Schaeffer Cox - Leader of Alaska's Peacemaker's Militia

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Schaeffer Cox - Leader of Alaska's Peacemaker's Militia

Hi All,

I saw a YouTube video of Shaeffer Cox out of Fairbanks giving one of the most inspiring lectures I have ever heard about the group that he led in Fairbanks that was so popular evidently thousands of Alaskans were involved in it. He was speaking to hundreds of liberty lovers in Montana who wanted to set up a similar group and when I later learned he was set up by the FBI I was stunned.

Were any of you involved in the group? Is this group still going? Some of the things they did would be cool if we implemented them in the NLA. Don't you think? I bet members of his Militia would be great assets to the NLA.

This was the speech he gave in Montana

Here's an interview with some people speaking on his behalf after his incarceration.

Tracy Eppard
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