Re: The ability to post herein. The problem and the solution.

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Re: The ability to post herein. The problem and the solution.

I'm hoping that this post will help others who have been trying, to no avail to make posts to this forum. I had called Eric about 12 days ago to tell him that I wanted to join the Courtroom Observers Group, and that I wanted to be able to post within the group's forum. Eric said that he didn't personally have the capability to enable me to post, so I wrote e-mails to those in the NLA hierarchy whom I was able to find e-mail addresses for and asked them to enable me. Twelve days later, and the problem still wasn't solved. Even though I was logged in to the NLA website, every time that I clicked the Courtroom Observers Group link under the Committees menu, I would see a header saying that, "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum." Today I tried something different and finally worked my way past that stumbling block. First, I logged out of the NLA website. Next, I reentered the NLA site without logging in and clicked the Courtroom Observers Group link. This time, the forum header offered a link to log in, and once I did so I saw a new forum page which I had not seen before. The new page repeated the previous header message saying I was not allowed to post, but when scrolling downward I came to a link bar saying "Join Courtroom Observers." After doing so, I saw a "welcome" message and became enabled to post. This should help anyone who has experienced the same problem, and I would highly recommend that the link bar to join the group be moved to the very top of the COG forum page so it is readily seen, and that it appear there no matter how someone logs in.

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