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New Remedy

Are there any ky residents who have not GIven up I see the last post was over a year ago

Larry Lynn Davis
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I have not been on for a while. I moved to a diffrent state. I am not sure how to update info. But as to your question about giving up...I never give up, but sometimes I change direction.  Fighting the De Facto Government is hard when your playing by their rules.  I just recently joined the American States assembly one thing this organization is doing diffrently is taking control of the money supply. The Defacto keeps people inslaved because they control the money supply.  In order to join  one must reconize that the only way to win against these inslavers is to take away their money.  Because that is where their power is derived.  I was just recently elected as "Sign America Cordinator for Arizona.  There are going to be in all 50 states a cordinator.  your first step to true freedoom is to go to this web site.