OUR President Trump - Status, etc.

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OUR President Trump - Status, etc.

What most people don't realize is that Donald-john: Trump stepped down from "President' of the several municipal Corporations of the district of Columbia (and Puerto Rico) collectively known as the "United States Federal Government" and NOT from the Presidency of the Union of the several united States of America, 1789-1791, and having SIGNED the INSURRECTION ACT handed it to the NAVY (Office of Military Commissions and JAG) as the ONLY Lawful Military when the Union Congress has NOT Declared War, and remember, the Marine Corps is an adjunct of the Navy (thus many of the JAG Arrests are done by Navy SEALS and MARINES);
Many of the key members of the JOINT CHIEFS Know this, and that is why the FORMER Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is OUT ... and the MILITARY Refused to let Biden & co have the "Football", and Trump kept it (through today, and continues) as President of the Union and its several member Republics, and the CORPORATE Congress, Supreme Court, and Administration CANNOT interfere with the TRIBUNALS ( realrawnews.com ) AND why, when Joe Biden tried to push his way into the Pentagon, he was denied access, the Pentagon SERVES the Union NOT the Corporation(s);
NOW, "We the People ...", within our several union States, need to do OUR PART and Populate our several Union States' Offices, elect Senators and Representatives to a Congress of the Union, and upon joining Donald Trump's Social Media program, inform OUR President to Appoint (NON-ATTORNEY) Justices to a REAL 'one supreme Court' ... and we'll have our Lawful Government Back, and the Military is just WAITING for "we the People .." to do our parts, and they will FULLY BACK US under the Insurrection Act!!! (and REMOVE, by whatever force is necessary, the Corporate Imposters! ... and even faster than the Tribunals are going at it, and VERY PUBLICALLY);
We can do this through (among other ways) the Committees of Safety John Darash (NLA) promotes, as well as appointing ourselves, and each other to the Office of "Public MINISTER" to perform the DUTIES of the Vacant offices of our several Union States, and our Union, to which we are the Constituents!
'Infamous Keny'
Kenneth-Wayne: Leaming.