NY State Safe Act/1st Amendment herb rights/Handgun and pistol rights.

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NY State Safe Act/1st Amendment herb rights/Handgun and pistol rights.

Caleb J Coleman, Contact info. LansingKing902Ny@gmail.com

Q 1. Who do I contact for non-BAR counsel, on real life felony, Marihuana, and Firearms possession charges?

2.Do the members of NLA actually function as a common law Grand Jury?

3.Is it possible for NLA to configure a Common Law Grand Jury to present a case to?

4. It seems, at least, like that is the goal and it could literally mean the next like, 24 yrs of my life. So, how do I get involved? Who's in the trenches right now? Who do I contact? It's like I have the mental part of my case down but, there's still this stomach wrenching anxiety that, I don't have what it takes on my own.

Info. Help, 7 months since bail, literally nothing has happened! 2 felony weapon, 1 Misd. weapon, 1 marihuana poss.,
4 charges all N/A victim. Reason for search and seizure signed under seal of acting Justice John Brunetti. I/BAR cannot even cross examine evidence. I have the majority of what amounts to a Counterclaim but don't know where to go from here. They seized what amounts to about 25 ounces worth of gold, in personal property.
Is there someone with the know how and experience, to go about helping me, in this matter?
Please do!!

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If you can contact John, he is the person to go to.

ella2015 (not verified)
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I am Ella from New York.
I sincere admire your cause. I need help with my cases for 3 forgeries lawsuits in my name, ( inclusive an insurances and investments with forgery for $1/2 million), many exposure at Carbon Monoxide and toxic gases, corruption, . I started them in civil law , and now I changed in common law.
I try to do my best, but God and you please help me to do the rest.

Anticipate thank you.

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Ella are you being charged falsely?As long as you dont have a victim you can win in a federal court of record>.Did you falsify or forge any documents?