Non Judicial Foreclosure

There is wide spread ignorance concerning “Non-Judicial Tax and Mortgage Foreclosures” and the “APPEARANCE” that it is a Lawful Procedure that functions without the REQUIRED filing of Proof of Claim (form 4490) and Fiduciary Authority (form 56) which must be filed within the federal district of the claim with copies of the same with notice of the foreclosure served upon the petitioner, giving opportunity of due process as required to comply with the law of the land. This unlawful procedure is in violation of the following unalienable rights.

(1)    the unalienable right protected by the 4th Amendment to be secure from property seizures,

(2)    the unalienable right protected by the 5th Amendment to due process,

(3)    the unalienable right protected by the 7th Amendment to trial by jury, and

(4)    the unalienable right protected by the 7th Amendment to common law courts.

Since these foreclosures violate the aforesaid unalienable rights of We the People the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury, being the Sureties of the Peace, will act as Next Friend to assist People whose home is in danger of foreclosure or have already been foreclosed upon to obtain restitution.

For assistance please follow the following steps:

It is important that you become educated so that you can understand the process and what’s really going on in the courts and help yourself by helping others. We are here because they took advantage of our ignorance. Therefore, knowledge and nulification is the solution.

  1. Enroll in and complete NLA’s Constitution course (6-8 hours)

  2. Enroll in NLA’s civics course

  3. Attend our Monday night conference calls; for details go to: download the audio when you cannot make it.

  4. Call our National Coordinator - Jan (814) 531-5363 and volunteer at least one hour a week on one of our committees or take a leadership role.

  5. CLICK HERE to download an intake form and email to (SEND US THE .DOC FILE, DO NOT SEND IN PDF FORMAT)

  6. CLICK HERE to download instructions on writing an affidavit and email to (SEND US THE .DOC FILE, DO NOT SEND IN PDF FORMAT)

  7. Wait to hear back from Intake to confirm your information and send back your affidavit for signature before a notary.

  8. Email a copy of signed affidavit to,

  9. When told to get your final approval that we have all your information mail your “ORIGINAL” affidavit with your $100 donation to:

National Liberty Alliance
3979 Albany Post Road, Suite 107
Hyde Park, New York, 12538

Download the Affidavit Form By Clicking HERE

Listen to Foreclosure Meeting 5-4-17 - Audio icon foreclosure_Q_A_.mp3 (25.61 MB) 


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Florida has a judicial foreclosure system.  Your instuctions mentioned a non-judicial foreclosure.  Does that mean I won't be getting any help with my foreclosure sale if I send in the requested information.  linnet

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that was established in 1958?
Have you ever had an attorney to visit your school and talk about the American Legal System?
Take less than 20-minutes to visit the following 2-sites and learn how this nation was founded.
The U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton Visit and
United States Capital Christian History Tour Visit
What are your human rights? Find out at Here they have 30-videos that are 1-min. and 4-sec. or less to view. Being that the law, is written on an 8th grade level, then why is it not mandatory, that the students in the elementary schools, be taught about their, 30-different Human Rights and their Privileges?
As it is said, “Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse!!!”
It should become a nationwide, mandatory curriculum of those, upon graduating from High School, that they take a Para Legal Course, and take filed trips to the Federal Courthouse and take advantage of the tours they may offer, to learn about what controls our courts.
With the curriculum requirement, this would put many on the same page, for which we can expect to see the changes, with-in the communities, because such literature will then enter into the households of many. The Judicial system is and has been designed to keep the people, uninformed, misinformed and dis-informed.
This will make the people more knowledgeable of their rights and the law, so they are not "Ignorant Of The Law," and should be implemented. This will also curtail, the judicial misconduct, with-in the corrupt court system, that we now have. Again, have you had an attorney to come to your school and talk about the American Legal System?
Below is information about a booklet, that was created and is now being distributed within the community and surrounding areas of Kansas City, MO, the Internet and the social media.

Here you can view, download then print and share this free  booklet

This booklet, will also inform those that will use an Attorney, to know what to expect and demand from them.

Again, I believe the schools should include the following and courses in the schools, before one graduates.
Bring text books back into the classrooms
Para Legal
Rules, Policies & Procedures of the Fed. Courts
Tours to the Federal Court House
Cultural Economics
Human Rights and Privileges
The State and US Constitution
CPR and how to treat a gun wound
What to do if you are stopped by the Police
Employment-discrimination, cover letters/resumes, what to expect in an interview, what can an employer legally say when called for a job reference, explain the 3-things an employer should be-looking for-can you do the work, will you do the work and how well you get along with others

Home Economics-family values and life styles, responsibilities, the importance of voting, what does it take to purchase a home, retirement-planning
Finances-creditors, debts, collections, bank accounts, create a budget, what does it mean to maintain good credit, investments-shares-bonds-taxes
Entrepreneurship-perhaps during the 8th grade, the students can take an assessment test, then with each, the counselors can help them determine their gifts, and courses to take in Sr. High School. There are only 2-kinds of businesses, either you are selling a product or service. Ask them what kind of business are they interested in. Perhaps at 14-years of age, encourage the students to get a job as a server, at a Assisted Retirement Living Center, as a server, working up to 15-hours a week. There they can serve and perhaps learn to respect the elders. Then at 16-years of age, suggest they get a job as a server, in a restaurant, where they can then learn the art of selling, how to up sale, who can then learn to sell anything from a pencil, to car or a house. Then they are ready for an entrepreneurship course.
How to file IRS income taxes
Probate- burial plans, wills, trusts, paid on death-auto-bank account-real estate
Visit and click on "Before You Go To School, Watch This.
Can you support these ideas?

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What is happening with the foreclosure filings?  I don't see any progress on mine.

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send the paperwork in again to intake @ , ...not by UPS

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please forward me an intake form.. for submission of a non judicial "property tax" forclosure case