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Curtis Nix
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NLA Email

its been over a week and I have yet to be able to use the Coordinators email function. it is not working as described under the Contacts tab then the state coordinator instructions tab. all I get is a OOPS loop error. I will attempt to use the Virginias Wiggio site to contact those how are on it which is about slightly over half. until we get this communication problem resolved. I will use the wiggio site. If any members getting that message and have access to those not on the state Administrators page as in members please forward my comments to them from wiggio if you can.

Curtis Nix Virginia State Coordinator

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I listened in on the 6-24 Wed. night conference call and I have a comment about it. IMO it was almost unproductive.
I think you should limit time a person has the floor and their time should be used for asking a question or giving an answer. I hung up after listening to some guy blabber on for 15 minutes about nothing really. I hung up because he wasn't doing anything but talking away without answering or asking a question.
I wish the calls were more about a certain topic rather than just open to just talking about how screwed up things are in someone's area. We already know that.
If anything I feel people would get more out of the calls if they learned what progress NLA has made and what is their main plan of attack for change. I have listened to the recorded calls and it seemed the same thing........a waste of time.
Personally I feel the boat will have sailed long before NLA can have any effect on the Federal Government. Local courts and dealing with speeding tickets and such is not going to change the course our country is headed.
I'm sorry if you take this as negative because it was meant as constructive criticism. I feel most people would come away with the same conclusion that the call was a waste of time which leaves impression NLA is a waste of time also.