four North Carolinians have completed the Civics Course.

Contacts – Any one that has a relationship with a Sheriff or a Liberty Group officer call Russ Vansant at 917-587-6512 or email

Funding – Contributions of any amount.
National Liberty Alliance is in need of additional funding to publish and fax additional papers.

Code: 561 855#

Russ Vansant,
Steve Herr,

North Carolina Common Law Grand Jury