Request a packed court room on August 1, in Phoenix, Arizona

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Request a packed court room on August 1, in Phoenix, Arizona

Thomas Costanzo, (Morpheus Titanius to the Patriot - Cryptocurrency crowd).
Had some kind of marijuana felony conviction in 2015 (a "victimless crime").
Nonetheless, felons can't have firearms and Morpheus was selling 1 box of 60 rounds of ammuntition on line to what turned out to be an undercover federal agent.
I only have my info 3rd-hand, but saw a photo on FreedomsPhoenix Internet magazine where a huge armored tank and 15 SWAT-FBI, etc, raided his apartment.
Then, I heard that the federal undercover agent met him in a hotel room to purchase $90,000 worth of bitcoin.
In the "Seiz'ure Receipt" - or it could be when they (as usual) fill in the Items to be Searched for on the Warrant LATER,
they listed: Bitcoin" - strange - how do you seize something that's virtual?
But Morpheus had replicas of "bitcoins" on tie-tacs that he would sell when he had a table at an event, etc.
I heard that when you exchange Federal Reserve Notes for bitcoin over a certain value, that you must file to be a "Licensed Exchange".
I understand that you have 90 days to file the paperwork - and that Morpheus was arrested before the 90 days was up -
so no one really knows if he was planning to file or not.
He has been incarcerated at CCA in Florence, Arizona and the parrtiot community in Arizona hopes that the courtrooom will be packed on Augst 1 at
401 W. Washington Street, Phoenix - to keep the judge honest.

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Don't kow judge or room # or time yet.